Words Of Apology



This is just for one person, the Words of apology. But for everyone to know about that particular person. I am sorry love. I really am. For every little problem, I have caused you. For every time I have made you cry. You are my life and without you, I won’t have one.

I have been so wrong to bae multiple times. Mio Amore, the person who has been through thick and thin and remained by my side. I can’t even thank bae enough let alone do things that will even out everything. But I am a selfish, bad person who has made bae’s life a living hell. I want to say it out loud to everyone. Everyone I know everyone I don’t know. I want to take full responsibility of me being wrong. I want to tell everyone it’s me who is wrong. Completely and utterly wrong.

I Apology…

I have done horrible things repeatedly and have never come clean. I can never because it’s so much regret piled up. I respect bae a lot for everything bae has done for me and for every attribute bae possesses of which the most prominent one is forgiveness. I can’t even count the times I have screwed up things and put bae in a position where no one will put a loved one yet at the end of the day I was forgiven not because I am a better person but bae has been forgiving, always.

Words of Apology For…

I could have written this and send it to who it concerns but I want everyone I can tell to know what a person I am blessed with. The person who has given me priority over people, I couldn’t imagine, who smiled and told me it’s okay when I didn’t even apologize, took my hand and told me we will make it through when it was entirely my fault, came to me when I was in despair, left each one of the troubles to be there for me, supported me even when it was just for me against bae’s wishes, trusted me with everything, left every friend and family behind when it came down to me or them, took my troubles as own.

How can a person be such a disappointment to someone who has been nothing but a blessing? Yet I have been the biggest disappointment. Maybe I am not the one who deserves a person like bae but I won’t for any reason let bae go. I can’t. Yes this is selfish on my part but I just can’t.

I have promised every time to make things better make myself better yet I have not improved. It is not that I didn’t try. I did. But not with the determination I should have put. I am sorry. I am ashamed of myself. To everyone out there, if you have a person like this in your life hold onto him/her. Don’t let them go. Don’t let them down.

They are a real jewel. I may take the presence for granted sometimes because I am so sure this will last forever but recently I have started wondering what if it won’t last forever until I strive for it and make it work. Make it the best thing in bae’s life too. This time I have promised myself to make no promises to bae until I can make this all okay.

The Hope of Apology…

I know someday soon you will look beyond this. I hope till that day arrives I have made you feel the happiest each day because my love you deserve happiness of all sort and if I won’t be able to do this for you I won’t ask you to stay. But what I know is I love you, I will always love you.

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