A Leaf Summer Sad lake light Yang

A leaf summer sad lake light Yang

I am still me, smiling slightly. As I expected, there were no surprises this summer, time break, messy, fragmented … This summer was extremely deserted, watching the winds and rain continued, indifferent and desolate, quiet and distant. And I linger in this world for so long, persistent, cold, crazy, helpless, that’s me. Now, this time, I do not know, there is no longer a particularly sharp idea, think about what will happen after the mood? Repeated in a mood statement, with a white piece of paper to write the trembling mess.

I have not stubborn, insisted that the initial dream, I squandered his youth, the entrance exam, the same sour, I tasted the taste of failure, chewing…… This natural pain, I am numb … … inexplicable one human sadness , a loss of a person, the way how do I choose my dreams, (auto home), my heart (understatement), my graduate career will be missed and I …… I cannot choose what kind of University, but unexamined in college, afraid of the next direction and journey, no longer brave, no longer strong. Repeated in my heart, silently tell sorry, Mom and Dad, my brothers, I let you down again sorry! I cannot say heavy heart, I feel like I’m going to suffocate. If tears fail to accompany, I do not want to shed tears.

A single sheet within a book is called a leaf, and each side of a leaf is called a page. A book produced in electronic format is known as an electronic book

The funniest people are the saddest once.

I do not want to cry, because I am no longer eligible, I pay for all of their own, but cannot afford to account. Looking at the road traveled, the eye will still be red, will immediately stop living, and then slowly slipped from his face, faded, hidden in my heart. Dim, bitter, burning and lingering. Even so, so shy, pale, bleak … … I still like a person before, if not too bad, but also hard work , because the road is still very long, very far … … the past scene flock to the memory of the past Time tunnel, I tortured the soul under the dusk . Through too much flashy, care too much of the illusion, perseverance too much awakening, those ignorant still have to continue, continue to brighten the reality of brutal, and then the past clouds, abandoned in memory of the blank. Those naive whether it should focus on the hot baking sun, sigh, and then in the frustration of despair in surrender, humble….. Everything is recorded as past youth, defined as we are just kids; our children are growing up, on the principle of children.

I believe so much. Pay too much. Leaving a wave of water floating in the sadness … … Listen to the string off, off that three thousand entangled; fall annihilation, annihilation of the wind ripples; flowers pity, fall in the fingers … …time is not forgotten Pain, but the habit Pain. Summer, is someone else’s intentional or unintentional words and expressions, I am embarrassed. This season, who bustling lonely? Everything is a foregone conclusion, all self-deprecating. Self-deprecating is my only arrogance, in this moment can feel their own breathing, fading, gradually stronger…… One day we will go with regret, without any sound, I missed a lot, I always a person sad. Even if all is no longer expected brilliant, even extremely dark. Strong, is my only choice? Persistence is my only excuse. Forgotten, I am no longer suffering chips.

It’s a sad thing not to have friends, but it is even sadder not to have enemies.

I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to what light I have.

If everything has become a thing of the past; it is liberation in the face of it. June time cannot go back to the pain. June’s commitment, not to the past. Look forward to June, wipe away the shackles. Maybe, some things, until you gradually awakened, understand that it is a mistake; some things to wait for you to really put down before we know it are heavy. In the way of life, there is a way for everyone not to go that is a young detour. Dear yourself, you self-confidence that always remind myself that I deserve to have the best of everything, to move forward, we must not hesitate, but also fear and trepidation. Put all the past behind, only toward myself … … fix this heart, move on …All the words I have learned and all the words I have written must fly and tirelessly fly and never stop in flight until the place where my sad heart is.

In the past, I need a lot of confession, those lost after the precious, those who insist on the cost of those ignorant growth , all coming and going, all the sweet and sour, only a trace of pain only met without regrets, This outcome is predictable cruel, no imagination of the good . This period of unforgettable growth, this time quiet, no one knows this youth. My speechless smile, my embarrassed expression, I am afraid of other people’s strabismus, always gives a sorry smile, and then a person will fail heart wandering. The story need not be so simple, if not regrettable. I do not mind too much, because I am overwhelmed, only care about the feelings of those who love me, but in them, I never feel complain, blame, despite knowing I did not do my best, they gave me great tolerance and comfort, Maybe this is selfless love! I understand their inner depths of expectations and disappointments, but the maximum I forgive all.

Words which do not give the light of Christ increase the darkness.

In the space of no-mind, truth descends like light.

Just understatement, but falling into a foul, just dark clouds, I have no time to look back; the back is the whole vortex of the world turned into waves.
No obsession. No longer read.
I went to the past and the past.
I prefer to choose a person, do not want to leave in the corner of a group of people. Only the supporting role rather than the protagonist, but rather perfunctory commitment. If it’s something if you cannot give me anything else, we’an inexplicable night be left is the beginning of the story and the other story. Goodbye is only a matter sooner or later, suddenly miss the hometown city, and miss all the past. This familiar phantom is stored on inexplicable night, settling in yesterday. After all today everything will be alright, will not you? A leaf summer injury, in my little, small heart, gently, gentle Yang Qi cool, cool strong!

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