Twelve major reasons for struggle

Twelve major reasons for struggle

“Smell the chicken dance, the head cantilever, cone acanthopanute, cut off the wall steal the light, then Di book, capsule Ying Xue” These are the stories of the ancients hard- working. “The genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent blood and sweat.” “Where there is a genius, I’m just working on other people’s coffee.” This is Edison’s and Lu Xun’sdiligent aphorisms. At all times and in all countries, there are countless famous quoted aphorisms about hard-working celebrity stories. Why has so much emphasis ever on hard work – struggle? I think there are mainly the following twelve reasons.

First, in order to survive

Everyone wants to beg for food, all have to starve to death. The pit road, the poor world poverty. To meet the past will lose the present, and to meet now will lose its future. Spring does not work; there will be no food in autumn. People are flying, if you stagnate, is in a bit backward. If you are stuck with a running crowd, you will be pushed down or even killed. Drift can only be drowned into the sea. Water is not rot, unmanned into people. Useless garbage, people useless to go meat. No one looks Qu Xing roadside, doctors stepping out the door. Not afraid of backwardness, I’m afraid willing to fall behind without thinking ahead. For their own survival, struggle!

Always struggle for victory.

To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle.

Second, in order to be responsible

People are social people, the people in the community life, to serve as many roles, to “a number and post.” For example, to a male middle-aged man, in the family, both a parent’s child, a parent’s own child and a lover’s husband. Each role plays a role in every job, there are a responsibility and obligation requirements, some legal requirements, and some moral requirements. For example, children should honor their parents and support the elderly; parents should support young children. Lack of responsibility, either by the law of sanctions or by moral condemnation. In order to fulfill due diligence, struggle!

Third, for the ideal

Everyone has an idea, but the ideal size is different. An ideal is only a longing for the future, but a longing for a beautiful future. People cannot have any idea if there is no ideal, like a boat lost sculls, in the long river of life can only drift with the waves. However, a man cannot live only in the ideal. If there are only a good ideal and no hard work, the ideal will only be an ideal. It will never become a reality; it will only become an illusion. In order to achieve good ideals, struggle!

Fourth, in order to succeed

Only go straight to the top can never climb the mountains, with the crowd will never become outstanding. Genius is the result of love and diligence. Only research can become an expert. Only by challenging the difficulties can we overcome the difficulties. Only by challenging the authorities can we become the authority. Money is not picked up by the honor is not to rely on. It is also prudent to earn a dime, not to show off after inheriting millions. Take the same distance from the road, uphill, of course, effort, but can stand high and see far. Uphill struggling step by step, downhill to save energy step by step. Beautiful scenery in the mountains springs in the mountain stream. Alpine treasure belongs only to those who are brave to climb; deep possession only belongs to those who dare to dig. Success is the fruit of the struggles, and struggle is the bridge to success. Only investment can be profitable, only hard to win. Convincing lies in the evidence, people recognize that achievement. The struggle may not be successful, but it will not succeed if we do not fight. Without ten years of cold windows, there is no fame. In order to achieve great success, struggle!

Fifth, for dignity

People look high in height, people in low position look low. Just look down because of their small, low because of their own low. You do not want people to look down, you have to become tall; do not want people to underestimate, you have to become strong. This is the best answer given to those who despise themselves. It is the most intractable person to regard others’ contempt as the motivation. Do not struggle with the contempt and stand up, they will live in contempt and kneel. Blanket shop no spit, rotten brick paving people spit saliva. Spit sputum spit Department, splash dirty. Heavyweight lift, heavy lift. Things do not use people do not stay, people useless ignored. Speaking of strength, people rely on their ability to speak. Things to balance, people should be equal. Groveling alive, it is better to die with dignity, people should have a living personality dignity. For their own dignity, struggle!

Sixth, in order not to be bullied

Fox cheated pig, only laugh, “Stupid” and will not be shown mercy sigh of breath; wolves eat sheep, would only say “really sweet” and will never shed sympathetic tears. Mosquito hi tender skin, insects like bite softwood. The more chair the more people sit, the softer the bed the more people, the weaker the more bullying. Low people stepped on, weak people bully. Weak countries do not encroach upon others, others weaken others. Weakness is incompetent; backwardness is incompetent, behind beaten. Diamond can cut the glass because it is harder than glass. Needle paper bad, needle stone needle broke. Fine not to be deceived, strong not to be bullied. Hard people do not touch, strong people do not bully. Impatient, strong by the device. Relying on strength, people rely on ability (including morality). Strong no gain, weak enough to be insured. The state-owned power is not invaded, and people are capable of not being bullied. Not jealous, often being bullied. Not afraid of people bullying, afraid to be bullied rather than struggle. In order not to be deceived, struggle!

Seven, in order not to be made by people

Only self-reliance can be independent; only self-reliance can be independent. Eat your own kind of food rest assured that their own money to spend comfortable. Only kept, either for meat, or for the sake of fun. He who receives the gift of man shall be made by man. Help others, by the blessing. For their own independence, struggle!

Eight, for their own happiness

The real happiness is not whether the goal is achieved, but the struggle to achieve the goal. Because, doing their favorite things, tired, hard work is a pleasure, is a kind of happiness. Easy to eat ready meals, but unpalatable. Can only ask for advice, feast will be delicacies. Happiness depends not only on attitude, but more importantly on our hard work, on our hard-working, sweaty hands. The sky will not fall gold, underground will not take silver. For their own happiness, struggle!

The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is the demand for their real happiness.

Happiness happens when you fit with your life, when you fit so harmoniously that whatsoever you are doing is your joy.

Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length.

Nine, in order to help others

Everyone has the sympathy heart, most people have a well-intentioned heart, and many people have the “line of chivalric justice” heart. You want to satisfy your “these hearts”, if you want to help others, you must have the capital to help others, that is to have a strong self. In order to help others, struggle!

Ten, for the family’s honor

As the saying goes: water flow to the bottom, people go height. For the family, people also hope so, I hope my family warm, rich, glorious and so on. To win glory for the family, as a student, only hard-to-learn; as an employee, only work conscientiously; as a cadre, only honest and honest government … … you cannot choose appearance, but you can choose to change the appearance of the soul; you do not You can choose a family, but you can choose to struggle and change the family. For the family’s honor, struggle!

Eleven, for the strong motherland

Liang Qichao said: Juvenile intellectuals are wise, juvenile strong national strong. Analogy can be said: the national wisdom is a national intellectual, national strong national strong. If the vast majority of nationals in a country have low intelligence and low abilities (low morality, poor health, etc.), can the country’s science, technology, culture, education, military affairs and economy become more powerful? The country is a river, a small home is the creek flowing out of the river; the country is a big tree, a small home is the growing branch of the tree. The river is dry, and the creek must be dry; when the tree reaches, the foliage will inevitably wither. So, for the country is also a small home, but also for themselves. For the strength of the motherland, struggle!

Twelve, for the good of society

In talking about the nature of man, Marx said: “The essence of man is not an abstraction inherent in a single individual, but in its reality, it is the sum of all social relations.” This assertion by Marx about the nature of man is its profound philosophical significance. Here, I just want to affirm more clearly and clearly through this definition: People are social beings. All activities such as human existence, life and work cannot be separated from society. People cannot choose their own family as the same, cannot choose the community. As each generation enters life, every infant falls to the ground and encounters certain social conditions that have already been prepared for their survival. Man is a product of this environment, which in many ways determines human activity. However, people also have the “deciding” side of society, that is, the social transformation. Therefore, for us, the society that our children and grandchildren depend on will be better and striving! For their own survival, for their own ideals, for their own success…… For the motherlands strong, for the good of society, we – all – must – struggle!

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