Top Employee Motivators – 9 Points to Follow

Top Employee Motivators - 9 Points to Follow

If you are a boss or HR then you should consider the motivational aspects for your employees. There are a lot of Employee Motivators factors which can motivate your employees and you should act on them to motivate your employees. Because your employees are your greatest asset.

So here I am going to discuss some major aspects of Motivations for your employees:

1. Challenging Work

Always try to give your employees challenging work. Its the biggest motivation for a worker to keep building interest in his work.

2. Challenges polish skills

So your first priority towards your employees is to polish their skills. Keep building their interests in their work. If they grow their skills your company will grow with that.

3. Recognition

Recognize your employee’s motivations. It’s not necessary that your employees get motivate with costly things. As Employer/HR it’s your responsibility to recognize their motivational Aspects. Sometimes, some employees get their motivation from your small words like Good, Excellent. 🙂

4. Employee Involvement

Involve your Employees in your Decisions, Meetings to acknowledge him that he is important for this company. His views and ideas matter a lot for the company.

5. Job Security

Employees biggest fear is losing their Job. This risk increase in middle and 3rd society countries. Give our Employees Job Security. and How to Do that?


You can you do a lot of things to resolve this fear:

  • 2 months safe period in their agreement letter
  • Give them value
  • Plan their few months work

6. Compensation

Money matters a lot. If someone is saying that money is not his big concern then there is 98% possibility that he is lying. Money matters a lot. Our daily life depends on money. Because whatever we purchase it has a cost. To compensate your employees. With bonuses, weekend party, Birthday celebration etc.

If your employees are working in off-time then, never forget to pay him compensation, either it’s very small amount 🙂

7. Trustworthy Leadership

Trust your employees. Give them free hand to work. If you are always keeping eye on your employee then he will never give you the best and ideal result. To be a trustworthy leader. GIve them space, give them your trust and most importantly give them friendly environment.

8. Being Relevant

Always assign them a task which relates to their abilities and their era of Interest. If you give them their interest work they will never disappoint you, and possibilities are that they give you the best result beyond your expectations.

9. Proving Others Wrong

Proving others wrong is a bad habit. In case, if the employees or your colleagues are wrong, never raise the point on them, if the concern is serious then raised the issues politely and if possible tell them privately…
So always try your best to be a best employer/HR.

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