How to Set Goals

Try to Get out of the Desert

There is a story that says that in a small village in the Western Sahara desert, Purcell, before it was discovered, was still a poor land where none of the people walked out of the desert. It is not said that they do not want to leave there, but they have not tried to go out many times. When a modern Westerner got there and heard about it, he was determined to make a trial. He walked north from Bissell Village and came out in three and a half days. After this incident, he finally understood that the Saussureans were unable to walk out of the desert because they did not know the Big Dipper at all. Therefore, he told a local youth, want to get out of the desert. As long as the rest of the day, the night toward the star in the north, you can walk out of the desert. The young man did what he said and after three days came to the edge of the desert.

When you go into court you are putting your fate into the hands of twelve people who weren’t smart enough to get out of jury duty.

Do not waste your time on Social Questions. What is the matter with the poor is Poverty; what is the matter with the rich is Uselessness.

As a result, young people became the pioneers of Bissell. His bronze statue was erected in the center of the town with a line engraved on the base of the statue: a new life begins with the chosen target.I do not know what this story to give you inspiration, read this story what you think. In any one area, those who have achieved greater success have almost always acted toward their own goals. With the goal, the inner strength will find the direction, wandering without the goal will eventually get lost.

1. Goal to Success

If we want to become a top student in learning, the first step to be done is to establish a goal of becoming a good student.

Because there is no goal without motivation, how high people can go depends first on whether to find their own goals, only by selecting the right direction in order to persevere steadily go before they hope to achieve the “peak.” A person without a goal, like a ship without a rudder, can only drift, unable to grasp, eventually ran aground on the beach of despair, failure, depression.

The generally accepted definition of success in the world is that success is the achievement of a meaningful and determined goal. The goal is the essence of the soul of success, the achievement of the goal is almost equated with success. Napoleon Hill, the master of success, once said:

“Set clear goals are the starting point for all achievements.”

Only 3% of people in the world can set their own goals in life. That is why there are always very few successful people. The reason why most people fail is that they have not yet clear goals and have never taken the first steps toward them.

According to one study, 5% of Americans wrote their personal goals on paper and told others that the remaining 95% did not set their goals. The reason for this is that on the one hand, the mentality is, on the one hand, the way it may be After setting the target fear of the end of frustration, being ridiculed by others, in exchange for frustration. Still, others do not know the importance of the goal or do not know the way to set the goal. In fact, a set of goals, the most important thing is not “how” to achieve the goal, but “why” to set goals.

2. Clear long-term Goals

Taiwan University has a follow-up survey on the impact of its goal on the life of a group of young people with similar intelligence, academic qualifications, and environmental conditions. The survey found that 26% did not have a goal, 61% were ambitious and 9% There are clear short-term goals; 4% have very clear long-term goals.

After 25 years of follow-up, they found that their living conditions are very different. 4% of people with long-term goals have barely changed their life goals for 25 years and they have always worked hard in the same direction.

Almost all of them become a society all the top successful people do, there is no lack of them start from scratch, industry leaders and social elites.9% of people with short-term goals are mostly living in the middle and upper classes of society. Their common feature is that some short-term goals are constantly being achieved and the quality of life is steadily rising. They have become indispensable professionals in all walks of life such as doctors, Lawyers, engineers, senior executives and more.

The best teamwork comes from men who are working independently toward one goal in unison.

To succeed in your mission, you must have single-minded devotion to your goal.

Sixty-one percent of the people who are the target deserters live in the middle and lower classes of the society, and they live and work in a stable manner, but with no special achievements.26% of people who do not have a goal, they are almost the lowest level of society.

They live a very unpleasant life, often lose their jobs, need social assistance, and often complain about others and complain about the society. The investigators, therefore, conclude that the goal has a huge guiding role in life. Success at the beginning is just a choice, what you choose the goal, what kind of achievement will be, what kind of life will also be.

3. What are Goals

The goal is the place or standard you want to achieve. In the process of learning, once a goal has been set, it will create a force from the bottom of its heart and strive to move toward its goal. The goal is a hope. Under the excitation of hope, people will continue to pursue progress. Therefore, in order to improve academic performance and efficiency, we must establish a very clear goal in the process of learning.

3.1 Establish learning objectives

In general, to determine their own learning objectives should meet the following principles:

  • Follow your own wishes
  • If you fully believe in yourself, in a sense, you have the confidence and the ability to do any activity and reach either goal. Once you dare to autonomously determine their own learning goals and the goal put almost all of his energy, you will be able to achieve good results in the exam; college entrance examination will be able to be admitted to the ideal university.

  • By their own interests and strength to decide
  • The goal is not necessarily immutable; it can change with changes in its own strength, not too high, not too low. One college entrance exam said: “When a high, I can only guarantee that the Wuhan University; changed when the People’s University High School; to the third year, I put targeting the North, and to that end the struggle more than me. Like this to catch up, to pursue the ideal ahead of chasing, I learned that he is free to free the master of life.

  • Let the goal to attract you to move forward
  • The goal is to enable you to overcome various setbacks and difficulties, and strive for it, to play a good role in their own constraints and supervision.

3.2 What kind of goal should be established?

Learning objectives can be divided into two contents:

  1. First part of the goal of learning, or learning phase of the overall goal. If you want to know what it is for learning? For yourself, for your parents, or for someone else who needs gratitude and gratitude? For future development, to go to college, in order to prove their worth? This is a very good reason. As long as you think it can give you an impetus to motivate you to develop and work hard in your own direction, you can make it your own goal. Can produce, this is the phased goal in life.

  2. The second part of the learning goal is to achieve the first step goal. The ultimate goal of this learning is ultimately achieved by this step goal. For example, what lessons should I master in this lesson? What should be included in the review on this day? What will be achieved in this month? From an hour to as long as January, a semester, a year, Must have a goal, the only way we cannot slack, do not relax, step by step toward their ultimate goal.

4. How to Set Goals

The long-term goal of mankind is a result of struggling for a decade, two decades, or even decades.

  • Determine your long-term goal
  • The long-term goal of mankind is a result of struggling for a decade, two decades, or even decades. It should be set aside to a greater extent and this will be conducive to realizing our potential. However, due to some uncertainties, the goal of life is not necessarily very specific, so long as there is a clear direction.

  • Develop medium-term goals
  • The more distant long-term goal, therefore, should be broken down into a number of medium-term goals, medium-term objectives can generally three to five years, high school students can “test” for the sector. Such as “what kind of university to enter after three years of study” and so on.

  • Develop short-term goals
  • High school students can be in accordance with the school year, semester for the stage to develop. Short-term goals cannot conflict with the learning tasks prescribed by the school, and comprehensive consideration should be given to the possibility of achieving goals in all subjects. From a time point of view, short-term goals can be divided into academic year goals, semester goals, semester goals, etc .; from the content point of view, short-term goals can be divided into math, language, foreign languages and other subjects learning objectives.

  • Analyze your current situation
  • Setting a goal outlined a blueprint for one’s own future, portraying the time and requirements for reaching the final destination, but how to get started and how to start from the current situation. Therefore, we must fully analyze our current situation.

    Such as their own strengths and weaknesses, how to play their advantages, to overcome shortcomings, their own potential for each subject, whether it has been fully played out, their own subjects how the performance of partial subjects how, how to remedy; their own learning perseverance and hard work How; their own learning methods and learning efficiency, what needs to be done and so on.

  • Develop a plan of action
  • According to their own learning potential, academic performance, learning methods and other actual conditions, to develop their own plan of action, the main one is clear what they will be taken in what kind of measures. For example, in foreign language learning, we should increase extra-curricular time investment, choose better English reference books, improve reading ability and increase vocabulary; in language learning, increase the number of extracurricular reading books and newspapers, gradually enrich writing materials and improve writing ability.

5. Immediate Action, with the Goal

Once our goals are established, we must act now to implement it. Sitting still does not always mention high grades. Want to get good grades, you want to be a gifted student, you cannot sit still, from now on, to “stand up! To act! To act now!” Because the soul of success is the movement!

The imperfect action, but also a hundred times more than the best plan to shelve.

One of the most expensive prices in life is that everything is waiting for tomorrow. Do not pin their hopes on tomorrow, hope is forever today and hope is now.Act now! Only by acting now will our dream come true. Only immediate action will let us surpass the rival, surpass ourselves.

I should also remind everyone that most people are always vowing before they do anything about it. However, when they do this, they usually have only three minutes of warmth or “three days of fishing and two days of sun network”. Therefore, we must persevere toward the goal.

5.1 luck and excuse

Now there is a pandemic in the community, people are saying “what good luck you are!” “I wish you luck!” Such languages are beyond reproach as Greely, but such words spread widely, Especially spread to students, use this idea to summarize their success or failure to learn the reasons, it will have a negative effect, the total of each exam down someone said: “My bad luck, the memory of a review things Did not test, I did not test the problem. Some students are late or smoking by the teacher after criticism, said in displeasure: “I am unlucky, but also run into the teacher.” In order to understand their own luck, a few people even go to the fortune-teller to draw lots, and they believe that luck and excuse are more serious.

People with luck and sentiment often attribute frustration or failure to personal bad luck. He does not learn from frustration, turns defeat into victory, but rather enjoys good luck. And then seriously hampered their progress in learning, to the point where they cannot be cured. There are two methods of prevention and treatment:

  • First, to accept the scientific concept of causation. We all know that the seeds of melon, bean beans are the truth. We also often say: “Doing a hard job and gaining a share”, you can compare the successful learners to the poor learners to see what causes success and failure, and how much luck plays. To understand: good grades are diligent and add good methods, not by luck.
  • Second, you cannot dream of anything. Luck will not be successful; fortune-teller cannot predict your future. Only by us, by practice, by scientific methods, by our own hard work and struggle, is the correct way to the road to success.

5.2 interest in excuse

Some students are not good at a subject, poor grades; ask them what is the reason, he will confidently say: “I’m not interested!” Some students said: “I am not interested in learning, I learn not well, I do not Learn!”Want to learn to say no interest, do not want to do things also said no interest in something, these people often use interest as an excuse to carry out their lazy reluctant to do things, we call interest in excuse.

The main symptoms of interest and excuse are unwilling to learn or do not want to do things, in essence, lazy:

First, lazy thinking, the content of learning do not want to work hard, do not want to remember, but do not want to brains thinking, so learn not; The second is to act lazily, unwilling to work hard, not to study hard, even the basic tasks are not completed.

It can be seen that the main reason for not wanting to learn or do things is laziness rather than no interest.

5.3 How to prevent

First and foremost is diligence and conscientiousness. If you work hard to study hard, you will gain something, you will be interested, and you will no longer be excused by not being interested. Second, to recognize that interest is not inherently correct, it is the result of hard work, Is nurtured, is formed in the practice activities, but also constantly changing.

  • He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.
  • If God exists, I hope he has a good excuse.

Diligent excuse Diligence is an important factor in learning success, but diligence is not the only condition for success. In addition to being diligent, you also need methods and internal motivation. Some students emphasize the importance of diligence unilaterally, regardless of other important factors. Once the exam fails, they still hold the words of hard work, time-consuming, dead-study, comfort and excuse. “I tried my best, No way to learn badly.” Some students learn sleepless nights, worked hard, can be called “desperately Saburo”, but the effect of how they are all scruples, just to my heart comfort, “I tried! I desperate! I said they are suffering from Diligent excuse.

5.4 Prevent hard-working excuse

  • First, Diligence and methods, based on hard-working pay attention to learning methods to improve learning efficiency; learn to remember and think, improve the quality of learning; firmly grasp and use of knowledge; to strengthen self-regulation and control ability to play the main spirit. In short, pay attention to learning methods and independent thinking is diligent medicine to prevent diligence.
  • Second, Is to cultivate a strong interest in learning. Under the conditions of diligence and improvement of learning efficiency, experiencing the joy of experiencing learning can enhance learning interest and enrich learning interest.
  • The third is to stimulate the deep level of learning motivation, that is, to further stimulate students at a high level of knowledge, creativity and aesthetic needs. Take learning as your high level needs satisfaction, as an integral part of your life, this time your potential to inspire to achieve the highest level. Only reckless, blind and regardless of the effectiveness of diligent excuses can be completely cured.Good at thinking, full of interest and diligence, is the basic guarantee for learning success.

5.5 Environmental excuses

Some students do not work hard to learn poor results, not from their own subjective aspects of the reasons, but complain about environmental conditions, to learn all the causes of failure to push the objective environment, such thoughts deeper and deeper unable to extricate themselves, they Suffering from environmental excuses, they often complain about poor school conditions, life is poor, cannot be relieved to learn; also complain about the classroom is not peaceful, the teacher did not understand lectures; there are students poor family conditions and inferiority, compared to other people have to eat Wear money, etc., the treatment of this disease are the following:

  • Correct treatment of the environment. People are hard pressed to adapt themselves to the environment and adapt themselves to the environment. In a positive attitude to learning from the external environmental conditions, useful nutrients for my users can not only see the bad side. The correct attitude is like super- teacher Wei Shushing said: “Change yourself, magnanimous; complain about the environment, dusk dark, and has no effect.” Remember to ask for help.
  • Recognizing the factors that determine the success or failure of learning, the environment is one of the important factors, but the decisive factor is the subjective factor. The external environment is the external cause; the subjective factor is the internal cause. Treatment of environmental excuses must first learn from their own reasons and then is to play their own initiative, in order to improve their learning efficiency.
  • Seek good learning methods; improve learning ability and learning efficiency. For example, learn to remember and think, cultivate positive self-concept, enhance self-confidence and self-esteem, develop individual potential and inspire innermost feelings.

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