Life is how you take it

Life Is how you take it

Life Is how you take it

Got my first achievement, dad gifted a new phone, my grandpa left me forever, my hand burnt as I lighted the candle for the first time, got a mini heart attack when my phone dropped. These are the too many of the more emotions we go through. I will define the four letter word life as the eternity which encircles these all. Life is so many feelings could they be hard or of being in love. Its life my fellas. The fact on which I work, “Life’s how you take it“. Those who say about the destiny then hey there the destiny gives you the choice to be what you want to be. For me life is “trying things to see if they work.”. Lets say if they work you are the boss.

Here I am going to discuss different phases of life with an example which you would definitely get easily.

The happy go lucky phase. This phase is the most long lived but it depends on your choices and your behavior when you want it to end. A person who is satisfied with what little they have gets to live through the beauty of this phase but the one wanting more each second is a waste. For instance one says to save money for future use but restricting himself from staying happy at the present.

Well for them there is no hope of happiness because when they have good they are waiting for bad times to come and when bad times finally come they are all sad. Like many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves – regret for the past and fear of the future. They are the people who never get true happiness for themselves. So, live with what you have today. Smile because it happened even when it is gone. As Rabindranath Tagore once said “If you cry because the sun has gone out of your life, your tears will prevent you from seeing the stars“.

The so called sad phase. Well for me this specific phase doesn’t exist at all. It is by the abnormal behavior of people that they go through this menace. Each person should have the capability to stay happy or at the least satisfied no matter what the situation is. It is the choices you make which gives you the privilege of happiness or the suffering of sadness. Now you may not know at the present or may say no when I say this that you are the architect of your own happiness. So stay blessed and be careful with the choices you make.

With the ups and downs of the life a person still craves a seven lettered word ‘success’. This success comes with flaming enthusiasm, backed up by horse sense and persistence. No matter what happens a positive attitude is what makes success your destination and not your journey.

So, with the lack of words to explain the smallest word life I hereby end up saying that life is the way you take it. It is not only the destiny but the choices you make and the attitude you have which distinguishes in the way your life is or what it could be or can be. Dwell with what you want and do not think or exercise your mind for what others demand or think of you because like I said it is you who have to live your life so better not cast others’ opinions on your life because that may turn to be nothing but chaos.

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