“Scared” is Just a Process

"Scared" is Just a Process

1. I Passed a Graveyard, My Heart.

My ears blowing biting wind, the heart could not help but raise a feeling: that is afraid. Dark night, I walk alone on a long field trail crazy to go home on the road, my heart told myself over and over again not afraid! However, when I passed a graveyard, my heart could not help speed up the speed of my eyes jumping from time to time to look more into the graveyard.

1.1 Now I Feel this Way is So Elongated.

My mind suddenly showed all kinds of ghost stories I had seen. I’m so scared of “ghost possessed”, my heart told myself that it is just a superstition. But I cannot help but speed up the speed of cycling; really want to go home immediately! However, the road still needs to be completed step by step, and now I feel this way is so long, it seems to go to the end of the road. My face is calm, my heart is scared! Finally saw the dawn of victory, my heart a little relaxed. When you reach the light, the heart is full of joy.

Time is very slow for those who wait,
Very fast for those who are scared,
Very long for those who lament,
Very short for those who celebrate,
But for those who love, time is eternal.

Artificial intelligence is the mimicking of human thought and cognitive processes to solve complex problems.

2. Some People May Say: I Failed What to Do?

In fact, life has a lot we did not dare to try for the first time, but you do not try, you do not get that from the bottom heart deep joy, you cannot always overcome another self. Some people may say: I failed what to do? I am afraid of failure, so I do not go to challenge what I cannot do.

2.1 Indicating that You are Weak!

If you think so wrong, there is not only a successful life in the world, there is not only failed life. There will always be setbacks in your life when you face something you have not done; you are back down, indicating that you are weak! If you choose to challenge, to defeat, even if you fail, you will feel confident. Because you have done, failed to summarize experience from start to finish! As the lyrics say “no storm, how can we see the rainbow, no one can casually succeed.”

2.2 The Length of the Process Needs.

In my opinion, being afraid is just an excuse in life. To overcome fear is just a process. The length of the process needs to be defined by you. There are many celebrities at all times and in all countries, and they are neither born nor successful people.

2.3 Their Achievement is as Well Step by Step Down.

Their success is also stepping by step down to earth; they are also afraid and failed. But they did not flinch in fear, but to victory! People will always see their splendid life; people can never see is behind the brilliant life.

We are of opinion that instead of letting books grow moldy behind an iron grating, far from the vulgar gaze, it is better to let them wear out by being read.

Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.

3. You are Going to Demolish that Gutless Self .

We can think of the fear in each first time as another self in life. You cannot let the cowardly self-survive in the world at the same time, so you will provoke ridicule and irony, so you are going to destroy that cowardly self.

3.1 The Process may be Full of Excitement.

This process is one step toward your success. All in all, fear is only a process, the length of the process just need your own slowly to consider. The process may be full of excitement, failure and so on, but I hope every friend should go to challenge this process, always remember “how can I see the rainbow without going through the storm.”

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