Life should be a Good Fight, Fight!

Life should be a good fight, fight!

Life is a dream, dream if life.

Life, short 30,000 days, a climax, a trough; success, there is a failure; life, death. Young people see life on the road full of brilliant flowers; the elderly see only desolate graves on their way. We say: There are flowers and graves; blooming flowers on the graves, which may cover the grave under the flowers. I face such a beautiful life, often thinking: What is the purpose of people alive? Some people are willing to be a beggar, wandering the streets; some unwilling mediocrity, tireless; some people degenerate, mediocre; some people intoxicated with gold, desolation of time.

The awful thing is that beauty is mysterious as well as terrible. God and the devil are fighting there and the battlefield is the heart of man.

All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies, and hatred comes invariably from people who are not fighting.

1. Decades of life

I’ve been wondering: what kind of person do I want to be? What kind of person can I be? What kind of person should I be?Decades of life! Is a brilliant, long dream? Poly is also in a hurry, scattered in a hurry. When the white hair was in our year, the dream woke up and looked back at the footsteps I left behind.

1.1 Bang Rule the Country Flat

There was a waste of time and regret, and only sighs of “white youth, empty grief”; there is mediocre melancholy, can not help but sigh “A bang rule the country flat, self-owned hole saints” of the uneven; also tireless pride, recalling life there will be “return of the Yellow River Chuan, Dai Mei return to see the mountains,” the lofty pride. People are also animals. The reason for distinguishing them from other animals is that people have all kinds of desires.

1.2 Cornerstone of Raising Oneself

People go to height. We are not willing to fall behind others, so there is competition. Become king, the loser for the Kou.Some were swept away in the turbulent waters of the fierce competition, and from then on faltered; others, facing the tuyere, set foot on the waves and went ashore, succeeded. Because they have a more insisted. The cusp is not a stumbling block for them, but a cornerstone of raising oneself.

Have no country to fight for; my country is the earth; I am a citizen of the world.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

2. No wind, No Rain

Easy to live, easy to live, life is not easy. Life is the process of life. How can there be no wind, no rain? It is precisely because of the baptism of rain to see the gorgeous rainbow; with the pain of failure will taste the joy of success. Turgenev said in Rowing: “Although our lives are short and small, all great things are caused by the human hand.

2.1 When People are Alive and Realize

When people are alive and realize their lofty task, they are in their lives Supreme happiness. “We are to create this society; it will inevitably be hurt, shed tears. Time, fast turn, across the dream of a magic song. Life, we must break away! In order to career, in order to struggle for life, despite losing a lot, but there is no need! And often get more than lost; it is the value and meaning of life.

2.2 Long life, impermanence.

How can we predict the future? But only worthy of my heart! Life, because of competition, people have power; life, because of struggle, people only strive for excellence. Life is like smoke, clouds, wind. Fleeting “Only the people and the car back there is no time and way backward,” since we have come to today, but also occupy today’s social status and responsibility, and only forward, forward, and then forward! Backward.

2.3 Young People is to see Tomorrow

The more important thing for young people is to see tomorrow, seize today and forge ahead in peace. Maybe you have created a miracle before the sun rises tomorrow! Wan wood withered and the mountain does not fall, all dried up sea Changing.

2.4 Struggle and the Heart will not be Old

Old life easy to struggle and the heart will not be old, is the saying: live to learn the old, seventy seldom. Although life is short, it should not be a hurried pass, but should be: the passion of struggle such as the fire in June, the pace of progress if Jiang Tao waves, mountains, water cutoff! When we fail on our way to life, take a look at Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Shi Tie Sheng and Helen Keller … They are the great masters of art and literature, but they are misfortune in life. Do they bow their heads? Fallen it? Complain? Abandoned?

2.5 Long Way to Repair it Xi

“The ups and downs of life”, “long way to repair it Xi, I will search from top to bottom,” “thousands of spring willow, hundreds of millions of Zhengzhou Shun Yao (three great chinese sage kings)” poets are in pursuit of exploration. Life, have their own value. If a person cannot make their own life brilliant, but there is no reason to make it dim; life can be ordinary, but not vulgar, degenerate; life do not care how much to plunder, but rather the pursuit of perfection and excellence in the process!

I couldn’t repair your brakes, so I made your horn louder.

I do not want to foresee the future. I am concerned with taking care of the present, God has given me no control over the moment following.

3. Road of life

Life, the most precious than the time. Life, the most brilliant than the cause. Life, the happiest than fighting. Everyone has a tomorrow; everyone has a year. Based on today, look forward to tomorrow, and based on this year, open up next year.

3.1 The Road Ahead is, as long as We grasp Today

I believe no matter how rough the road ahead is, as long as we grasp today, sooner or later we will find the sweetness of our life in our struggle. Grasp the life of a minute, better than the moon in January! Positive pursuit, one percent hope may also become a reality; negative wait, ninety-nine percent of the grasp will be spoiled!

3.2 Only by creating can life advance .

Life stage, stage life. Only by creating can life advance; only by adapting can we survive. Being able to “be a good man through the days of grinding, not to be jealous of being a mediocre” has a transcendence over himself; challenging others. This may be the true meaning of life! Pakistani people say: “It is a shame to live without resistance. It is cowardice to die without struggle. It is honor to give birth to struggle.

3.3 Life will fight, need to fight!

It is also a fight to die and is also willing.” Life will fight, need to fight! Fight with the disease! Fight with adversity! Fight with the fate! Doubt with heaven, fight with earth, fight with others! Strive in the struggle, in the struggle to achieve the ideal! Break the fetters, and then have their own new life beyond!

3.4 Life is bumpy, life is bumpy.

Life is bumpy, life is bumpy. I firmly believe that in the life of only the joy of the curve forward, there is no straight-line success. Only cherish today, there will be a better tomorrow; only grasp today, will have a more brilliant tomorrow! Life ah, my friend! What are you waiting for? Do your best!

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