Work is the most stupid investment

Work is the most stupid investment

Q: 1 What is more valuable than our youth?

Many people think working is making money. In fact, working is the largest and most stupid investment. What is the most valuable life?! Many people complain about poverty, complain that they have no money to do business and cannot find the money. How ridiculous! In fact, you are a Jinshan (intangible assets), but you are afraid to admit. Would rather not use buried. Would rather be entrusted to work hard to help people work, arch your assets both hands to your boss.

When I was young, I observed that nine out of ten things I did were failures. So I did ten times more work.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

Q:2 Who is ready for a perfect complete go to business success?

After all, with the gold spoon was born after a very small number of rich but three generations, many Albert is created by ordinary people. The plan cannot keep up with changes, especially in the era of the highly rapid spread of this message! I once asked my friend why not go to work?

2.1 Since You Do not have Bravery

His answer is: “To say a few words, going out to work is simply a stupid waste of youth!” Why have you been wage earners? Because you are in the status quo! Because you do not have courage, you are born timid cannot choose another way!

2.2 Careful Effort, with Hard Job

Because you do not have courage, no spirit beyond self! Although you’ve ever wanted to change your life and change the destiny of your destitute, you did not do it because you are afraid to do it! You are afraid of losing; you are afraid of poor and poor! Finally, you could not even imagine, and you feel that they are also considered the effort, and hard work, and you hold the ambition results you do not see the expected success, you give up the. You can only be wage earners!

Q: 3 Why have you been a wage earner?

Because you drift, almost black ink, do not think of progress, not money, dead love face! Because you fear your parents, you listen to your relatives, you have no idea, and you are not alone to make a decision.

3.1 Obtain Married and have Children

Your traditional ideas, just want to earn some money to get married and have children, and then die of illness and death, take your parents exactly the same way. Because you are born fragile, brainy, just want to do the work by class. Because you want to do non-business, you want to sit in the sky and other home-made cake!

3.2 Parents Like a Cruel Round

Because you complain that there is no opportunity, chances come to you when you cannot catch because you will not catch! Because of your poverty, so your inferiority! You retreat, you dare to do anything! You will only work for others! You do not have special skills; you only make the brute! You and your parents like a vicious circle! So, you will always be a wage earner who has been working part-time!

The difference between genius and stupidity is; genius has its limits.

If you pretend to be good, the world takes you very seriously. If you pretend to be bad, it doesn’t. Such is the astounding stupidity of optimism.

Keep Homicide Instance and Homicide Time

Many people want to seize the opportunity, but to do one thing, often find you a lot of reasons to have been in conflict! Keep wasting time and wasting time. Such as:

1__ I do not have eloquence – Wrong:

No one is very natural to speak; stage speakers are not suddenly able to export a chapter that is the result of numerous exercises behind them! When you curse people are very good at, when complaining is also very good at, but this eloquence is not worth the eloquence, when others argue, their mouth full of comments, but I do not know to reflect on yourself, if you work hard, if you still say today I did not eloquence?

2__I do not have the money – wrong:

Not without money, but without making money head. Have you been working for a few years? Yes, but spent. Spend nothing on top of things that have no ROI. Spend eating and drinking, or store devalued, did not maximize the value, so the money cannot make ends meet. Monthly month when the light family, go back and forth, no long-awaited, when the monk knocked one day a day, too and too.

3__I do not have the ability – wrong:

Do not give yourself the chance to exercise, who have the ability to have a birth? Is a graduation the social elite? Immediate success as soon as you start a business? When others are hard-working, hardworking, hard-working, and boring when you do just a few things every day. Learn some feel boring; read a few pages of the book do not want to see, told me not interested in learning with others. And then for the rest of my life, nothing happened, complaining God did not give opportunities all day long. Ability is hard to repair, do not try to have the ability, genius will become blurred. But hard work, stupid people can become elite.

4__I do not have time – wrong:

A lot of time, but a lot of waste! Others are full, you are watching TV, while others are studying hard, and you are playing the game pastime. In short, I feel a lot of time, you get more and more boring. Others make money envy others, but do not learn to others to take the time to create value, all day without learning no skills.

5__I do not have the mood – wrong:

When the mood is good to play, feel bad when drinking at home, when the mood to go shopping, when the mood is not good to play games, good mood to enjoy, the mood is not good Sleep time to sleep. Good or bad mood are the same, anyway, is not doing business.

6__I am not interested – wrong:

What is the interest? Who are interested in eating and drinking, where there is no fun! No money to enjoy what life! What is your hobby? Going back to travel moonlight clan, go out K-song back wallet empty, go out a lot of shopping back miserable Come …… Do you have any interest? Bus has no interest? Is there any interest in working check-in after get off work check-in? Urgent home need a lot of money out of no interest? Have no interest in borrowing money? People who sell rat medicine are interested in rat medicine…?

7__ I consider thinking – wrong:

consider doing it possible to become, do not be so unwilling! Do not want to go to work all day long, or do it tomorrow! Another thought or forget, this money is not easy to earn! No, that is, working hard to earn money is not easy, cannot give up the opportunity to decide! Oh, the sky is dark, say it tomorrow! Then the next day because of more than 12345 points, because Zuo Si right to think, continue to cycle, and ultimately cannot decide. Hesitated, delayed a lot of time, or nothing.

Whenever people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong.

I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.

8__ There is a saying is:

“poor people have hateful place!” This life is not without opportunities, but not for the fight! Excuse too much reason too much…! The people who fight for it will try their best to find a solution without any money! Does not fight for one million people cannot move, get rich, there may be a crash. This is the lack of mobility! Like undecided, like procrastination, like to give up halfway, the last life mediocre, mediocre! There are people who work three minutes of heat, the beginning of enthusiasm, so will continue lazy, such a successful hat will not be in your head.

9__ How Physically Powerful,How to Conquer

See why other people worth hundreds of millions, you are still running around for the money! Do not envy others life is good, when others are very difficult, how strong, how to overcome difficulties, break their own, changing the fate of, you did not see it! You see only the aura of his success! So you complain jealous envy hate! People, there must be a value of living …

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