Running is more than Just the First

Running is more than Just the First

When the four shouted cheering, I can hear myself breathing, this moment only the lonely themselves before they can believe I can, when we shouted cheering, just to be able to tell you, I have this moment with you, rather than taking the road Not alone, not only for the first run. Choose real yourself, how many roads can be on the hill, you have to personally open up, running not only for the first, listen to the voice of the heart, every step is to prove you, the meaning of existence, when the gas shouting everywhere, I can only Listen to their own breath, this moment only lonely, I can believe I can run not only for the first.

1. Life difficult, difficult to Settle Down

In order to create a miracle, let the world cheer for you, you have to thank you, not only for the first run, the opponent only yourself, when you work hard to take the first step, the champion is you, not only for the first run … .Life difficult, difficult to settle down in, so much of the world, such a small personal; World too many people, so many people both interrelated and mutual exclusion, intimate space and time, origin and unpredictable.

“If you build the guts to do something, anything, then you better save enough to face the consequences.”

“Running is the greatest metaphor for life because you get out of it what you put into it.”

2. Gradually Realized that in Fact

It is always difficult to find a place for yourself in this crowded world. I gradually realized that in fact, very little life is required. Pursuing this world according to my heart’s voice often benefits merit. It, not only benefits can meet your external demand, even mind a vacant piece of makeup. So in those days when I felt everything was bound by desire, my mind was bound by the reality of the day, I began to run, rather than tangled, it is better to take it lightly down. One day, one year, or only one thing in life, nothing is done. When I was running, I looked away and refined the target. I found a way to choose between my breathing. I found a sense of balance in the alternation of footsteps. I only enjoyed the running process every day. Do it seriously, and do what you can.

2.1 Great heart to fit the trust yourself

Step by step, running down steadily, recalling the past and found that this year although only done this one thing, quite profitable. I have become complicated, simple act, I become a regular life, more enjoy the freedom of the soul, I become rigid and minutiae, I can calmly deal with life and work everything, the original dream, the ideal does not need What a lofty great heart to fit the trust yourself. Only one thing to do is the rhythm of life at the beginning, busy again and again tired day will clear the sky, and then bitter salty life is not worth mentioning. Time is only impressed in our heart because at some point in the year we only thought of the matter at our fingertips.

“We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.”

“You have a choice. You can throw in the towel, or you can use it to wipe the sweat off of your face.”

“Even when you have gone as far as you can, and everything hurts, and you are staring at the specter of self-doubt, you can find a bit more strength deep inside you if you look closely enough.”

2.2 Best to learn more culture

It is a dream that something that has to be abandoned due to external force is called an idea, and is not tired of others and does not want to give up. This cannot give up the power comes from the heart. Do not waste time. Without prejudice, young people try their best to learn more culture, broaden their horizons, broaden their thinking and train their wisdom.

2.3 Resources to navigate their daily life

Only after they grow older will they have the resources to navigate their daily life. Do not feel inferior debase, better not aim too high. Living in the world, through a book or know one thing, do not panic, there are setbacks, but also temporary. The social mechanism itself must provide opportunities for those who have expertise and expertise. Believe it because society needs such people.

3. Important thing is to their Dreams

To run toward their own dreams and ideas, if they persist, they will not succeed in the end. However, what they have experienced while running forward will always be a fortune in their growth. Running is not only the first, more important thing is to their dreams and little effort, their own sense of success is beyond the self, self-break, give play to their potential, give play to their perseverance and give play to their own Ability to sharpen himself into a sharp sword, in the way forward to overcome all obstacles, the wind and the waves will sometimes, straight clouds sail economy sea. Running not just for the first, to move forward, to move forward, fight forward, success will belong to us.

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