What Needs to be Alive

What Needs to be Alive

Need to be grateful to be alive.

Autumn quietly, it is time to leave. I looked at the blue sky, the grateful heart and not with the solemn autumn wind and flying. I am a leaf, an ordinary leaf, when I germinate, I began to enjoy the mild sunshine, birds singing, and the roots give me plenty of juice and nutrition, but I understand that the depth of the soil Department, is the root of the tree in search of water for life, for my growth to provide them all, they do not care about glory, just need me happy .The light of the setting sun has dimmed, and I know that when I fall to the ground, I need to be grateful for the hero that gave me the source of life.

Need to be grateful to be alive, but not the only one.

“My friend is like a bright moon, I feel it’s Qinghui, a touch of warmth.”

The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.

Need a friend to be alive.

After the bell period died, Yu Boya cut the strings, the piano fell on the altar, lifelong no longer play “mountain water.”If people useless friends most lonely, friends, a lot of friends for life, poor friends have geometry? Maybe you have no friends in your life, a friend who knows your friend. The melancholy friend who needs comfort, the human soul pain also need friends comfort. Unfortunately, wine every friend less than a thousand cups. If you have not met a friend, a person who understands and excuses you, then seek a good friend, a true friend! If you never thought your true friend, like a walking dead!

“Or need friends, but really help you is it! “

The satirist shoots to kill while the humorist brings his prey back alive and eventually releases him again for another chance.

Living needs setbacks.

Sunshine energizes the world, awakens all things in the world, and pours hope into a pale heart. But although setbacks may seem dark, only after it has been quenched will you truly understand the true meaning of living. When you enjoy the joy of success, do you remember the frustration silently looking at you, proud of you? Frustration, though disgusting, but if there is no setback, success come from?

To convene the Rising Success of the Door!

Cannot live without setbacks, otherwise, all success, are eclipsed, bring frustration! Let the world full of frustration, it washed the heart of the contamination, make you stronger. Take a setback! To meet the rising success of the door! Alive need to appreciate that only you know how to appreciate, and will have a pure heart; alive need friends, only to have true friends in order to make spiritual sustenance; alive requires setbacks, only experienced setbacks, in order to meet tomorrow’s red, has a better of tomorrow

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