Ran Out Of My Future

Ran out of my future

He was born in a poor family and faced the back of loess parents, cannot provide him with superior learning and living conditions. But he is very sensible; from the day he entered the school never had a penny with his parents. A few years later, he performed well, admitted to a city high school, because the school is far from home, he only chooses to live in school.

I never think of the future. It comes soon enough.

The best way to predict your future is to create it.

Talk Quickly take away Five Dollars

On that day, he spent 9 dollars on his parents’ miss to buy a ticket, for the first time he got home on his bus. When I got home, the village electrician was collecting the electricity bill. He glanced past and saw a small “5” in the number column on the receipt. Talk quickly took out five dollars from his pocket, handing it to the other side, blaming parents for saving.

Five Dollars a Month on Electricity

Five dollars a month on electricity, parents usually certainly not even reluctant to see television. Just then, the electrician handed him a few cents. He took a few, 4 Yuan 5 cents. Suddenly, he understood. It turned out that parent’s monthly electricity only 5 cents! He half-eyed, staring blankly, unable to speak any words.

Firm Earned Money just Allowed

He secretly calculated in the heart of an account, his own car spent 9 dollars, enough to pay 18 months at home, the electricity! He scolded himself in his heart, really a naive prodigal son! He secretly vowed that his parents’ hard-earned money only allowed to squander this time!

He Stood in the Middle, Cut off

After returning to school, he saved more. However, the leak every night, the mother because of fatigue leading to lumbar compression nerves, only in bed all day long. On the one hand, he was lying sick in the bed so miss his mother, while a round-trip fare of 18 dollars; he stood in the middle, isolated, about the dilemma. Finally, he came up with the best of both worlds – the way to run home!

Parents observe is Ran Back Home.

School more than 60 miles away from home, he needs to run more than 3 hours to arrive. Every time he went home, he did not dare rush into the house, but hiding under the tree in the village entrance, do dozens of deep breaths, so as not to let parents see is ran back home. For such a life, he remained optimistic attitude, even kind enough students to share their experience: jogging, but you cannot stop, cannot sit down and rest, to adhere to finish the course in one breath. In addition, drink less water.

To be Stronger, Though he is Grateful

His self-improvement, affecting students and friends around. We no longer compete, but rather than learning, more frugal than the progress. There was a period of time when a student cadre with good family conditions in the class mobilized his parents to finance him and planned to give him 200 living expenses a month. To be stronger, though he is grateful for such grants, he always feels ashamed and fears that he will bear too much human debt and will not be able to repay it. In the end, he resolutely stopped accepting such donations. At his insistence, the good-hearted classmate had to give up the money.

When you introduce competition into the public school system, most studies show that schools start to do better when they are competing for students.

You know, sometimes kids get bad grades in school because the class moves too slow for them. Einstein got D’s in school. Well guess what, I get F’s!!!

Found that Several Nation had their Books

He also had the idea of dropping out of school when he saw poor and thin parents. However, the scene he saw during his employment led him to completely dispel the idea. It was closed at 10 o’clock that day. He returned to the shed with his exhausted body and found that several people had their books on the bed, and they had to glance at them no matter how late they went back, and even two were insisting on a self-study exam.

He Encouraged Himself

In a chat, a coworker told him: “Without knowledge, you can never change your destiny, and working hard to earn a living will always be hard-earned money.” Since then, he has firmly determined to continue his studies. He encouraged himself, no matter how many difficulties, must be strong to go, no, run down.

Friends take a Trip in Beautiful Scenery

Right, in order to break through the immediate hardship and hardship, we must ‘run’ up! After studying for a night, when the roommate entered sweet dreams, he runs into the sea of knowledge. On weekends, when his classmates are immersed in the sweetness of returning home, he runs in a noisy restaurant. On holidays, when friends travel in beautiful scenery, Of the area, he runs on a dusty site …

Self-Reliance, Self-Improvement

He called Yan Mingling’s, a farmer’s child in the western mountainous area of Yuzhou, Henan Province. From home to school, then from school to home, two years, he ran together more than 4,000 miles. This is a miracle created by a rural high school student. We have every reason to believe that Yan Mingqiang’s success will never be late, because he carries a self-reliance, self-improvement and self-discipline in the hard way of pursuing education and life, running!

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