People should learn to be brave and strong

People should learn to be brave and strong

Everyone in life will encounter some difficult and unpredictable things, such as the story I think that only the pictures on television. But: After I had experienced these things myself, I realized that life is really painful and happy. Today I wrote the story of yesterday. I hope you can be as calm as me …

1. Disappear Additional Money in Hand to Stop

March 2000 was my most happy day, I and my husband entered the city unit of a private company, after two years, preparations for the marriage, then we do not have a house, a rented house that we both marriage room, tourism simple Come back home at the banquet even married, the wedding left us with thirty thousand dollars in hand. The reason why we do this is that we want to leave extra money in hand to prevent us from buying a house after our marriage.

A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave.

He who conquers others is strong. He who conquers himself is mighty.

  1. Began to Put into Practice Welfare Accommodation

  2. Kung Fu pays off, in August 2000 the company began to implement Welfare housing, her husband was considered the backbone of the company was included in the list of welfare housing, and soon the implementation of improved, we got their own house, simple Thirty thousand Yuan remaining on the wedding hand also became our life-saving food. Most companies out of the half, the rest is the father-in-law raised. At that time, I was 26 years old and seemed to be the happiest person in this world. My husband and I busy, busy forget all, mother-in-law also helped us with a total length of time, then our family be enjoyable.

  3. People have High-quality and Bad Chance

  4. However, unpredictable weather, people have the good and bad fortune. In the midst of our joy, we were the first Dragon Boat Festival in our new house in May 2001, and the phone was about the father-in-law in Nanjing. The father felt very haggard at noon that day, drink wine; eat less, which is completely incompatible with the status of the father of the public.

  5. Serenely Predictable Abdomen Painful

  6. Asked him the situation he just said calmly estimated stomach uncomfortable, simply finished eating, rest for a moment, the father returned to his own unit, and her husband came back at night my husband’s situation as her husband described it, her husband immediately Called the father, told him to go to the hospital to check, he refused to go, has been dragged to July, he himself aware of the seriousness of his husband called him to the hospital for a gastro scope, a long time in a week Waiting .

  7. Our Heart is Similar to Jack Force

  8. our heart is like jack pressure, get the report when we are like thunderstruck, the ultimate concern has become a reality, advanced gastric cancer. Cannot believe this is true, but the facts tell us, have to accept. When we are stable in mood when the phone concealed his illness, he was told the water belly, immediate surgery, then called to tell her mother.

  9. Right Away Resided in the Sanatorium

  10. At that time we buy a house to get married, the remaining money can be said to be no more, my mother-in-law to borrow 30,000 Yuan from relatives, and immediately resided in the hospital. And through a series of checks, and then implemented a surgical resection, the father of the stomach resection of two-thirds, when the doctor took a bowl of bloody cancer out, her mother fainted.

The day I stop giving is the day I stop receiving. The day I stop learning is the day I stop growing.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

2. Regarded as a Victorious Procedure

The father was regarded as a successful operation, and after a series of chemotherapy did not suffer any harm, as with normal people, see the father said he was not ill. At that time I was married for three years; my father was 61 and had no grandchildren. Under the repeated request of the father-in-law, I had a baby, the expected date of birth was July 23, 2003, the fourth during my regular pregnancy test Month I found the twins, I told the father the first time the good news, his excitement cannot even speak. To our family and maybe a little angel soon all smiles sounded, finally also think God is fair.

  1. Abdomen Pleased Enlargement.

  2. Two little guys in my stomach happy growth, there are twenty days to give birth, but during that time my body because of bile acid, each part of itchy, sleep well at night. On the morning of July 3, I lay in bed two little guys moving around in my stomach, and my stomach started to feel a slight pain. One o’clock in the afternoon admitted to the hospital, just when the doctor took me to do the examination found bloody amniotic fluid, and only a fetal heart moving, a few doctors busy pushing me to the operating table, immediately breaking a colostomy, another result of my little angel or God is relentless claimed the life .

  3. Can not believe the Death of a Grandson.

  4. At that time, the news did not dare to tell her father that he could not accept the death of a grandson. However, the father asked her mother, again and again, to ask my mother two children were born healthy when her mother no longer could not help but to tell the father of the unfortunate news.

  5. Tears might no Longer be as Heavy Rainwater

  6. At this moment, the father-in-law has fallen down. Although he has two sons and the sixty-one-year-old father-in-law does not yet have a grandson, how much he hopes I can safely give birth to two grandchildren. A month later, the disease attacked the father’s body again. When I was 42 days full moon, I took my daughter and a regret to return home. The father-in-law tried to see the granddaughter struggling to resist the pain. When I went back to see the father only skinny, the tears could no longer be as heavy rain pouring instant blink of an eye. The next morning when I saw my granddaughter, I closed my eyes and took a hand.

3. Pressed into the Deep hole and Lost two Relations

I remember in August 2003. At that time, I was like being pushed into the abyss and lost two relatives at once. I complained to heaven and made me a smooth beginning, letting me withstand such a big blow in my life. In the next two years, finally come smoothly, godfather at home. Life is also considered enjoyable. May God seem to be at odds with me, November 2006 my body also feel uncomfortable, but fortunately, not a serious illness, stayed in hospital for twenty days and was discharged. At that time, I also went to work, the children also went to kindergarten, the days are so plain life.

  1. Emotion Abdomen is not High-Quality

  2. Since the death of father-in-law, her mother-in-law has been feeling stomach is not good, we are not with her, her mother-in-law and honest eldest son at home, everything in the family or to her mother to command, the only mother-in-law can rely on is the two pro-aunt, Mother in the final stage to do the inspection did not tell the two aunt.

  3. Even though we are Extremely Uninformed

  4. Although we are very ignorant of Nanjing’s mother-in-law’s body, very worried about her mother-in-law did countless times after the inspection found no abnormalities, in August 2007, her mother called to tell her that she had esophageal cancer, how we called I believe this is true, my mother-in-law is afraid that we are worried about her, did not tell us, did not tell his aunt and mother, she went to the hospital alone to do the last gastro copy, the result is she alone to get the report, and finally a person to play Call to tell us the news of this bolt from the blue.

  5. Two Oldest Motherly Aunt was Weeping

  6. Then we told the two aunt’s bad news. Two oldest maternal aunt was crying, their sisters three rural life in the case of her mother, the other two are living in the city, but also many children, usually two oldest maternal aunt to take care of her mother. When they learned that the bad news of her mother could no longer bear it.

A man’s character may be learned from the adjectives which he habitually uses in conversation.

Don’t limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time.

4. Defeat of Unable to Help Conditions

We are at a loss of helpless circumstances called the aunt and mother came to Nanjing Cancer Hospital in the diagnosis, when glimmer of hope on the tumor hospital, hope the result is misdiagnosed, but when the husband once again get the report no longer could not help but cry, Mother-in-law is esophageal cancer, it is very serious, if not in time there will be life-threatening surgery, that is, we do with her mother-in-law surgery, when the mother in the operating table doctor in her chest and back to open a full When there is a foot of the hole, the desire of her mother-in-law to survive her surgery was very successful. In the latter two years of chemotherapy to make her mother indifferent to life, life is better than death, every chemotherapy will make her go to hell to go.

  1. Transferred to the Entire Corpse

  2. Every time she had chemotherapy she had her heart pierced in bed. But her mother reported a glimmer of hope, always hope that once the chemotherapy will allow her to live a day more. At the last CT examination, the doctor told us that my mother-in-law’s cancer cells have been transferred to the whole body. We did not tell her the truth. Her mother-in-law always thought that her illness would be good. Of course, we also worked hard with her mother-in-law. Health turning point, the last chemotherapy in her mother no longer able to resist the side effects of chemotherapy fell.

  3. I would for Myself Knowledge

  4. After two years of affliction, her mother-in-law carried her a nostalgia on the morning of July 5, 2009 at 8 a.m., leaving her life dead and resentful at the age of 61.After so many things, I did not realize that I was the owner of the story. I had previously seen newspapers in these kinds of stories or the pictures that appeared on television. I did not expect that I would personally experience it. Her mother passed away for two years, and now I do not seek richness and dignity, I just want to be safe and sound.

  5. Become Physically Powerful and Courageous

  6. Experienced so much, but also become strong and brave, maybe this is the test of God’s life to us, and then we should brave to accept it. Although the fate of my very unfair, but it let me live in middle school will be strong, learn to brave, I learned to accept. I hope my story will help those who are negative and lose confidence in friends. I also hope my article will give you more inspiration. People should be strong and brave enough to accept what happened around you. Everything will pass and everything will be fine. What I miss now is not the deceased family, but the strong at that time.

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