Why No One is Willing To Leave the Last One

Why no one is willing to leave

Why no one is willing to leave

Circulated on campus with such a sentence, every quarter, the last one who left the dormitory is always the most sad.

I am the last one to leave the dormitory. Moreover, I volunteered for the last one to leave, only to bear the share of the most profound divorce.

Moving, your student number is 01, so you have this nickname, and you are the first one to leave. You insisted that we do not send you. You pack up all night. At that time we all went to bed, although you did not say anything, the voice is very large to pack up. Ding Dong Dong ring, is that you tell the way to leave it? When we wake up and find out that you’ve left, the table leaves you with the cactus you control me to “borrow.” You are afraid of smoking smoked everyone, get some green to purify the air in the dormitory. But you know, you’re gone, the smell of smoke in your body still lingering in the dorm, until I left, did not disperse.

Pig-head, sorry for the last time you jest so much. You are the hardest one of our hostels, and although you’ve got a self-professed undergraduate diploma early, you do not leave school early enough like any other top student. “My brother has money and can afford tuition.” Although you said that, we know you are reluctant here. You say you like to eat, at night your desk is also floating the flavor of instant noodles, stirring us one by one hungry. But we know that only a bowl of instant noodles is not enough to reward you for staying up late to study hard. It is also because of your existence, so that day after day to play online games I also infected, at night with your study. You say I’m a prodigal son back, but I think if you are learning and I am playing, I really am sorry you. You go the night before, do not know why, that package has opened the instant noodles, but you do not use hot water on the bubble, do not know what kind of emotion, so you can not eat this last bowl of instant noodles.

Wang, you probably are at least one of us back to the dormitory. You always say that your ambition is to start a business. Freshman you go to a street vendor, did not sell the socks we wear has never finished; sophomore you sell computer accessories, the result of a mouse, headset, radiator and ultimately we are cheap; junior and shift your old textbooks , because the results Not registered in the school, almost by the security as selling pirated books out of school. You say you have nothing for three years, the business is yellow, filling cards but also to control the roommate to borrow money; you said that you have developed in the future, will repay us hundreds of thousands of times. You leave to send a pair of expensive headphones to me, saying that to keep a commemorative, anyway, is also not to sell bargains. You still think I really do not know the goods?

The three of you left, leaving me alone in the dorm, the sunset shining through my window on my face. Trance, I can always see the brothers still in the dormitory figure. You smile at me, greet me, I want to touch, but you one by one toward the door, one by one disappear. I know, you are telling me that I should have left. Pull the trunk, the last time the door is locked, just wanted to turn around, but I feel a step can not go anymore. At that moment, I feel if I am gone, my family will not be gone, you will never come back …

At that moment, I finally understand, graduation season, why no one is willing to leave the last one.

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