Ideal, Confident, Action, Victory

Ideal, Confident, Action, Victory

I always wanted to Find out the Secret of her Success

My friend just came back from Singapore on a business trip, called me for the souvenir and took advantage of the weekend time to go. She is a successful woman, make cosmetics, within five years to do the regional agency. I admire her, a woman in her early thirties have such a successful career. I always wanted to find out the secret of her success, always using her as my role model. She went to her home over the weekend, and she just got up because she attended a chief training camp and she continued her class in Singapore for a week. When I saw her, I asked her about her experience in Singapore. Finally, I envy, that is, longing.

Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.

The future has several names. For the weak, it is impossible; for the fainthearted, it is unknown; but for the valiant, it is ideal.

In Order to Explore her Secret of Success

There are certainly some unknown things behind the glamorous success of someone like her. In order to explore her secret of success, I slipped into her training classes several times. I found out that most of her quotes were made by Li Ka-Shing’s, and a successful person was an example to those who succeeded her. I remember one night she drove me home, and then it was a little early.

She Looked at me very Surprised

But I did not see her tired, complaining, she was happy, she told me that she had a full day after. I asked her: Why do you so hard? She looked at me very surprised, “how it is called hardship? I just do the right thing ah!” “Do not you feel tired?” “Of course sometimes feel tired, but in order to survive, to the ideal, I do not Allow myself to withdraw … “

I Establish my Favorite Things and then Set Goals

” I’ve been trying to find out exactly how you succeeded. “I always remind myself to have a meaningful life, I found my favorite things, and then set goals, and then devote myself Get in and feel the fun and the sense of accomplishment in it, and that’s all, if you do it, everyone can succeed. “

Dream, Dream, Dream, Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts result in action.

Knowledge, the object of knowledge and the knower are the three factors, which motivate action; the senses, the work, and the doer comprise the threefold basis of action.

Q: Have you Encountered any Difficulties?

I interrupted her. “When I did a little thing, I was in trouble. Then I was annoyed. Have you encountered any difficulties?” I regretted what I said. I even asked such a brain-broken question. She smiled and said: “Time is not one thing is calm, and even people may go to eat, not to mention complex things? Even if there are difficulties and setbacks, then you think about yourself, how many setbacks will be difficult There are big days?

God is Fair, as Long as Efforts

The sky is still their tall people withstand it! Stick to their own ideas, there is the ideal place, hell is paradise, and then determines their own goals, realistic goals. Also, need confidence, and sometimes, feel what you can and cannot do, in fact, only in between thoughts. Entered with confidence, do not think about the results, because God is fair, as long as efforts, God will not let you down. Finally, you All that has to be done is to taste the fruits of victory and to gain more passion and confidence … “I know it’s just her understatement, and she’s going to go beyond just a few words.

Life is Short, Even Sixty Years

Here, I am a bit overwhelmed, the more grown, the more the ideal misty, the more confidence in the lack of action more slowly … I cannot find the original support point, that gives me the power of support. Life is short, even sixty years, except sleeping, sick, looking in the mirror, washing, dressing, sneezing, etc., how much? Recently read the works of Chinese American writer Liu Yong, “Next Stop, Success,” “Believe in Oneself,”

Self-Confidence, Action, Victory

“Beyond Oneself,” “Climbing up and Falling from Where It Falls.” Some simple stories tell me a lot of truths and solved many troubles and puzzles that I grew up in. I admire his wisdom, his attitude and passion, and I also hope that I can gain all this experience and become a successful person. What I should do is to find that support point again, it is my ideal, then self-confidence, then action, and finally, victory.

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