Let the soul through the sky after the clouds

Let the soul through the sky after the clouds

Everyone has weaknesses. Those who can not make a big event always stick to their own weaknesses. It is hard to change their lives. And a person who can make a big deal always looks for his own weakness and cuts his own weakness. Break weaknesses, even their own defects cannot be corrected by people, only when the failure of those.

1. I See a Rainbow without going through the Storm?

I heard a song when I was young; how can I see a rainbow without going through the storm? Want to go beyond others will inevitably have to pay more than others times or even dozens of times more effort. God is fair, will not let the mediocre people enjoy success, but will not allow hard-earned people to work hard, success depends on the struggle, we must adhere to the struggle.

1.1 Sightless and Both Ears were Totally Hard of Hearing.

Beethoven, the historic musician, was blind and both ears were completely deaf, but he still wrote a lot of popular works. Beethoven has said so, I want to strangle the throat of destiny, he must not make me completely give in.

“Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work.”

1.2 Childhood Inexperienced, Enjoyable.

Because of childhood naive, fun. Coupled with their own body is not good, suffering from hemophilia, bruise once fell hurt bleeding is hard to stop, resulting in inconvenient legs and feet now. Disability is unfortunate but life will not be unfortunate forever. Because after removing the names of the strong and the weak, we are all human beings first and nothing is different. The weak are not the source of infinite claims. Even if others give you what you want because of your weakness, it is only alms, the weak, not a beggar.

2. At this Time, We should Courageously Face.

Lost must be hard to find, you want to strive for it, only after the pain can be more strong, through tears will be more courageous. Perhaps life is not only sunny, there will be clouds cover the sun, will we dust in the dark corner. At this time, we should bravely face, strive for, cherish the longing for the sun, let the mind fly to the blue sky outside the clouds, embrace the sun, smiling on the ups and downs; and the weak only in the clouds mourn sadly never beyond the clouds Let the soul be free to fly happily.

2.1 Childhood Bring me the Survival of Life Desolation.

Destiny broke the hope of the sail, the ups and downs of childhood brought me the existence of life despair , warm hand heal my unforgettable wounds, love to make the other side of the success is still, the willow is dead, when the green; flowers Xie, There is time to reopen Short life, in this short life, let your life full of happiness . Sadness is but a passport for the coward, and success is the bravery’s motto.

The sky takes on shades of orange during sunrise and sunset, the color that gives you hope that the sun will set only to rise again.

3. Break from Side to Side Obstacles are the Method .

Physical reasons for my future life has many limitations, and the so-called outlet in my understanding is to break through obstacles are the way. No matter what kind of person you are, someone will always be able to see you, someone despises you.

3.1 Unfeasible to Give up, but no Correct to Give up.

Let love their own people think highly of, but also a success, the others do not give up before you, is not impossible to give up, but no right to give up. Do not give yourself any excuse, upholding this belief, you can cut off the back, only continuous efforts to go beyond their faith, to reap their own success.

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.

3.2 Courage in Dealing by Means of Reality.

There must be a harvest, and the harvest is good or bad self, do not look for an objective reason, do not shirk their duties, courage in dealing with reality, there are always ups and downs in life, without fear, and then excited, only to pay to reap, there is no hard-earned The beauty of the job. Shi Tiesheng fell, no legs, which is a heavy blow to anyone. But instead of losing confidence in his life, he used his brain and his hands to express his infinite love of life.

3.3 How Numerous Rough and Hard to Encounter.

People’s life, do not know how many rough and hard to encounter. A lot of things happen in the unpredictable. And I am more frail and courageous in the face of difficulties, choose to go strong. To learn not to complain, not to blame, in some cases, the situation is not good, will complain, just like the sea whispers there forever.

3.4 There are Wind and Rain on the Road of Life .

If you keep complaining about your life and complaining about the people and things around you, you will be very tired and tired. One day you will be left behind by life. There are wind and rain on the road of life, everywhere is thorny, only to fight, go hard, there will be flowers and applause waiting for us. Celebrities have said that frustration is a bottomless abyss for incompetent people, and it is a stepping stone to those who dare to face setbacks.

3.5 Experience, Only self-Study at Home.

Graduated from junior high school did not go to school, the lack of a lot of knowledge, experience, only self-study at home. God’s reward, hard work, and hard work will always pay off. To overcome the difficulties, can keep going, is the winner. If smart people do not work hard, they will slowly become stupid. If you are hardworking, you are smart. Whether it is learning or work, hard work to achieve better results.

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