The providence of righteousness

The providence of righteousness...

Fate always likes to joke with me, but I eventually found that it is actually just.
Fifth grade, I learned to cook, like after finish the job ahead of her mother wash rice before cooking, although my mother not to, I still insist, and unreasonably argued: ” The teacher said, will cook is a good child!And smell fragrant rice will make people smarter too! “My mother always helpless smile, I am very proud of.

(1) One Obsession Happened, Caused me Disturbance.

Have not enjoyed enough to cook the fun, but one thing happened, caused me trauma. Busy time, my parents went out to work early, and only my brother and I at home. One morning, I went to the kitchen to prepare meals and saw a big pot of boiling water on the coal stove. I thought of getting it down smoothly. I did not expect it to be too heavy.

  1. Neighbors Heard the Noise Rapidly Ran above

  2. The whole pot of water washing like a waterfall washing my legs, I was suddenly terrified, and only for a while react, and piercing cry, neighbors heard the sound quickly ran over, watching me red double Legs, rushed to find my mother, the doctor next door immediately with ice to me, and ready anti-inflammatory needle water. I was scared for the first time, and I was so scared that I would not be able to jump around my little buddy in the future. That was my favorite activity.

Remember upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all.

Man does not control his own fate. The women in his life do that for him.

(2) Initial Instance So Nervous to Observe my Mother.

Mother hurriedly went home, distressed to look at my leg, gently sigh: “told you not to do, stay at home, you let it go!” I dumbfounded not to speak, I first time So anxious to see my mother. Fortunately, the water was not on yet, and I was not overly hot. The doctor said it would be good after a week. My mother took a leave of absence from the teacher for me.

  1. Toward Sidetrack my Concentration

  2. I dangled my hair at home and started to feel the scorching heat in my legs. My heart ached painfully and my tears flowed involuntarily. To distract my attention, my mom took out my Or say the book and said to me, “Look at the book and look at it so much!” I dropped it since the last race did not get the prize, On the one hand, ignored it. Since my mother said so, I obediently took the book, quietly watching.

  3. Numerical Olympiad was so Supple

  4. The Mathematical Olympiad was so flexible that I had to turn a lot of corners so I had to think very hard about those problems. I slowly shifted my attention to the book, feeling less painful, so my mom helped me to apply the camellia oil and help me with the medicine Itch; I did not how to pay attention.

  5. Regained my Confidence in Math

  6. After a week of suffering, I regained my confidence in mathematics. Back to school, the teacher and classmate’s care makes me feel warm. Although I missed a few lessons, my math scores did not go up but down, and after several exams, I got a perfect score and kept my math advantage. Looked at the check mark on the test paper, I am happy to cry, gently touch the scar on the leg, I silently grateful it ignited my fighting spirit.

The goal is justice, the method is transparency. It’s important not to confuse the goal and the method.

Charity begins at home, and justice begins next door.

(3) Parents went to the Kiln Industrial Unit to Boat.

In the first grade of junior high school, my parents went to the kiln factory to ship. On the way back, a motorcycle ran out of control and hit my daddy’s car. The driver was seriously injured. Although this is not my dad’s mistake, Standard, there is no monitor, dad to take responsibility.

  1. Nervously Coming up for my Parents at Home

  2. At that time, I was anxiously waiting for my parents at home, but I got a quick phone call. My mother asked my neighbor to listen to the phone. I overheard their conversation and scared silly. Traffic accidents meant that I had to pay a lot of money. Parents how to do, the more I want to be more afraid. Mom and Dad dragged his exhausted body back late at night; I saw the red eyes across the curtains, worried endless.

  3. Observe the Injured, go to the Law Position

  4. In those days, my parents wanted to run around, see the wounded, go to the police station, borrow money from relatives, and nobody at home took care of them. Mom told me to do homework after returning home from school looking at the goods, met unfamiliar guests do not credit to him, do not know the price do not sell. In order to sell a little more, I took a small book, write down the price of the goods, come out after class to see, shop front speed look again, remember before going to bed again, a few days down to remember.

  5. Keep in Mind the Client Remembers the Unbreakable

  6. However, the price is easy to remember the customer remembers the hard, those uncles and aunts look almost the same, just remember the face is not easy to remember. I tried to identify them from their hairstyle, clothes, motorcycle style and voice. Soon, I was able to recognize them on the road at a glance, politely greet them, and they boasted I knowable and later often come to my shop to buy things.

  7. My Parents Ended that Occurrence

  8. For some time down, my memory is getting better and better, more and more strong ability to identify, in front of adults and more calm and quiet. After my parents finished that incident, told me to go to my uncle to play. There was a large factory near my uncle’s home, mainly doing the business of apparel.

  9. Self-assuredly went to the Manager’s Workplace

  10. I ran around without any problems. Once I saw there was an announcement urging the assistant to go there. I confidently went to the manager’s office to interview and smiled and touched me Head, said: “You are still young, cannot do this live!” I said loudly: “I can! You give me two days to try, if not then catch me!” Manager beat me, barely promised.

  11. Rapidly Wrote down the Vital Satisfied

  12. The next day, I attended the factory meeting with the manager, quickly wrote down the important content and read the client’s information carefully, completing the tasks assigned to me. I heard the manager praised me, think of that flew trouble, I feel endless emotion. It brought a lot of harm to my home, but gave me the opportunity to exercise, without it, perhaps I was just a ignorant child.

If you tremble with indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine.

Above all, always be capable of feeling deeply any injustice committed against anyone, anywhere in the world.

(4) Occupied of Unenthusiastic Prospect I greatly Misplaced

When the entrance, full of negative expectations I greatly lost the standard, fell into the bottom. I was disheartened, I heard around the students have achieved quite good results, I sadly ripped the phone line, crying in the room more than two hours, sad, helpless shrouded me. My parents saved me from their despair with their warm hands, encouraged me and supported me.

  1. My Understanding of the College Way in Test.

  2. I gingerly wiped his tears, his own sadness all spit on the grid, with a black ink confided my desolate, to express my font with unbridled feelings, and then use the keyboard to freeze on the document, into submission mailbox. Unexpectedly, I posted my article every other day for two days. My interpretation of the college entrance examination was endorsed by the editor for dissecting the examinee’s heart. She also sent me an email to cheer me up. At that time, I saw a glimmer of light in the unpredictable wells, trembling step by step along the wall.

  3. Feeling and Appearance of Language live Out

  4. Through the life of sentiment and expression of language practice, my writing has been greatly improved. Mathematics has no intention of writing keen on writing all of a sudden I have a strong interest in seeing the newspaper several times after another published my article, I am more encouraged.

  5. I take a Hardly any Copies of the Enthusiasm

  6. A month later, I received a draft receipt, I took a few copies of the excitement, put it in a notebook, let it spread fermentation. Indeed, the failure of the college entrance examination let me miss a lot of opportunities, but let me find myself another bright spot. Despite my constant frustration on my life , I am convinced that fate is fair and that its fairness is that it quietly completes him while mercilessly strikes a man.

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