The Importance of Thinking


Sometimes I think I can think of an instant reminder of a long run, no matter how tired, but be sure to run out of physical strength before returning to their origin. Last night, sleepless night, many thoughts, write it down, as a memento.

Enjoy loneliness and learn to think

There are many dreams in life, but many people do not know how to open the closed door. As a child, we all had our own dreams. The piece of pure land once carrying this sad ton dually drifted away from the sea of mind and slowly disappeared into the faint fog, which is vaguely visible and undeclared. When the dead of night, often traveled to this, your heart is sadly tears. Who does not want too full but the good of life it? However, we often do not seek answers from the root causes of the ideology, but are good at complaining about the brutal reality from the material life. Mercenary figure, money comes first, flashy society kidnapped our thinking, why we always think this society is too realistic, even cruel let us cannot deal with, even the colorful love let us describe the pale, or only Corrupted from the front of heavy color rendering, but to avoid or simply have no ability to describe the warm colors behind the transition, how to continue. All these problems are because the thought itself is in a state of starvation. When we do not feed our own thoughts, we are anxious to let it answer the difficult problems in our life. Therefore, we often run into trouble, always complain, even give up.

Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.

Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived stop thinking and go in.

Is it an idea to distinguish a person? It is important to see how he treats the temptations he faces. People who have a sense of accomplishment experience more temptation. The more they think, the more they think. The more you get, the more you are tempted to calm down. Because of thinking, and derived, so thinking is very important, according to their own thoughts to do things, do not listen to others. Thinking allows you to understand what is beautiful, what is important, what is the pursuit of your heart. And those who have a hollow mind cannot afford to be tempted because there is not a complete system of thought in his mind. The temptation is like a runaway horse that runs rampant in the brain but does not have powerful reins to contain live it.

Ideological system, different from the value system. Value system is part of the ideology. The value system tells us what is “good,” and the system of ideas, tells us how to “do it.” It is also different from what we usually believe, faith is actually more like a single idea, for example, we have been taught to tell us, I cannot do selfish things, a man, to be honest, we have to open and aboveboard, so it goes This is the case … And we think this is the right truth. So we follow these creeds to do, and thus formed many of their own beliefs or ideas. But this cannot be called a person’s ideology. The point of abstraction is that the system of thought is composed of hundreds of thousands of lines, and the answer to why these 100,000 are, or what you think, is a string of many lines. With these ropes, a person’s character is complete, a person’s thinking will become more vigorous, it will not be weakest to allow Mustang gallop.

Think BIG! You are going to be thinking anyway, so think BIG!

People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves, they have the first secret of success.

Some people would say that the ideological system sounds so complicated, I was better to be a mediocre person, why move so much brain, not too tired? In the same way, since you choose mediocre thinking, you will inevitably have a secular view of worldly issues, agree with others, or simply beg God to refrain from letting yourself encounter so much trouble. But God alone how to care for individuals? The world of people, mortal beings, out of the mud without staining, the only good people, which one is mediocre thought generation. In fact, the establishment of the ideological system is not only to deal with the ideological problems encountered in daily life. It can make one’s spiritual life more colorful and full of fun. It is an indispensable magic of life in this world, with it, you will know how to enjoy and be good at creating a beautiful life belongs to you, is the lamp of life. And its biggest function is to be able to integrate their dreams with reality, reflecting a kind of wisdom.


Our physical maturity may be only 20 years, and our thoughts often start in orbit at the age of 17, the life of ideas with our life. When a person is in his twenties, he thinks he is already an adult and, at the same time, possesses his own thoughts as a mature seal. In fact, our bodies are mature, but our own ideological system is still incomplete lines, let alone twisted to deal with the rope, so when we encounter confusion in life, look at the part they are already adults Do not want to give yourself more time to think about the root of the problem or come to some conclusions that seem to be true and correct but cannot withstand scrutiny to confuse your own eyes and what is more, To the annoyance, I do not know the more cut more chaos, the increase is more “why” of the thread, and when the thread is more than a certain extent, the tragedy came, our human brain instinct is to put so many seemingly useless lines All packed into trash bags, placed in a dark corner, so that they out of sight not annoying.

In fact it is slowly shaping a mind you mediocrity, until the old……. Because the human mind is internally interconnected, one of your thoughts often comes from the foundation of many of your other thoughts or values, and sometimes we perceive one’s heart only by looking at one’s own externalities , Is actually the reverse reasoning of this connection. The establishment of the ideological system is the true source of a person’s self-confidence from the bottom of my heart. The thought can never be perfected only. Your perfection is your own comprehension. It belongs only to you and to others Not the same, everyone is the architect of their own ideological system, which is also where one produces a personal charisma.

Humor is the sublime wisdom of pity and tolerance in which man recognizes the utter futility of his own enterprise and importance.

Only some people built magnificent high-rise buildings, while others built only a toilet or a kitchen, only to solve the problem of eating and drinking Lazard. In fact, a toilet, a kitchen, plus a bed, you can live, why do you want to build tall buildings? Complex social environment, you do not go to trouble, trouble looking for you, this is just one direction of hard work. In addition, stand high and see far, not only points of view of high and low, also points far and near, people tend to ignore the latter. Testimony of people and the public aesthetic is to establish their own independent value system in the process of two stumbling block, just as many people innocent, it allows you in a “innocent” real feeling state, unknowingly let you put His thought built a look of very luxurious, but actually only a little renovated bathroom with the kitchen with the “standard room” only. When we try our best to dress up to meet the aesthetic needs of the public, will we ask ourselves whether the beauty the public thinks is ironic.

The mass of the United States inevitably incorporates the characteristics of the times, or bears the weight of reality, a certain beauty of an era, will be certified as superficial ignorance in the future, or because of the test of unhelpfulness But forgotten, so we should dare to shout his own slogan: We must not only live in the moment, but also strive to live in the future, this is not white to go on in the world.

The importance of social status can be seen in the peer status hierarchy of geeks, athletes, cheerleaders, nerds, and weirdo’s in Hollywood stereotypes of American high schools.

When some people encounter confusion in their life and have to solve it, because they do not have their own system of thought to be used, they tend to “dictate the code” sounding, saying: “As the saying goes, how is it …, a philosopher Said, how … “and so on, in order to solve the problems currently encountered, and sometimes solve this problem, and thus another problem emerged, and in the end I could not find a reasonable explanation Their own playing field, the heart is still depressed, and always cannot solve my heart disease. The reason is that your confusion in these hearts is a messy line in your own ideology. Taking someone else’s mind to fill your vacancy will always have a loophole because solving your own confusion can only be done by perfecting your own mindset Understand what you want? What kind of person do you want to do? What is life? How to live? For you, what is false in life is true? After combining your own interests with your own life and blood and flesh and forming seemingly irrelevant problems with your own opinions, your value system becomes a succession and slowly turns into a rope, Go, and gradually be able to come out of a real, confident, free-spirited , but full of personality charm of the self.

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