Love is the Biggest Motivation: A College Student’s Business, Emotional Experience

Love is the biggest motivation: a college student's business, emotional experience

This article is a bit long, but if you have time, I recommend you take a look, I believe this article will give you emotionally and career to bring you a deep feeling and can attract you to look. A whole five years to Shanghai, the cause has been a leap in leaps and bounds; life has had a period of bitterness.

1. Inscription

However, looking back now, these five years are also opportunities for these distractions to eventually become my future, allowing me to have the current life situation that I can still afford. Seven million worth, for some brothers, may be negligible, but I think most of my friends may also temporarily failed to reach this state. Not the slightest meant to brag, I know a lot of my friends will be successful, so much stronger than me I would experience a sense of interest, I decided to settle down, to write a good character, hope will not let my friends down.

(a) love, only love, is the Best Motivation

Today, my heart has a clearer idea, that is: love, only love, is the best motivation for a man’s success, the most appropriate power. And by no means is his own vanity heart or so-called ambition. As a man, the first thing you need is your true love. It will inspire your abilities like an atomic bomb, giving you endless power and God will be touched by you. Such a state is everyone’s dream state.

(b) First look at my Experience and See

My friends, maybe you do not agree with me. We will not go into an argument. Your first look at my experience and see if it makes sense.1, Shanghaiing mid-1999; I resigned from the newly assigned state organs and came to Shanghai from Xinjiang. At that time I was complacent, that with their own strength and efforts will be able to establish a foothold in this metropolis, setting a sky of their own.

I had a terrible education. I attended a school for emotionally disturbed teachers.

Long-term achievements rely on short-term achievements. Emotional control over the small moments of the single day makes a big difference in the long term.

(c) Economic Management class

My specialty is economic management class, was not sensible, high regard, I was stupid in Shanghai: such people do not want business, they want is a certain skill, capable people, like me No one who did the actual work offered no training at all.

(d) Found a Job, as far as I cannot be Overrated

Classmates and friends have found a job, as far as I cannot be overrated, see the money slowly to the bottom, and this heart getting more and more urgent, is not here really my useless it?After 3 months, I finally found a job that I was temporarily satisfied with, but it was far from my major. I am a man with a wide range of interests, energetic, and many fields of study in the university, many ideas, writing skills can be. There is exactly one advertising company planning and planning for a copy. I think I can do it and the result is a try.

(e) Thinking and Foundation are not bad

The interviewer said that although I have not done so, my thinking and my foundation are not bad. Besides, my graduating school is notorious for leaving me behind. Now I Still very grateful to the predecessor, behind the work also proved his vision. Monthly salary of 3500, fortunately, the issue of life temporarily resolved. Soon my life has entered a working state, I feel very happy. Two months later, a surprise happened to me, did not expect to start from this, my life has undergone such a big change.

2. Encounter

After work, I was extremely zealous and hard at work, and after a month or two I had done three cases, both the client and the boss and the boss were satisfied. I was an organ is just out, bent on doing good work, two newspaper companies want the employer to know people well, do something that is spare no effort, but also humble and willing to learn, experience after another because organs, life on the road Generous, often ask colleagues to eat and drink, they are willing to help me, so quickly become the backbone of the department. Now I am still urging young friends, work should be devoted to the wholeheartedly, this investment from the financial point of view for no one will lose money. Oh, however, during that time the deposit is 0.

(a) Rain that Morning, from the Place

One day I went to work, rain that morning, from the place of residence to take a taxi to the company there, many people want the car, do not hit the car. Just when it was my turn to get in the car, a girl rushed up from the curb, her hair was overwhelmed, and the back door was opened. I turned around and was about to ask her to get off the exit, take a look at her drenched as to say let a female child out and said I really do not come out, she seems to be really no other way, he looked at me and blushed. I laughed at her and quit.

(b) We met Again in the Same Place

The next morning, we met again in the same place. That day is sunny, we are waiting for the bus, she took the initiative to report to me apologetic smile, I pointed to the coming bus with a smile and said: “You will not take away this car, right? “She laughed and said:” Let you go today! “In this way, we met.

It is difficult, but not impossible, to conduct strictly honest business.

3. Love

Her name is Yun, from Hunan. She not only Xiang Mei beautiful and gentle, but also Hunan women’s pungent and considerate. She also arrived in Shanghai and worked for a trading company.We quickly understands; know each other, and then love. Maybe love is still before knowing each other. I still do not understand a bit, why suddenly a mess of love. Maybe just arrived in a strange place, just from the threat of survival, maybe I have been laughing and joking after work, and suddenly there is a good girl there, but also a real feeling I disarm.

(a) Getting off work Every day Together

Because we live near and after getting off work every day together, Yun said that when I first embraced her, she cannot do without me, she said my taste makes her extremely infatuated. When I was in love, I felt my energy was endless. Every day, with my Yun at night, at 11: 12, I was inspired to go to work overtime. During that period, my work efficiency was also high. My friends say my eyes are glittering. We do not see every day like every other autumn. Looking at her eyes I will forget the hunger, there are many times my heart bouncing and jumping back to shelter, I suddenly found myself too hungry, huh, huh.

(b) Late ship Stopped and could not come Back

Once I went to Chongqing with the project, because late ship stopped and could not come back, so she called to say no back. We had more than 50 phone calls a night, not when she called me hit the past. The next morning I was out of the boat, actually found my Yun want to know where the taxi have one hour of road, her flowing on the pier tears say all night, early in the morning to wait for me. We embrace and weep abnormal happiness.

(c) Half of Future Family

Soon both of us think each other is the other half of our future family. By the end of the year, Yun said let me go to her house to meet her family. I am nervous, but I am happy to start preparing for the ceremony. Oh, when we all love dazzled, there is no idea of saving. Fortunately, my salary rose to 5500, she also has 2500, we still enough to spend. However, soon after, a message put my feelings into the 18 layers of hell.

Power is of two kinds. One is obtained by the fear of punishment and the other by acts of love. Power based on love is a thousand times more effective and permanent then the one derived from fear of punishment.

4. Bride Price

By the end of the year, my gift was about the same, about 4,000. For more than six months, I have become the company’s boss, the boss is also more optimistic about me. Because I have always been the character of the Northwest, bold but wise, work never care about overtime, subsidies or something. End of the year the boss also made a lot of hair, bought a gift on hand there have been 10,000, and feel rich, so I did not expect the money thing.

(a) Cousins Came from her Hometown

At this time, one of her cousins came from her hometown and said that she came to see. I think it may be mainly her family let her take a look at my unmarried son-in-law. She said to me long ago that her mother-in-law in her family decided everything. We do not neglect to bring her cousin playing well in Shanghai again. Finally, I feel her cousin is still quite satisfied with me, my heart is also down.

(b) I do not Understand a Bit

A few days before leaving, Yun suddenly told me that this visit may be more formal, the language some flicker. I do not understand a bit, my heart may think her mother has preliminary inspection passed it. One day, when the three of us were at a time, her cousin said to her jokingly, “Sister, you have such a good condition. Aunt said, the old Li’s front street girl has 80,000 men do it, we must not be less than 150,000. Talking also looks at me.

(c) Atmosphere is very Enlightened

God, I’m like being tapped and stunned. To be honest, I grew up in Xinjiang; the atmosphere is very enlightened, married men have to give money, but generally 4 to 5 million of great, but also to the children. The concept of bride price only when the contact novel, never imagined there will be one day to their own head. Her family members now say this, it is absolutely true, and the way of speaking is so skillful.

(d) Let her Marry Change the idea of doing?

What should I do? Let her marry change the idea of doing? Save it! Why? I know the bottom of the house, must not reach out to my home. So what should I do now? I still smiled and see Yun and her cousin, Yun a little nervous, my heart even more intolerable. “Oh! It seems I want to show sincerity.” I smiled uncomplaining answer. What should I do? I went back and over to think about this problem. It’s painful for 3 days and I hardly ever sleep.

(e) She Cautiously afraid to Mess with Me

Yun also sees it, she cautiously afraid to mess with me. I very held fire: how confused marry her daughter with her to sell the same? Sometimes just want to simply forget, but at the thought of us to separate, my heart is like a knife, tears involuntarily down. The family has always been a poor family, my brother is still in college, cannot reach out to the family; their own wages? My God, I now feel that the money is not enough. There is only 10,000 Yuan at hand. This time I am going to prepare for bleeding. Let me save money and prepare for our marriage and buy a house. 150,000 have been given to her and us what to do in the future? …

Your ideas are like diamonds.. .without the refining process, they are just a dirty rock, but by cutting away the impurities, they become priceless.

(f) I Understand Myself

Over the years, I understand myself is that I like surprises. Thought for 3 days, I have a solution, the heart set. Yun looked at me sometimes, overwhelmed. She knows my temper, my family, and my financial situation. However, she also knows that she cannot change her mother’s mind. And the key point is that she still has some idea that the bride price should be given. I told her, do not worry, I have a solution. Soon, to her home, meet, present gifts, chat … … her mother kind and shrewd, his father was steady and loving. Soon two days have passed, and we should go when the arrival should come.

(g) You are a good kid

The last supper, her mother spoke: “Little D, you have been here for 2 days, and we are still quite satisfied with you. You are a good kid. If there is no accident, I hope you can this year (the New Year) when you look at the courtesy; do you think about it and discuss it with your family, okay? Yes, the custom on our side may not be clear, and I do not know A Young Satsuki You did not say it. “I immediately took over the topic, said with a smile: “Thank you, aunt, uncle, Satsuki and I said.” Then I saw A Yun nervous face has changed, watching me scared to death. Yes, the last paragraph must not be screwed up.

(h) I make a living, and I Marry

I smiled and assured her. “Auntie, uncle, your mood I understand, raising the daughter is not easy, say there is only one daughter, I think 150,000 if Bibi input, not too much, and even not enough at all. The money our family should give.”I think A Yun also told the two elderly people about my family, and I think so, not necessarily appropriate, you two first listen.”150,000 should be given, but I think since I work, I make a living, and I marry A Yun, and you also think I fit, and then the 150,000 should be given to me, rather than my home to give.

(i) I think I have this Ability

“You and A-Yun fancy people, should not just need 150,000 at home, but also have the ability to have the ability to bring happiness to the future life of A-Yun I think I have this ability, I myself not only have 15 And you should prove to me that I have the power to give A Yun happiness.

(j) Give me not a long Time

“I only have one request, that is, give me not a long time, two years. We are still young (A Yun younger than 2 years old), later it does not matter to get married. After two years, I will come up with 150,000 and will prove to show you, Ah Yun and I have the ability to live the happiness. “

(k) Better than my Writing that Evening

Actually, my language was far better than my writing that evening because I was touched by the love in my heart. When we go, his family is very happy, of course, may only be superficial, but at least his mother acquiesced in my request. Of course, since then, I feel a huge mountain in my heart, my life has changed. After returning to Shanghai, my mood did not decline, but the peace and excitement of a kind of war came. My heart secretly makes up my mind, for my sweetheart, my future happy life, I have to pay several times more than others efforts to achieve my promise. I wholeheartedly desire to do so, and I believe I can succeed.

(l) Life can Save Some

Yun very worried, she and I said we would not move together, life can save some, she and I save money. I rejected her. Although we have long been the skin of the pro, I do not want to let her family know, so bad for her. And I do not want her to save money together, after all, I said, this is my business. I know a girl, life, clothes, cosmetics, etc., every month how to say about 2000 or so. I said Yun may not be able to buy you lots of clothes and cosmetics for this period of time. She nodded solemnly. I do not know if I will regret this decision in the future.I started looking for other companies in the market. However, the reality soon disappointed me and it was impossible for me to get a monthly salary of more than 10,000 Yuan within a year. How to do? I decided to resign.

5. Hardships

Since it has been proved that this road is illogical, to stay there is a waste of time. I am running out of time and I think if I resign, there will be plenty of time and more opportunities for reaching more and deeper societies. Ah, Yun disagreed, she said so unstable. I cannot convince her that she cannot convince me. I still do this thing, I know, can only be drastic. Before leaving, talk to the boss once, please forgive him. I also told him about my situation. We talk very well. The boss is sorry, so I may return to work later, I am very reluctant, but I have not retreated.

(a) Roaming Experience on the Beach

I started a roaming experience on the beach, rode a broken bike around Shanghai, looked for limited acquaintances and asked if there were any projects to do. I have more than 12,000 dollars around, I think it can support six months. I think if there is a planned project for the past six months, I will try my best to make all the things myself. I should have earned 2-3 million. I can do more than a few projects.

(b) Who have my same Idea at the Time

Oh, if my friends who have my same idea at the time, today I will advise you do not! Later though, I am too confident too anxious, really should find opportunities while working, the time is ripe and then dry, or 99% of the sea is drowned. I went to the wind in the rain, ran for 2 months, a list did not go, plus once lost the bag, lost more than 1,000 dollars and mobile phones. Accommodation, food, traffic spent 3,500 dollars, only around 7,000 dollars left. But there is no sign of turning point.

Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings so that you shall come easily by what others have labored hard for.

6. Opportunity

Just then, an incredible, very good opportunity came up. One of my former clients found me, saying that one of his friends was a mayor in a town on the other side of Jiading in Shanghai. After three months in town, he wanted to do a “water and country love” activity, mainly to attract Hong Kong, Foreign investment funds.

(a) I Feel that I have the Ability

They asked me to design a plan for drafting a large event at a price of 40,000 Yuan. The client said I used to work with me in my company, I feel that I have the ability, but also get the company to do planning, the price usually to more than 80,000. We have more room for cooperation, and if the planning book is done well, we have a chance to organize and produce the event. I am very happy, understand that he wants to earn some, and immediately gave him a $ 2,000 benefit. Do not know if this habit has affected me, until now I think the opportunity to come must be invested, rather than most people think it is not rabbits do not sprinkle eagles.

(b) Worked Nights and Nights Working

I worked nights and nights working for more than 20 days, doing two nights at night and changing my manuscripts four times. And then posted more than 400 dollars made 3 samples. When he gave it to his friend, he greatly appreciated and kept saying it was good. It seemed that there was no problem with the making of the book, and in a week I was waiting for money. I also lamented my heart no white investment, and quickly told Yun this good news, she was very happy. After all, this is my first income! And the amount is still quite a lot.

7. Cheated

I never imagined that this looks a good chance actually hit a liar. After this client got my plan, the world evaporated! I waited for a week later, this guy life and death no longer contact me. I called, my cell phone was down, went to his original company to find him, and the company said that my client was not from their company, except that he had the company partially package it with him, and the money company had just settled with him. After I knew my situation, they expressed their sympathy, but they could not do anything: they could not find anyone now and the money was settled.

(a) Putting my Situation Worse

This blow was fatal to me then, putting my situation worse. I have spent a lot of energy not to say that the original remaining more than 7,000 dollars have been spent by more than half of me, leaving only 3000 more. Even more frightening is my time spent more than a month.

When I was in school, I cheated on my metaphysics exam: I looked into the soul of the boy sitting next to me.

8. Discouraged

Extremely depressed I told Yun, told me clearly when I heard a beautiful bubble in her heartbroken sound. She did not say anything ostensibly, but I knew she was disappointed. We are speechless, I can only get a hint of warmth and comfort from her. She said you do not worry, it does not matter, and we start all over again. However, my love, you know, this blow even let me look back and doubt myself: a northerner like me is not suitable for hard work in Shanghai?

(a) Let my girl Disappoint me.

Despite my frustration and disappointment, I cannot let my girl disappoint me. The next day, I tried my best to say that I wanted to start again. I considered the night because I have no money, can no longer rent the original house, and I have to find a house to live, can save 700 ~ 800 Yuan a month. But this cannot be as close as ever before. I said I cannot stop, time is running out. Yun crying and holding me, I must see her more, she would miss me, I have to find her financially difficult to find her. I said with a smile that you have to come to me with financial difficulties.

9. Wake Up

One of the houses I moved to was a private house, a house built by the peasants themselves. The house was hot and cold in summer and only had 10 bungalows. I am very satisfied, rent only 200 Yuan a month, then before I have saved 800 dollars. After moving over, I have a long time I do not know what to do. I think this is a common problem among those who have carried too much. I believe there will be similar experiences with friends who have similar experiences. But do not do things in my heart and anxious. This contradictory feeling really makes me feel bad every day.

(a) I basically Bread on Pickles

An instant turnaround will be over, this month I basically bread on pickles, stomach really lacking in oil and water. I decided to buy some cooked meat solution cravings. I am surrounded by a few new houses into the community, because far from the urban areas, basically some of the city relocated to relocate here, and really buy the house where people have no money, but such people many in Shanghai, popularity outside the district is good. There is street between the district, many people but mostly older children wandering. Cooked meat business does not seem to be very good; I want some meat and bought a bottle of beer, sitting next to the simple shop in the shop to eat.

(b) Opportunity God gave me in Despair

Years later I think back to that moment or think it was an opportunity God gave me in despair. At that moment, suddenly someone and the deli owner talking, talking boss, your business not ah! Yeah, the boss said I’m busy next week, ready to go home, not done. The man said, how do you shop this? That boss said, turned chanting, this half did not make any money, might as well do something else. Suddenly I have a sense of awakening, I find money everywhere, but a long way, overlooking this side of the opportunity, do not always see? I immediately stood up, let the boss give me a little beef, and then casually asked him about the transfer of the storefront.

(c) Store is about 10 Square Feet

However, ten minutes, I knew: the store is about 10 square feet, the monthly rent of 1200, rent him pay more for two months. He asked the transfer fee is not high, no loss on the line, with little simple facilities, 20,000 Yuan it. I said I want to take over, but the price is too high, he dropped to 18,000. I say 15 000 I want today, he went back and discuss with his wife the following, agreed. I immediately returned to the room took my remaining 3000 dollars as a deposit to pay him, and then the evening of the transfer book, of course, he agreed to my remaining 7 days to pay off.

10. Work Hard

I found the boss of the former company, asked him to lend me money. I also brought my plan to do that, I said to the company. My boss also heard about how much, he detailed understanding of my situation apart from anything else lent me 15,000 dollars. I laughed and said: “Boss, I put your ID card here, right?” The boss also said with a smile: “Do you want my ID card, 15,000 I am in your custody?” In fact, I have now always admired my boss. His career is now well done, more than 30 million home.

(a) Business much Better?

How to make my store business much better? First of all, I recall the previous chicken congee shop, that Shanghai people love to eat chicken, especially white cut chicken, roast duck, decided to run the appropriate varieties of change; In addition, the catering industry is the most important health (health permits a run a year, With), I decided to completely clean the store the day the store opened again posted signs.

(b) Deliberately Placed on the Table

another bought a second-hand sterilizer, deliberately placed on the table to allow customers to see the process of disinfection facilities; then, I found a Shanghai teacher Fu to Guide the production process (retired hire, very cheap), find two diligent Sichuan sister help, promised to give them a 5% performance commission, but not I will substitution; and so on there are about 20 measures, At that time, however, I had filled up 2 pages of paper and it was nearly 10 days after I finished it. Finally, I bought some firecrackers, crackling; the popularity was immediately attracted to me. Oh, the day rushes to the night at 11 o’clock, a turnover of actually more than 500!

11. The Dawn

Friends who have done business all know that the day the business is going to start, business will always be good. Because the beginning of the customer is curious, give it a try, once there is no particular attraction, they will immediately forget you. And it’s much harder to attract your attention again.

(a) Shanghai People are very Clear

I understand this truth, so the day after tomorrow in the store kept chatting people, ask how the taste, and then tell them some cooked food without any explanation. Shanghai people are very clear both inside and outside, they will never go to other people’s things, most of them have to pay some money, of course, they will not white for others. Of course, I understand that the key to my business is to match the customer’s tastes with my products.

(b) Many people in Different Communities

Slowly my shop there will be popular. I also asked people to post advertisements for our shop in several communities. It is also requested that people deliberately carry our roast duck in places where there are so many people in different communities that they are noisy and clever to attract people’s attention. Through many of these methods, a month later my shop’s daily turnover can reach 800 Yuan, but also continue to rise. Oh, my previous planning skills all used in this above.

(c) Busy from Morning till Night

I am so busy from morning till night, about 14, 5 hours a day, completely mindset in the storefront. After my first month’s business, I took a little inventory and I earned a total of 9,000 Yuan. I earned 12,000 in the second month. After I owed the debt, I have no money again. But I feel that the dawn of a long absence in my life has come. To be honest, this feeling is really wonderful.

(d) Several Phone calls with Ah Yun

I ran my shop so much that it took another 3 to 4 months. During this time I was busy only sleeping 5,6 hours a day, lying unconscious look down. She and I were busy with several phone calls with Ah Yun because she was promoted to a senior business. We met several times, she let me take a good rest, I said with a smile, marry you come back to say it. She said you make money by that door face? I smiled and decided to give her a surprise after a few months.

(e) Approaching the end of the Year

Four months later, I have saved 50,000 Yuan, but also approaching the end of the year. Calculate my time only a little more than 13 months. If you follow this model continues to develop, I have the possibility of completing the goal of 150,000 is steady. I just keep the current status every month, then a year later I should use 180,000 to 200,000, the money is enough, you can do a decent wedding. If there is no subsequent rent collection landlord, I think I will continue to think so. Landlord to receive a few months after the rent, to the end of the year.

(f) I Almost Turned Angry

One day the landlord suddenly appeared to sign the contract of renting a house in the next year, but the price was doubled. I almost turned angry; this clearly is my business look jealous! But I know people under the eaves, cannot help but bow. Say I now but a little problem cannot be out. I and he said good evil, gave him some cooked food, the landlord or my monthly collection of 1,000 dollars.

(g) Business is done Well

This incident made me realize that the crisis has emerged. Business is done well, the first landlord’s rent will rise, it is impossible to fall further, all kinds of costs will rise; second, soon competitors will appear, appear and my shop is the same size, is bound to divert customers. So this profitable status will not last long. If I do not move, the final result I would like to draw: the store back to the point of subsistence after a few months. So what should I do? I did not sleep all night, trying hard to countermeasures. The next morning, I made up my mind, decided to desperately take a big risk!

12. Adventure

My plan is this: The first step is to open a few more such delicatessens in the neighborhood. Lotas long as I shop now almost on the line on the line, but not too close, and then use the same decoration, the same name, the same planning tools to build the residential brand image in mind, so the purchase price will be much cheaper, but also Can force later to increase investment.

(a) Implemented as Soon as Possible

The plan is implemented as soon as possible. The second step, I think now the price of this shop is not high, more than 2,000 pay less than I bought it. Shanghai friends all know that by the end of 2000 the price of a house in the suburbs of Shanghai was only over 2,000, and there were only more than 3,000 shops. This step must be steadily implemented, one by one. But then I just have to invest all my 50,000 dollars now. If it fails, my time and money will probably make my goal totally impossible. But then I thought, I do not do it, I put my hopes on others do not come to grab business; I have to do and hope on my own body. In comparison, I am willing to pin my hopes on myself.

(b) Not only have to take Care of the Business

But the surprise plan I had previously thought of gave me only a delay. I said to myself, for her, come up with all your strength! It is a very difficult month. I not only have to take care of the business of No.1 store but also choose the location of the No.2 shop and No.3 store, choose the people, buy the facilities, store layout and so on. Later, I raised the commission percentage of a shop clerk in the No.1 store, sealed him as the manager, and told him that if the turnover in the shop decreased more than 5% after one month, he immediately changed his manager. So I devoted myself to the opening of the new store. A month later, my second store, the third store opened one after another, I still cannot be idle, but also started the planning of the previous campaign, but also started the preparation shop on the 4th.

(c) Found out that Reason a Girl Clerk

The following month, I profitability of the No. 1 store is good, reaching 12,000 Yuan, No. 2 store 5,000 Yuan, No. 3 store actually has 10,000 Yuan! To know this is the first month, the staff is not yet it! I found out that the reason was that a girl clerk was very talented in business and would like to attract customers. I did not say anything to double her salary and directly promoted to manager.

(d) How can I see her Family?

As the end of the year, I and Yun spent only together for a long time, had to be busy with their own store. Yun goes home, I cannot go, the goal is not completed, how can I see her family? But I and her mother through a phone call, her mother smiled and said: “Small D, we know that you are a good kind of child, we are all looking forward to you to marry my family as soon as possible!” I know the meaning of this remark, also smiled and replied: “I will, thank you, aunt and uncle’s trust.”

(e) Chinese New Year, Festivals and more

The first two months of the year-end, because of the Chinese New Year, festivals and more, my business is a complete mess. No.4 store also opened before the Spring Festival. In each of these two months, each store averaged 15,000 in January. Two months later, the cash around me reached 120,000. I began to gradually talk with the various East houses to buy pavement, if they do not sell, I would like to find another landlord talk, when a lot of houses are the property, it is better to take.

(f) My Slightly Higher Price

And then low prices, the other to my slightly higher price, in front of the three talked about very well, the unit price of about 3700 a square, a total of 130,000, I give all the cash. The fourth to 50,000, I have no money, but the mortgage in front of a shop as 30,000 first signed a letter of intent, until a month later, the funds returned, put the money together took the store down. This time is the end of March, and I have 8 months left. Business seems to be progressing steadily and the goal seems to be getting closer. But I did not realize that a heavy enough to destroy me is also getting closer. Until today I think back to this memorable time, I still feel tears in the eyes did not dry.

13. Hit Hard

Time passed 3 and a half months, and it is about to arrive on July 10, and I remember this day because this is Yun’s birthday. I decided to save 150,000 by this date and give this message to her as a birthday present. Thought of her happy when I got this gift, my heart not to mention more excited. These months also fierce store, each store can reach more than 10,000 profits, this is because I shop more, lower purchase costs and rent do not have to pay, and one of the most important reason is that I used a good manager – Xiaocheng.

(a) Promoted in Front of the Manager

Little achievement is the girl I promoted in front of the manager. The girl came from Zhejiang province, only 19 years old. She was handsome and handsome. (Because it is a very important factor to attract customers, I pay special attention to finding comfortable girls when recruiting people.) Because most of the foreign girl is not from Zhejiang, so I pay special attention to her. I did not expect this girl to be really gifted in business.

(b) She is very Sweet, and her Client is very Good

She has always been a very happy person. She has never seen her tired before, she speaks, she is very sweet, and her client is very good. And she has brains, a few days after the opening of all the regular customer name cooked, also suggested that I, the weather is hot, the store with a little vegetarian, beer, buy some simple tables and chairs, the evening let the customers eat while enjoying the cool air. She also got a few phone calls from the hotel, the hotel business also pulled in. Later, our delicatessen business hotel purchase actually accounted for 30%!

(c) Hard Work Tired Face White

However, she also a little bad, that is, as if the body is too thin, hard work tired face white, sweating. When the store business is good, this is also very influential. I considered for a few days, decided to keep its length, to avoid short, in the shop and recruited a strong young man to give her a hand, told her just to attract customers, manage accounts.

(d) Acting as a Villa Plate

At this time, one of my friends called me. Originally, he did not know where I learned from a few shops, doing okay, and he is doing real estate sales, acting as a villa plate, I have to look. Shanghai friends all know that in 2001 when Shanghai’s real estate is far from hot, real estate sales, especially high-priced housing sales is difficult to do. He represented the villa type of more than 180 square, the surrounding facilities are not perfect, say the total price of 800,000 up, I do not want to buy, told him not so much money.

(e) Read the Certainly Like

He said, you look at it, read the certainly like, say money, easy to handle, the loan on the line. I said that it should be down payment, I have no down payment. He said it does not matter, he can do some tricks on the contract, let me down payment, all loans. I had no choice but to look at it. I did not expect to see the garden after the villa, especially because I remember Yun once told me that her dream is to live in the garden and open the window every morning to smell the flowers.

(f) Friends Look at me Intently

Friends look at me intently, I desperately agitated said that bought this house this offer, that free, just pay more than 6000 per month for it. I still a bit hesitant to say that I do not want to run the bank every month. He said, I help you do, monthly automatically draw money, do not you worry about. I have nothing to pick, think about it set. However, I later learned that this kid still hit an ambush, some exaggerated: the window is not that he said the double; parking is not free, huh, huh.

(g) Excitedly Holding a Bunch of Flowers

July 9, I took the 150,000 Yuan passbook card, excitedly holding a bunch of flowers, carrying a bottle of red wine (cake sent by the people tomorrow) rushed Yun’s residence. Before, I had to give her mother a telephone call to her parents pro says hello. Tell them at the same time that I have fulfilled my promise five months in advance and will soon marry her daughter. I decided to give Yun a surprise first and then stay with her tonight. I deliberately arrived in time for her rush to work, ready to appear suddenly, and scared her happy shout.

(h) Unexpected Happened to Me

However, something unexpected happened to me, Yun get off not alone, but with a boy. They hand in hand, it seems very intimacy. I look silly, do not know how to do well, they entered the district together, I silly followed behind. In the shadows of light, the man also hugged Yun relatives a moment. My headbang no longer stands it. I shouted Yun name, rushed forward to grasp a Yun, and then hit the man. Yun shocked, desperately pulled me, told the guy goes brisk walking, you go, I told him to explain. Men go, Yun or hold me let go, I called to explain what? Explain what? Tears fall down. Yun looked at me, very calm, calm we do not seem to know.

(i) Atmosphere we cannot talk About

She said sorry to me, should have told me. But I’m not too calm today, she wants me to calm down, the atmosphere we cannot talk about. I cannot calm down, saying no; today you have to give me a statement. She was entangled in no way, said to me, D, all along, I thought your quality is very high; you will make me feel disappointed today. I stopped and looked at her, tears slowly streaming down, and finally said to her, well, I go tomorrow to talk about. Out of the district, found flowers and red wine actually still in the hands, one of them thrown into the trash.

(j) Waiting Downstairs Yun

That night I sleepless night, staring at the outside daze, how do you want to understand how things will come to this point. The next morning I was waiting downstairs Yun. Yun said we find a place. We went to a tea room; I sat blankly, waiting for her to explain. That day she said a lot, I have some remember. She said, in fact, I moved with us rarely together. She knew I was working hard and very hard, but after so many twists and turns, I really doubt if I could fulfill the 150,000 promise. Her heart began to be afraid, but no chance to say to me. My stress does not share with her.

(k) I Feel very Tired

In Shanghai for such a long time, she and I have done very hard and have no sense of belonging, I feel very tired. At this time her boss, that is, the boy appeared beside her, the boy is Shanghai, 4 years older than her, a good position in the company, the family conditions are good. Yun said with him, she will feel a very peace of mind, very stable, very safe, unlike with me, although the feelings have been very warm, always do not know where we are in the future. She said I’m sorry, really sorry. I am agitated whole body chattering, speechless. So easy to calm down a little, I told her that I now have 150,000, and you will love me? She said I’m sorry, I think it is very good, I cannot sorry him, we will not be together again, I hope you will be happy in the future. When I went out I found that boy, another tingling in my heart. About here, it must be the result of their discussions.

14. Doubt

This is really a huge irony. All along, I use her as a driving force for hard work, but when I struggled to the goal, I realized that my goal suddenly disappeared. I remember then, I started insomnia, hoping to fall asleep quickly, and then dream Yun. However, I never dreamed about her once, but when I was awake, I never stopped thinking of her. I often feel tingling in my heart and my scalp tingling. All along, I was so cautiously put her in my heart, the warmest, most soft place, did not think the most painful blows are produced here.

(a) What does it mean for me to do so?

During that time, I had doubts about what I had done in the past. What does it mean for me to do so? If I still work in the company, there is still time every day, the situation will not be like this. If I do not move, things will not be like this. If I do not open a shop, I will have time to accompany her, and things will not be the same. Is the shop, and if I do not open stores, but also have time to see her, should also be able to prevent her change of feelings. Every day my idea of such a mess flooded my mind, so I simply cannot be interested in business.

(b) Several managers are very Competent

The staff in the shop looked out and they cautiously dared not mess with me. Several managers are very competent, for fear of the store thing will cause me furious. In particular, ascent, she took the initiative to find me that she came to each store daily inventory, let me busy my own business. I am very grateful to her; I believe her ability to tell a few stores later by her to check shop. I know if this state of my own let me go, non-accidental. Small into a very good means, but also have the ability to check the shop to do more every day for 2 hours, she quickly convinced others to obey the post. Fortunately, with Xiaocheng and their help, my business has no effect. But I know for myself that I’ve lost my way. I do not know how to find this direction again.

15. Lost

Some people say when work is tired when the pressure in the family is very hard, I do not think so. I feel the most painful when a person is lost because you do not know what you should do. Every day, every day, it reminds you that it is nothing more than a walking dead. That time is when I lost my way. I was like a clock pendulum was pumping clock pendulum, every day but by inertia, I am swinging. I do not know when it will shut down. Perhaps in my heart is still secretly hoped that shut down the moment.

(a) What is the Taste of my Heart?

Yun mother gave me a call, received a call that she, I really do not know what is the taste of my heart. Her mother said to me, child, aunt know you’re sad. Your young people really do not know what to do. But my aunt told you, you are a good boy. Your future is still very long. Ah, Yun cannot be with you, she is not blessed. Well, we all bless you. After hearing this, my tears were left again. She used to think she was so stubborn and forceful, how she feels so warm today. Finally, I finally came to see a bride-dressing ceremony from the perspective of a parent. Yes, it is the feeling that my daughter’s future happy life should be caught as much as possible.

(b) How Long this Status will Last .

Here I would like to thank my fellow college student Feng. If not he happened to come to Shanghai and asked me to accompany me, I do not know how long this status will last. Maple to Shanghai to play, specify me to accompany, and said not to accompany immediately call all buddies said I did not Shanghai. I am strong spirits, Maple or something aware. Maple see I said, your kid how to lose weight so obvious, no, we cannot take photos together, otherwise the class spent to see photos, I a little lost of opinion. He is like that, amused me a few days. To go, Feng said, talk, what’s up? I realized that he had seen me something early, so I was always happy. Since Yun changed, I never talked to anyone. Feng heard after a long time did not speak. Then an opening is a sentence: “Well! This is a good thing!” I heard stunned.

(c) Now Starting a Good Thing

Maple then explained that I and Yun are now starting a good thing. Because it is not separated now, we have to be separated sooner or later. Because we are not all the way. The heart of the heart of Yun that kind of self-sacrificing, cannot stand the turmoil, the time depends on the separation of the strength of my fluctuations; and I am the kind of insecure people, the more negative, the more difficult, the more exciting My ability. I am suitable for survival in the variable, seeking development.

(d) Feelings I want are very Pure

And I do not care very much about the matter, so the feelings I want are very pure. Most of the girls are at a crucial moment to get married. The reality of life and the instinct of raising offspring make them have to materialize. This cannot be wrong. This is also why Yun did not object to the reasons for bridewealth. He said that people like me, only after the material life has reached a level, will the girls who have contact with each other have a steady feeling and it is still not enough. But you should thank Yun, she inspired you, she let you be your luck, or you are together, Yun will be your shyness. He also said that your driving force is her? What about your family and friends? What about us? Your former boss? What about your staff? We also always thought you could become a leader, and for the sake of our trust, you should not give up. Moreover, to be honest, your family business is still small and small, accidentally, soon lost.

16. Mind

Because of that straight talk and chestnut talk and maple to find comfort, I finally slowly began to cast off the shadow of romance. I specifically called at home and called my brother. At the same time, I also contacted my classmates and friends and visited the previous owners, all of whom were happy with my struggles and income in Shanghai. The reason I do this is to remind myself that my world is still here and that my life is still there. I will take the initiative to let them pull me back into my world. Their love for me will also be my motivation, which is more endless, more lasting power.

(a) Another Manager for a Position

At the same time, I also heard Maple’s proposal, regain the management of the storefront and financial authority. I swapped Xiao Cheng and another manager for a position, and then I checked my recent accounts carefully. I quietly talked to others in private and asked sideways what they thought about Xiaocheng. We did not say anything.

(b) Addition to one Store Manager

There is value, then, in addition to one store manager, he’s the oldest. One manager said Xiaocheng too domineering, too disrespectful, everything is set, nor discuss with the boss, let alone other people. Every day’s financial account, cash is all her tube, do not allow others to intervene, do not know how she thought. Because I temporarily did not find any small handle, so I can only comfort him, did not do anything.

(c) Revolutionize Sitting Room

At this time 4th shop Xiao Xu (he is my trick for Xiaocheng starters) to find me, asked to change places, he wants to go to a small shop to go, or resign. I was very strange at the beginning, and then suddenly realized that Xiao Xu’s intentions: the original Xiao Xu already liked Xiaocheng. I agree with Xiaoyu’s request, and be more vigilant at the same time, because the company has a pair of words, easy to form a small group, and they are easy to quit together to become my new competitor. I have to secretly pay more attention to small and small Xu.

17. True Love

My mind gradually returned to business. Have to admit, a set of small. She concluded that some regulatory practices and hospitality methods are useful. Her practice is finer than my original practice. I am inclined to plan some activities and measures. The short-term effect is obvious. However, the long-term development still requires detailed management.

(a) Business is still a Slow Growth

Business is still a gradual development, we basically increase profits by 20% every six months, on the one hand, because of the management of the refinement, staff familiar with; on the other hand is still benefited from the popularity here gradually wake up. After this year, by April 2002, I had over 500,000 funds on hand. After chatting with Xiaocheng, I learned a lot of her thoughts, and I think that I cannot do without Xiaocheng temporarily. During this time I found small to small Xu is also light, and their relationship does not seem to have become closer together.

(b) Lived Alone, Love Clean, Love to Laugh

Because of the care of Xiaocheng, I found more and more details of Xiaocheng body: she lived alone, love clean, love to laugh, love reading, very cold, especially afraid of a cold, and do not like cats and dogs and so on. Because of business reasons, I and Xiaocheng more and more exchanges, it is more and more aware of her cleverness and ability. Sometimes I think it’s a pity that such a smart girl cannot go to college because of family reasons! And then think it over, that is, how to go to college? Is not my college student? I see less? The original alert psychology can also make people pay attention to a person.

(c) Employees Said she Uncomfortable

One day I went to check the shop and found Xiaocheng did not come to work, asked about it, some employees said she uncomfortable, not coming today. Xiao Cheng did not come, Xiao Xu did not come, and I think anyway, no problem in the morning should go and see Xiaocheng is not very sick, they asked the address, came out to buy some fruit, taxi to Xiao Cheng live Rushed to the place.

(d) Relatively High-end District

Small place to live I have not been to the cell door I found to be a relatively high-end district, where the studio a month to 1000 bars, I think while walking, while very puzzled why small meeting Half of the monthly income used to rent, especially to think about myself just moved out from the private room soon, and now the house is only about 1,000 Yuan. Suddenly cranky, suddenly found Xiao Xu from a doorway, hurried look, I quickly sidestepped aside, watching the small Xu cross the bike to the store in the direction of the rush.

(e) Heart had a very Bizarre Tang

Suddenly here saw a small Xu moment; my heart had a very strange taste. A very uncomfortable, slightly sore mind seems to be the feeling of jealousy while feeling annoyed. This feeling has not been rational, completely as if it is a natural occurrence, but after a moment, I suddenly burst into shock Do I care so much? Did I fall in love with her unconsciously? It was a discovery that surprised me. Because I had been loathed for a long time, I always felt like I had no love, I could not love, and sometimes I came into contact with some girls, but I could not raise my feelings at all. Unexpectedly, I feel the love will be restored here Xiaocheng? Xiao Cheng, but I have been wary of people ah!

(f) Cheng as an Emotional Alternative?

Suddenly, my mind surging, ten thousand kinds of thinking seems to be activated at the same time: Is I lostYun, Xiao Cheng as an emotional alternative? No, the feeling with Xiaocheng is totally different from that of Yun. It is easier for me to communicate more harmoniously and thus more harmonious. Being together with Yun is completely submerged by passion and impulse. The communication on our spiritual level is even less. If there is more, there will be no such result. Will I pity her because she is sick?

(g) Lover of all the Girls Around me

Nor is it because I know perfectly well that I am not in any way a lover of all the girls around me … you, you, you have experienced the pain of emotion, so you must make it clear that you are True feelings, your true love? You do not mess around and give yourself or others pain! But the more I think, the more my smile, the more vivid the scene of the discourse and our conversation, etc., the more I feel that Xiaocheng is really suitable for my girl. Her cheerfulness, her peace, her intelligence, her understanding, her efforts and achievements in my career, and of course her lovely, awe-inspiring look, which I had never seen before To feel, but today I feel like an air for me as indispensable!

18. The Reason

Emotionally, I am a very thin-skinned person. As soon as I heard my incoherent confession, I shook my head down and said unacceptable. I did not know what to do. Why? Because of you and Xiao Xu? I ask. She shook her head, did not speak, but I saw her tears streaming down. For a moment, I do not know what to do, have been panic confused. Finally, I left her place of residence. Goodbye to small is 2 days later. She came to work, I was early in the store, the distance saw her figure, my heart jumped around, but met her face and I do not know how to speak.

(a) To be Honest, I think she Likes me

She saw me, as if she had blushed, and never talked to me again. To be honest, I think she likes me, especially recalling the kind of self-motivated and dedication she helped me with in the past, and I think so more and more, but why does she refuse me? I do not understand, hey, I really do not understand the girl’s mind ah. She is still very efficient at work. I do not want to disturb, went to other stores.

(b) Weather Conditions was a Small Burning

By April and May, the weather was a little hot, because just over the year, business is the off-season. We want to reheat so people are willing to come out to eat; but because of the hot weather, the food industry is very risky, absolutely cannot appear food spoilage; otherwise, the business will hurt a lot. We generally step up and hotel contact at this time, because the hotel to a large amount, and can be predicted, so the risk is small. Because this area has been Xiaocheng responsible, so now the off-season she will be busier, I am more at ease. Unexpectedly, Xiao Cheng suddenly out of things, she tired fainted in the store.

19. Experience (finale)

Here is my own perception and my experience, the right to do reference:
1, life is the life of investment and income. If you have money, invest money; if you have money, experience, and ability, invest in experience and ability; if you have neither money nor experience and ability, but you are enthusiastic, hard-working, and hard-working Passion, hard work, and hard work. If you have neither money nor experience and ability to be passionate, hard-working and hardworking, do not think about it.
2, more important than making money is to find your own earning power;
3, more important than money is time, time is more important than timing is that you have to seize the opportunity to determine the motivation and preparation!
4, Do not be too ambitious, the opportunity is generally hidden in the humble corner of your possession;
5, willing to invest
6, decide, move faster;
7, always try your best to prepare the resources, ready to seize the opportunity, be faster!
8, others sincere, good to others. Sometimes, opportunities are given by others;
9, to others more than others, look forward to
10, make money there is a general rule: Do more, do faster, brains change the tricks, just do not follow others do.
11, a reasonable plan for the days after rich, will let you go further;

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