The Collision



“Do you know what it’s like to have heaven and hell collide inside of you? That knot that makes you want to cry, and scream and punch the walls down, and yet all you can do is sit there and feel your throat tighten and your eyes burn with the tears you’ll never shed.”

The injury was deep. The pain was so immense it felt as though the entire body was cut open. Time played the part to stitch it but left a scar that burned so bad whenever the name was mentioned. At the mere mention of the name the body flinched as the blood rushed underneath the scar, tears welled by in the eyes as duel was fought against them defending the role of being fine. The hot blood underneath was ready to spill any second as the body was taut.

Promises, words and every little memory played like a film roll. The promise of forever that didn’t last even to pronounce the word forever. The pain so deep that it numbed all the sense of happiness witnessed, all the hope of life and everything in it.

They say not to push a caring person to the point where he/she no longer cares. The limits here were pushed too far. Too far to ever heal. The nothingness in every promise was so evident now that seemed the only truth back then. Loyalty was no longer a word into the world. It didn’t mean anything. Time didn’t heal the wound, it just made it dormant ready to let the pain creep in as soon as the flashes play in the mind.

Fine was the only word it could be sum up because explaining the atrocities and controlling the sobs in between was something not in the question. The feeling of having the world shatter by just one person who ironically was the world is just so cruel. What was unwavering was the strength, the numbness that remain for so long and may be it was to fade never. Life now was as the diamond that sparkled after being cut.

It doesn’t know its own value even if it does it finds it valueless and low. Holding up head high was the only thing that was the plus point of it. The heartbreak made it easy to just hold life together. It taught the bitter truth in the cruelest way. It is by no doubt every person for himself. Blood is only just something flowing in the veins. Humans are warm-blooded animals but no one can argue if stated that they are actually the cold bloods.

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