Successful Chatting

Successful chatting

Successful chatting

Failures are usually considered unfortunate


Fantasy further success were suddenly fails, it will feel a waste of time , pay attention, but that there is no gain; in the face of failure, fainthearted pain confused , anxious shrink; but perseverance and strong, hot pursuit. Success is a long-term cumulative process, overnight fame, instant riches may exist in reality, but the chances are small, if you really want to touch the success, then we must seize the opportunity, from a small start, from a little drop to start, destiny is the accumulation of daily life, small things decide the big achievements. If a person is reluctant to do small things, then major events are hard to come by. Laozi warned people that “the world is in a difficult situation, it will become a major event in the world, and it must be done in a fine manner.” If you want to succeed and are better than others, little effort, success depends on the accumulation of bits and pieces

Franklin. Feld said that “the watershed of success and failure can be described in five words: I do not have time”, but no time is an excuse, and then busy people can take the time, even five minutes or even a minute, the use of time, Accumulate learning knowledge. In reality, many people do not dare to think of big things and do nothing too lazy to do. They do not have time to spare but they spend too much time dropping their places and dropping trampled on their feet. Words boring or lonely, and then a lot of time was innocent abandoned in the face of their own life direction, not drifting, or repeat the mistakes of others, life on the road, hesitant and hesitant, looking forward to pie and fear of falling into the trap; to be lucky, Encounter with success, then out of pride, and then followed by the failure, in the face of failure, even a glimmer of courage to meet, sigh. Historically, a lot of big names did not understand what they were born, they persisted and accumulated in the long run, and their long-term hard work made them successful. Example: The well-known Edison, with thousands of inventions in his lifetime, has failed thousands of times for an experiment and has not been discouraged. He said “once failed, I was one step closer to success,” so insistent

To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.

A man’s character may be learned from the adjectives which he habitually uses in conversation.

The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.

Before you start some work, always ask yourself three questions – Why am I doing it, What the results might be and Will I be successful. Only when you think deeply and find satisfactory answers to these questions, go ahead.

Before listening to people say: in a place to do for a long time, is an expert, hard work, is the winner Success is a simple matter to repeat, ordinary things to repeat, easy to do things repeatedly “A journey of thousands of miles begins with a single step,” starting from a small one and perseverance is the foundation of success The first half an hour just saw such a story : the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates had given his students such an exam: “Today we learn the easiest and most easy thing, that is, put your arm as far forward as possible Rejection, and then try to throw back, from now on, every day about 300 under the arm, “so simple things students can say A month later, Socrates asked, “Every day, about 300 arm, who did?”, 90% of students raised their hands Two months later, when he asked the question again, only 80% of the students, and a year later, Socrates again stood on the podium to ask this question, only one student raised his hand, he is Plato, another great philosopher in ancient Greece Plato did, he left behind a famous saying: patience is the basis of all the wisdom and wisdom, the great man is great, because when others give up , he still insisted
China is also no shortage of such examples, Li Yang, the founder of crazy English , his secret of success is nothing more than just two words “repeat”

“Trapeze” Jordan also admitted that he had to practice more than 3,000 shots a day, in case of emergency only to achieve superb level of performance. Encounter setbacks , have the courage to move forward with the faith , act now, persist in the end, never give up, never give up the success, will never give up success Take time to learn, everything from childhood to start, not afraid of monotonous and repetitive, long-term accumulation of adhere to, is not successful, it is difficult Perhaps someone believes in “pie”. This is not nonsense. In fact, it does exist. However, the so-called “pie” is not a success. Although it can temporarily get what it wants, it will soon be lost . When nothing, but also a failure, want to come back? Still need to come up with courage and perseverance step by step Success on the road, there will be failure; for failure, we must correctly treat and treat, not afraid of failure, it will succeed; fear of failure, then useless, will fail You know, there are many failed children , not a successful one

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