Write to People Who have Nothing like Me

Write To People Who Have Nothing Like Me

Perhaps, most people, like me, are at this awkward age. Their hearts are confused, impulsive, anxious, wandering, and even scared. The face of the people around, do not know how to get along with whom, in the face of the surrounding environment, you can say it disgusting to even look at their own feast on the table are hard to swallow, face their own business , only with utopian Those naive theories. Has rebuffed the depths, as for the rest, think about all feel to be afraid. So to escape has become their long-term companions for the future.

A room without books is like a body without a soul.

The two most important days in your life are, the day you are born and the day you find out why.

1. I had Many Dreams.

Before graduation, I had many dreams. I want to travel to every other ancient city of the mountains, as long as I can attract the eye of the place, want to go alone to see. I thought, so I work steady, make money, buy a car, buy a house, have these material things to satisfy their own for a reality of desire. I wanted to find a suitable person to talk to her a crazy love, the most beautiful wedding dress for her to wear, and then give birth to a healthy child, the formation of a warm and a family, and then secure the enjoyment of happiness.

2. Fulfill their Unfinished Dreams.

I thought of honoring my parents and taking them where I wanted to go and helping them fulfill their unfinished dreams when they were young. I have thought of helping people who really need help, bringing positive energy and warmth to their hearts. I think it is simple, but the front of the complex, blurred, has been blocking me, but it does not matter, I believe in yourself, you can do it.

3. After Graduation.

After graduation, I wake up at seven in the morning and return home at seven in the evening. I have been working hard on my work, crowded in a crowded bus, and looked at strangers, made fresh air through the gaps, Breathe. At the end of each month, with a salary, to buy clothes, eat a delicious meal, reward yourself. I have lived in a single room, there is no courage to travel, not to mention love, buy a house, buy a car, to help others. But suddenly, I wake up. Make sure to work hard to get close to the dreams that dare not go nowadays. With this reference to those who, like me, have nothing.

Only one thing is impossible for God: To find any sense in any copyright law on the planet.

Life is like a beautiful melody, only the lyrics are messed up.

(A) Want to Seize a better Opportunity, that is Active.

Dare to think and those who dare not think, from two extreme groups, the former than the latter to live more fulfilling , and dare to think that they are always in the promotion of progress, they often say that even some people Things that sound shocking to all of us. People who have ideas are never outdated spiritually, because spiritual wealth is enough to feed them, but otherwise, you have to act in order to create the wealth that belongs to you.

God treats Everyone.

No matter how ugly you look at the world and how dirty the pits are, but God treats everyone, I think it is fair, God gave you; you do not cherish it that is another matter. Not that you have no chance. One such comparison: a person with 26 years’ time to read thousands of books, traveled to 26 countries, proficient in 26 countries, language, and let him have to eat, worry about wearing days. The other person, four years of college, professional classes often skip classes or classes to sleep, or play hiding in the dorm to play the game, degenerated for four years. After graduation, ushered in a chance, powerless days, in the face of opportunity, can only be taken away by others. Time can completely change a person, including personality, ability, self-cultivation, temperament. So you have to take the initiative, because the opportunity is for those who like it prepared, but in the premise of love, you must be able to control it.

(B) You have to Believe that the World is Fair.

After work, in order to save four Yuan a day bus fee, get up half an hour ahead of schedule, for fear that the alarm last night did not ring well, so have to wake up several times to see the time, late for work will not deduct money late, though Or do not be late for good. Crowded in the morning bound to the company’s bus, a person does not know, so it will be improper to stand with others, watching the scenery outside, thinking about the person who miss, thinking about how to complete the work today, How to arrange tomorrow’s work Do not complain about the society is not fair to you, you want to think, when you walked into McDonald’s, how many people kneeling in the street begging for life. When you are blowing air conditioning in the office, there are a lot of people who carry a piece of rubble wall in the wind and rain. In fact, as long as I’m alive, perfectly healthy, fast happy music, this is the biggest social justice for you.

(C) We will Eventually Return to the Origin

I always like walking in the rain, so no one can see me crying.

Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.

You want a person to travel, but also want to get together with friends ; you want to go to PubMed, but also want to work a few years; you want to take a few days back and want to go to the club activities. Sometimes you ask yourself if you want too much. Is your life too busy, do not you just do not know what you really want, do so much, is not just trying to give yourself some comfort, so that others look, you are not behind them much.

Backpack to work Every day?

At that time, my colleagues often asked me, how do you like carrying a backpack to work every day? Whenever I hear such ask me, I just smiled at them. Maybe very special, perhaps because of personality. In fact, when you are doing something, someone will always talk about you. I think this is normal, slowly they get used to it. Backpack to go to work because of the memory of the students may be the plot of the times, may also want to experience the city traveler’s life.

(D) Let time, Blocking the distance we Meet.

There are always people who say there’s time next week for you to play, so you take it for granted. By the weekend, she said, I have something here, can not do without, next week, have time to call you. So you believe it again. Then, painstakingly looking forward to that person, the results have passed over the weekend, not even a message received, not to mention her silhouette. When the loss came, it was discovered that you too take things seriously. Everyone’s heart, are living in such a person, I was thinking of her heart, but never dared to contact her, so over time, narcissistic you think, just think of her is also a blessing. However, miss is a unique pathology. You may have forgotten the year you had the courage, and because of such a trifle, you beat you. Do not let yourself live so painfully, because the other person I think is also as tangled with you, as struggling.

(E) Young, is a Trip.

When nobody believes in you, you can convince yourself, believe in it, and do it within your power. When no one is around you, you can think alone, go shopping alone, and eat your own favorite food. When no one supports you, you can give you a little encouragement, let yourself persevere, because insisted on doing, you can make yourself instantly grow up. Do not feel scared, be sure to feel yourself steady, reliable, and safe.Every Saturday night will see a fireworks, every Sunday afternoon, will also climb a Yuelu Mountain, repeated every week, repeated each month. Because then I was thinking that apart from being busy with work, I should learn to think, learn to experience the public’s life, and learn to exercise my body.

Yourself the Cushion of the Room.

Because the only way to give yourself the cushion of the room, to challenge their own tomorrow, the only way to make their living real and meaningful. Every day there is such a group of people who are doing many beautiful dreams in their hearts. Their dreams are to have cars, rooms, money, diamond rings. But they can only have modest salaries, and daily fantasies have become their motivation, but they will never forget to change themselves. As time passes, fantasy has become their greatest comfort. One year, two years, and finally, they have always returned to their original place. The only change has been the faded youth.

(F) Adapt to all your things that have not been adapted.

Along the way, only to find that I have been accepted what they do not like. No way, then go to adapt to those things that you do not meet it. And try to be like it. No one is born a noble in this world. Even if you are born a prince, that is the daughter, but how? Everything that comes with you is not yours, and maybe one day they will all leave you. As a child, parents asked us to send you to school to read and write, okay? You say, well. You think the school is very fun, there are so many schools and you are the same age. So happily agreed. After a while, you feel there is always a teacher who is binding on your freedom. Then you ran home, followed by Mom and Dad, I do not go to school. They ask how you not go. You say no fun. In the dad without any reason scolding, you still obediently go to school, this stay is ten years.

Sprint to another adult space .

Growing up, adapted to the school’s rhythm of life, lifestyle, you have to run to another adult space, society. When you fantasize into this space, you feel finally free. But looking around people is busy looking for a job, make money, you silly eyes. It turns out that this is not what we had imagined, when you are a leader after a curse, you still have ordinary wages with low wages. You start epiphany, the original homeschool is better than the good, the school is better than the good society, childhood is better than adult beautiful. And why, when we experience, always feel it is that relentless. In fact, it is always good to adapt to something that you do not adapt to earlier.


4. Feelings do not need to Deliberately.

When a person’s heart is nausea, will pass Hing Han door through the Xiangjiang Bridge, walked to Hexi University City, and then walked from the University City Fairview Xiaoxiang. Maybe others do not understand, a good ride, why do you want to abuse yourself. In fact, sometimes life is a process with its own heart. Maybe by some age, some do not understand things, naturally understand; some unwilling to accept the fact, but also slowly began to accept; some time to consider things do not need to consider. In fact, the choice goes its way, more reliable than anything else. The power of time is that the earth is working, so your mind is often walking with time.

Love, with age .

Love, with age, more and more feels incredible, into a dubious state. And become more and more believe the affection, the total feeling of affection than the long walk of love. Even if not seen a few days, or even years, but still others cannot replace his position. Is it the contact, is not the meeting, the original one of your phone, a text message, he rode from another city to your city of residence, the purpose is to want to see you at a glance, accompany you to eat a meal , To see a movie just released shortly before visiting the corner where the two had visited.

A good friend will always stab you in the front.

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.

5. Growth, it Taught You.

Twenty-one years old, as if to the depths of the world is a blank, no relatives around, no friends, no love, the only remaining in their own side. At that time, want to travel, want to see the outside world, and want to help those who need to be helped. But as a result, I did not do it. Because of my weak strength, it is not enough to support the gap between the ideal and the reality. I must work hard and work hard to get closer to them. That is what I am going to do now. Working at half past eight in the morning and working at half past five in the evening, because renting houses is too far away from the company, it is necessary to go to the crowded bus at seven o’clock and take more than three hours a day to go back and forth. Spent eight dollars fare, and when the average daily wage, only a few dozen dollars, so it has always been my sore, but memories , always think of you at that time.

I do not want to be a writer.

I am not a writer, I do not want to be a writer. I only like to live the life I want now. I can keep my head in my favorite book pile every day. I can write words that resonate with me. Interesting things, there is no deception, no hypocrisy, no calculation, I just want a steady choice, and enjoy all the side. Do not give a whole-hearted effort to all things, all people, or you prefer to be a puppet of others, and I think most of them will not do so. So, you have to tell yourself to be strict, you want to convergence, you have to be low-key , not to say all the secrets without reservation to another person, this person may be your best friend, it may be a do not understand your people. This is not because I do not know how to share, but cannot allow others to trample and pit dirty.

6. Youth, is not Over the Addiction, and then Died

Perhaps, because of a heart of love; maybe because of a separate friendship; perhaps, because someone else against you, so that you instantly tears; perhaps, is that you tired of this world rules of the game, so you are no longer naive. Maybe … there are too many things in our lives, precisely because one or the other of this may happen to you, so youth is gone. Youth, gone, passed by, do not feel sad, because after all it is used to miss.

Do not know when to start .

Do not know when to start, I no longer access KTV, no longer clubbing, no longer with a group of criminals crushed the road to the early morning fooling around. I began to get tired of such a life, because I always felt that such an age no longer belong to me. And these things should have belonged to those who came at the right time. And I am no longer. Youth, there is nothing, just passing through my life at the intersection of life, over the addiction only.

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