To Live, Pay Tribute

To live, pay tribute

Perhaps I grew up, not a child. I do not know why suddenly there is such a feeling. Living this thing is not fun, he gave me too much, let me lose too much, especially this year, let me feel haggard. And I still maintain the most real smile, to face everyone, I hope to remain optimistic, but do not naturally exist in this world.

At the age of three, deceived by her parents to foster care of others, it seems that in the memory, the most profound is the night hide in the bed and secretly cry, crying and falling asleep. And that little wall of the house, out half a step will be called, carrying my entire childhood memories place. At that time, I could play a muddy day alone in the yard, or I could go home alone by myself. About childhood, I can only emerge so much. Loneliness is also synonymous with my childhood.

“The Bhagavad-Gita is an empire of thought and in its philosophical teachings Krishna has all the attributes of the fulaeroplanemonotheistic deity and at the same
Time the attributes of the Upanisadic absolute.”

Both optimists and pessimists contribute to society. The optimist invents the aero plane, the pessimist the parachute.

Ten years later, because rebellious uninhibited, began to reincarnate, unexamined life. Fight, gamble, became a symbol of my age. Being looked down upon, left out by the teacher, and laughed at by others, pushed aside by others. Finally, foster people stay home, was rushed home. At that time, parents do not trust me; I stopped halfway through school, forced by their parents to pick bricks. Have done coolies, as well as the body smashed by their parents. At that time, was hit, often playing others. Was summoned by the Public Security Bureau, also done transcripts, was cut too, but also knocked over others. Until then, parents leave me, the teacher to give up my classmates to avoid me, because my father accidentally care, let me decide to change the evil, the change is from that time onwards. I also wrote a real article “Farewell, Church” to pay homage to my dark junior high school. I sometimes have feelings, even regret, why I cannot like other children, simple life, and their parents together.

Until then, I realized that my parents love, I try to understand their parents, in the third year trying to learn, although I abandoned two years of high school, but I remain optimistic. That is, from that time, I became silent reticent, it became quiet. I do not want to say much about the result. I worked hard, there is nothing to regret. Last year, I graduated. At college, I found myself not so strong. Alone outside, perhaps too far from home, I did not know the feeling of home. I always adhere to one sentence; people can be ordinary, but not mediocre. I work hard to make progress. I am very hard-working, I always insist on their own insistence; I work hard to make money, very economical, very economical. I did not have to go to college for a penny again, though my parents were worried.

Learn from the mistakes of others. You can never live long enough to make them all yourself.

Age is not a particularly interesting subject. Anyone can get old. All you have to do is live long enough.

Military training, I did not go alone in the city hovering, running all over the streets, looking for cooperation. Until today, I still admire my courage. Very grateful to some people, may be out of appreciation or sympathy, gave me the opportunity to cooperate, I made money, buy clothes for their favorite people, though very cheap. In school, I hit the industry, and finally failed, I opened shop. People always politely call my grandchildren, I know, I also understand that this is ironic. I am still willing to accept them and give them the best kind of smile. A long time ago, I did not get angry with others. Smile, the way I treat others. In March, a person left me alone let me sluggish. I feel no longer able to climb up, and after losing know how to cherish, although I do not think it is my fault, at least I am sincere, but also feel sorry. I began to free this world, went to a lot of places to relax. Want to sing, eventually chose to give up, tired heart. However, I have always been very kind, very kind, or will be innocently paid and changed.

June, I’m back home. The house up big water, the warehouse was flooded, suffered heavy losses. Faced with the ocean, the kind of desperation, I am very calm, I have so far been the first to emerge I was not a parent who was shocked, but it is she who left me. I still laughed, I hope that laugh can resolve my pain, but more reluctantly my mood .In July, I opened a cram school. I am always frustrated with the problem, the collective strike staff, urban management suffered by others, vicious competition from others, all the problems I carry all over. I did not want to give up what I just want to work hard to prove their strength. Later, she came back, I did not care about her original departure, I am very tolerant to accept it. Give her the best, do my best. Efforts to change for her, the results of a sentence you ask yourself in the end did not change, I hurt a very thorough, about her, I exhausted my mind, fed up with grievances, but I still will not care about these, but a bit scared.

Sometimes, I can save a few dollars, go a long way. Sometimes I can use instant noodles to get myself started and then always be very careful about what she wants to eat, though she is not mine right now. I said I can endure hardship, I can pull a pallet transport tables and chairs in the street alone, and I can cook a meal to the staff to eat. Two tutorial classes, back and forth on the road never bought a bottle of mineral water. I do not know what force drives me to do this. I just feel that I can endure hardships and I can do better to others. To my friends, I will also be more generous, not to care about those trivial, I make money, the treat also invited. I grandmother bought a home air conditioning; I gave my brother bought a remote-controlled aircraft, to the family bought a new computer. Only promised to buy someone Iphone did not do, I feel guilty. There are bright classmates, had a film together, the results of poor care, difficult conditions, I hope forgive me.

Of course, I will continue to work hard. My request to myself is still very low. I used my parents’ cell phone. I wear discounted clothes. I will go a long way. I can eat the cheapest instant noodles and sleep on the ground floor. I can count myself Expenses. I will bring my brother has been around, taught him to study, give him a meal. I do not mean to treat myself as how great I am to shape myself. Because life is reality, because of my independence and strength, I must do so.

Economic crisis, the decline of toy factory, parents are still busy, all day to go after the debt. August 3, parents quarrel that fight. Mother to kill the knife to kill, because his father Biequ cries on the phone in the splinters. I am a son, rushed to them overnight. I do not know what happened, I am frustrated, but I still try to be strong. I like to accompany my father, like a father, midnight goes find her mother ran away. I walked and cried on the road, looking for and crying, I was suspicious of myself, why do I desperately like this, I could have used my parents’ money to enjoy the ease of life in college. Finally, my mother was found, we cried together. Life is like chocolate, you never know the next color. Mother later left, took all the money and bank cards, do not answer the phone.

Write without pay until somebody offers to pay you. If nobody offers within three
years, sawing wood is what you were intended for.

Neither money pays, nor name pays, nor fame, nor learning; it is CHARACTER that cleave through adamantine walls of difference.

Decades of feelings, sincere and bumpy. On the afternoon of August 4, I was crying in somebody’s arms in some corner. Later, I always asked my father there is no money, and then took part of his savings to his father. I feel dependent on my father; my father is really old, gaunt. Fortunately, my mother came back later; do not worry about being a son. Then I put the rest of the summer vacation time to her, I want her happy, and she is always busy, always makes me feel unreal exists, and finally I no longer what is required.
  And friends for many years did not see, chatting, I envy these learning well admitted to a good university friend, I am also very inferior existence, and always feel and they are no longer a grade of people. The results of a friend said I admire me, I suddenly felt sad. Never complain what, never dislike anything, I have always believed in a word, the day will be reduced to any one person, must first if its determination, its bones, hungry body, lack of their body, the line fuzz it’s As a result, I am tempted and tolerate what I could not. Life gave me too much temper, I chose this life, I should have disgusted, lonely to accompany me so far, I have enough of patience. But I am here today, to pay tribute to life, to pay tribute to myself, I hope you have seen people I encourage each other.

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