There Is Nothing To Be Done, Nothing Is Done

There is Nothing to be Done, Nothing is Done

Never lose, often lose a mess;
Did not fall over the wrestling, fall often climb up;
Do not experience hunger, poverty destined to be your destination;
Not experienced people, most of you will not belong. What despised you, will eventually be your value ;
You focus on one direction and will eventually go further than others.

Success or Failure, Often on the Road

Floral, often in the night; Endeavor, often in solitude; success or failure, often on the road. The more you grow up, the more you understand, and your life sometimes really needs to wait. The only way to make it come is to let it go without striving or staying strong. One day it will be given to you in another way, no hurry, no complaints, to see what time will give us the answer, perhaps the answer is not important, bearish, and nothing is the most important, even if people forget the tooth cold.

“Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

“So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.”

No matter Success or Failure

There is nothing to be done, nothing is done. A person can grasp the hope of only their own, can give up hope only yourself. Resentment, jealousy will only make they lose more. No matter success or failure, we all have reason to applaud ourselves! Fall, lost, it does not matter, get up and continue stormy, and song and line. Polish your eyes, do not let confused confuse him. Only the heart of a shore, there will be a ferry, will have a boat, there will be tomorrow.

Always have to Experience a variety of Pain

Alive, experiencing, insisting, what a pleasure Life is a difficult journey, we always have to experience a variety of pain and suffering, no need to magnify the pain, there is no need to blame. Put down the heart of the negative tired, life never owed us anything, do not always cry face. The world is big with lots of scenery. A cup of coffee without sugar, taste bitter taste.

The Future of less Expected

The future of less expected, try not to assume, to have all the time, look at the moment into the future, if impulsive, too exaggerated, flashy too tired, willful hard to fill, difficult mood. Life needs to climb over the ridge, the risk of crossing the storm, do not have to be heart to one, stop in one place, the only bitter in the search for music, turning bitter for music, can widen their horizons, magnificent mind, look far easier, Want to open more off.

“To the timid and hesitating everything is impossible because it seems so.”

“No one gets very far unless he accomplishes the impossible at least once a day.”

Believe in the Strong

Believe in the strong, but do not refuse tears; Believe in the goodness of the material, but do not lean for life; Believe in the sincerity between people, but do not accuse hypocrisy; I believe efforts will be successful but do not evade the failure; Believe in the fairness of destiny, But do not forget, when a door is closed, learn to fan yourself.

Can be Suffering for the Clergy

Sit down and think too much, talk nonsense non-people, can be suffering for the clergy, willing to lose is not a nonsense, respect the gentleman square was virtuous, afraid of villain is not incompetent, take a step back to heaven and earth, so one-third calm, want to improve Need to regress, if you start to deliberately let go, such as proud should not go back, where things should be more than a step. Things think twice as wonderful, angry heart to allow the highest. Do not be fooled by money, contentment people heart often.

No one is Perfect, Regret is the Normal Life

Learn to accept incomplete, is the maturity of life. No one is perfect, regret is the normal life. Achievements in life have lost, there is poly scattered, no one can be blessed, one hand. Fish and bear’s paw, cannot have both, this is life’s helplessness. Mature people can indifferently face all imperfections, so do not insist on not obsessive, everything to make every possible move, revel. The pursuit of perfection is a beautiful ideal, to accept incomplete is a good attitude.

“Because a thing seems difficult for you, do not think it impossible for anyone to accomplish.”

Attention to the Dark Side of Society

When young, it is best not to pay too much attention to the dark side of society, or else the heart will become increasingly divided, slowly erode the positive and upward forces, breeding dark forces. No matter what the social situation we are facing, we have all the things we can handle. Social change can take hundreds of years, but our life is only once, not so long.

Instead of Worrying about the Future

So for a limited time, try to do what we can. Instead of worrying about the future, it is better to work hard now. On this road, only the struggle can give you a sense of security. Do not pin your dreams easily on someone; do not be too concerned about the whisper beside you, because the future is yours, only you can give yourself the greatest sense of security. Do not forget to allow yourself to do something; do not forget where you want to go, no matter how hard it is, how far.


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