Suffering is Gold

Suffering Is Gold

Without being on the ground, it is impossible to describe or comprehend the scenes we were overcrowded. We do not know where we were and we did not know where the storm was blowing: whether it was an island or a continent, a place of abode, or a deserted wild area. Although the wind weakened earlier than usual, it was still fierce and unusual. We know that our boat has been able to support for a few minutes, at any time may be hit into pieces, unless miracles, the wind will suddenly stop.

1. Have a high Regard for the Qualities of God .

I often sit down with gratitude to eat and admire the virtues of God, for he has given me rich food in the wilderness. I have learned to pay attention to the bright side of my situation, to pay less attention to his dark side, to think more of what I enjoy, and less of what I lack. This attitude sometimes makes my heart feel a heartfelt consolation, simply cannot express in words…… Open the scroll of ink smelling books, quietly watching; think carefully, like through three hundred years of sunshine, the sun has you.

What is hell? I maintain that it is the suffering of being unable to love.

The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four people is suffering from a mental illness. Look at your 3 best friends. If they’re ok, then it’s you.

2. Exploration Spirit in his Early days.

He explored the exploration heart in his childhood. Since then, this little seedling in his heart took a deep root. In his father under repeated discouraged, he resolutely to pursue the hearts of the dream – sailing adventure. While applauding his courage, we feel helpless at his ignorance. He did not know the danger of the road he had taken; neither did he know the horrors of the road: he strained herself and his body was perverted, but he did not bow back. Reminds me of the hole saint said “knowingly cannot be done for.”If I were him, when the ship crashed in the storm, would I not continue my voyage like he did to the fate? No, if you can choose, I’m not going to accept that is full of difficulties and frustrations of life, because I had neither the confidence.

3. From Birth to back Pocket .

I have to admit my weakness and incompetence. From birth to back pocket, parents, schools laid the path for us to grow. I walked peacefully year after year on this flat road without any setbacks or waves, and I complained about it all day and complained about it. In fact, I did not chew the bitter life, I was happy. However, I did not realize that I was well fed and full of warmth. I went back to school with my schoolbag and accepted the care of my family every day. It was a great joy for the community to care for me .And he? He constantly fought wild animals, constantly improving his own life, constantly writing diaries , calculating his days on deserted islands …

The only antidote to mental suffering is physical pain.

It is by suffering that human beings become angels.

4. Difficulties How Insignificant?

Compared with him, we encountered difficulties how insignificant? In learning, how can we abandon the pursuit of our ideal only by a setback?”Insisting” how many times we do not know it, it is insisting that he solve all the difficulties: When he came to the island, he had no food and nothing, but he did not give up and insisted on seeking a first-line on the deserted island I hope .Let yourself treat everything calmly. As he told himself everything has just begun, so that we can better see everything and better solve their own difficulties. In the face of difficulties, he has also been confused, once afraid, once complained, or even despair …… optimistic let him rekindle the hope of life, optimism can let us never give up, study hard to study the spirit of the Life is more passionate!

5. We also Require Insistence.

We also need perseverance. We often cannot persist in fulfilling our own dreams because we have no perseverance. We are afraid of difficulties. We do not know how to face difficulties and are at arm’s length. We are afraid of failure. In fact, perseverance is the driving force that brings victory to everyone. If you do not even pursue their own ideas of perseverance, how do you expect others to realize their dreams and reach the end of their dreams?

I’m very proud of my gold pocket watch. My grandfather, on his deathbed, sold me
this watch

The golden rule for every business man is this: “Put yourself in your customer’s place.

6. I will Stand up one Hundred and One.

Even if I fall a hundred times, I will stand up one hundred and one. I really like Zhang Haidi this sentence, because this sentence for us to guide the road to success – failed, but also how? If you want Robinson Sun, has a strong perseverance, when we stand up again, the sunshine of success from us to take another step. Instead of listening to their own lives, it is better to use their own hands to open up a path of success for themselves! Who cannot create a miracle? If you insist, if you are confident, if you tenacious, then you will create a miracle of their own!

7. Life is a Work of Art.

Life is a painting, and some people draw the vitality of the spring; the shade of summer; the harvest of autumn; the hope of winter. While others have drawn the spring sadness; summer irritability; autumn desolation; winter loneliness. The color of life depends on your own attitude to life.

8. I See the Rainbow without Suffering?

How can I see the rainbow without suffering? Encountered difficulties can not back down, or you have not lost on the battlefield them. To have the spirit of not yielding, in the face of difficulties never give up! Even though there are tens of millions of difficulties in life, but there are also many wonderful and happiness coexisting. Only by digging more and seeing the wonderful and the happiness can we gain more happiness? Let us confidently say to ourselves that I must do something and everything is just a new starting point! –postscript

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