If the Love in Full Bloom, the Beauty of

If the Love in Full Bloom, the Beauty of

Years of circulation, the season lightly, unconsciously, the time of light footsteps, summer walks in the city. Gentle wind, swept the fleeting branches, gently tease summer curtains. The sky is clear, the heart is quiet. Make a soft breeze of tea, according to the threshold of the summer, the most pleasant gesture, care gills, look at the clouds and clouds Shu.Gradually began to understand that life, in fact, is a meaningful song, is an intriguing poetry. Life is beautiful from love, if love blooms, beauty unsolicited.

There is Love Through the Place

Red, as long as there is love through the place, I believe there will be a school of beauty, a ray of mellow. Really dares to imagine that if the world without love, then the whole world what is a bleak, gloomy and desolate? If there is no love in the world, how can we smell the fragrance of roses and hear the singing of birds? No dew of love, but where’s the growth of life? Alive is a practice, when we know what love is, no compassion, then we can cherish Ann warm feelings, fleeting curl in the dust, the Red fireworks food and enjoy the ways of the world, enjoy years of quite good.

The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.

No matter how your heart is grieving if you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true.

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

This world Really Needs Love

This world really needs love. If we deeply love the world, the world will love us deeply. The earth, love, never outdated, never abandoned. The power of love is endless. If love is at hand, the war can turn into a jade, the stagnant water can ripple again, life can create miracles, and if love, joy, and happiness will hug us, will not pass by with us.

How can we be Indifferent?

Nowadays, every year we have touched the top ten Chinese stories. Looking at the pictures on the TV screen that touched us, how can we be indifferent? From those excellent people, we see not only the goodness and glory of humanity but also the golden heart. They should be the angels of heavenly love that God has given to the world. They spread the love of the world so that the spread of love fragrant; they, the warmth of transmission so that love will never fade away. It has they propped up a long love with love, so love the boat never stops.

“There is a gift of roses and a fragrant hand.”

“It is a blessing to be loved by others and a blessing to others.”

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Give away a Drop of Water

Maybe we give an umbrella to him or her is a sunny day; maybe we give away a drop of water, in his (her) is a sea; maybe we give a ray of light in him (she) is a spring Maybe we give away a little warmth, and he (she) is a happy life. When Lei Feng was alive, he wrote in his diary: If you are a drop of water, do you moisten an inch of land? If you are a ray of sunshine, do you light a dark? If you are a food, do you have a useful life? If you are a small screw, do you stick to their position?

Give away a Drop of Water

If we walk all the way, showing love and giving love all the way, the world will always be green, always blooming. Love, you can recall lost soul , can make people out of the mud without staining, so that death can be prohibitive, I hope that each of us can light a beacon for others, to send a little warm, to create a for their own soul’s Pure world, happy others, pleasure yourself. Sunrise for the bright, blooming for the brilliant, leaves falling for the fun, then, we?

What are you Waiting For?

If we can comprehend the words in Lei Feng’s diary, we long for beauty, and we want life to be meaningful. What are we hesitating? What are you waiting for? It is better to start from now, start from the self, starting from the bit by bit, so that every cycle of the reincarnation of love fire burning, love rolling. You give me a drip, I still Yangquan; you cast me peach Lee, I reported to Joan pulp; you, decorate my window, I, decorate your dream.

Umbrellas on a Rainy Day

If you have a loved one; please lift up a clear sky to those who do not have umbrellas on a rainy day. Please give a seat to the elders and crippled people in the bus. Please give generous help to those who need love, when people disagree, or when they have friction, they know how to choose empathy, understanding, tolerance, and tolerance. Please help pick up the bricks, stones, peels and paper scraps on the way as you walk down the road … When someone is asking you directions, give him or her right direction.”Floor for the brothers, why flesh and blood?” Life journey, numerous people, we, to be kind to everyone around, so that the slightest love falls on everyone’s shoulders.

The whole life is a succession of dreams. My ambition is to be a conscious dreamer,
that is all.

No dreamer is ever too small; no dream is ever too big.

Life Should be like a Candle

Time hurry, the years seemed to quicksand gently slide, let us firmly remember Xiao Chu woman’s aphorism: life should be like a candle, from the top burning in the end, has always been bright. Whenever we have to learn to be grateful and eliminate resentment, we must know how to love and dedication, with a touch of calm and calmness, not joy, no sorrow, pure love, so that the blue sky has been elegant Cloud, so quiet sky always twinkling stars, life journey will always be bright and fresh poetic lines, so that the song of life will always have a wonderful musical notes jump, so that the elf of love is always dancing lightly in life. Any time, any breeze circulation, as long as there is love along the way, even if the rain and fog, Yeleiliquan, our eyes, still beautiful scenery, a bright.

Love, Heart, Heart, Heart

Love is a kind of life. Love, heart, heart, heart. Glass years; meet is the edge, knowing each other is fortunate, love is blessed. Life, if everyone has love, know how to love, love to sow, that there must be no sad rainy season. Buddha language: willing, willing, there is homesickness. If love is paid, it must be rewarded, and if love is in full bloom, it will be beautiful. The pen of life, only dipped in love of the paint, will draw the most beautiful pictures of the world. Let’s poke with a flashy prime hand, captures overnight streamer, led by a ray of truth, since then, flowers yearned for love, dating spring, Nianhua smile .


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