How To Be Successful – A Poem

How To Be Successful

How To Be Successful

Ladder ladder never used to rest, it just let people’s feet for some time, so that another foot can go up again.
Winding road twists and turns, but after all, toward the peak extension.

Only on the summit, you can see the scenery over there.
Even if the road is bumpy, the wheels go forward; the ships sail even if the river is choppy.

Only creation, is the real enjoyment, only hard work, is full of life.
Those who dare to declare war on the dark must be full of light in their hearts.

Lofty ideals are like flowers growing in the mountains. If you want to engage in it, diligence can be a climbing rope.
There is no ups and downs in nature, the earth will not Chunhua Qiushi.

Diligence is the password of your life, can translate you a magnificent epic.
Bees busy gathering, no time to talk before people.

Warriors strove out of boundless sea flow without sink, cowards in the calm will drown.
No matter how steep the mountains, always for fearless people to leave a climbing path.

As long as the sweetness can be harvested, there will be busy bees in the thorn bush.
Life can be sweet or bitter, but it can not be uninteresting. You can win, you can fail, but you can not give in. Nine hundred and ninety-nine defeat, and a thousand times …

Opportunities are only open to enterprising people, mediocre people will never be able to patronize.
People who only walk on the concrete floor will never leave deep footprints.

The significance of vitality is hard work, because the world itself is an arena.
The character of the waves is countless times crushed by the rocks and countless flashes toward the rocks.

Banyan tree rooted in deep soil, the shade of life will be longer and more prosperous.
Proud, is off the lead of the kite, fleeting; inferiority, is cut the wings of birds, hard to heaven. Both are taboo for talent.

If the saplings refuse to prune because of fear of pain, they will never grow.
After some sharpening of the sea, the pebbles have become more beautiful and smooth.

If the talent is like a sword, then diligence is a whetstone.
Experience the baptism of fire mud will have a strong physique.

Fireflies light spot though weak, but the light is to challenge the dark.
Beautiful blueprint, lazy hands, but also a page of waste paper.

Temporary setbacks can often be learned and insight through unyielding fighting.
Efforts to open up, only the curved bamboo whip into a straight bamboo.

Do not go to the hard work, not to sow, fertile fertile soil also grow crops, not to struggle, not to create, and then the beauty of youth also bear fruit.
No matter how good the seed is, if it is not sowed, it will not yield fruitful results.

If the hateful setbacks make you taste the bitter fruit, then the rise will surely let you taste the joys of life.
Falls — in order to run to rivers and lakes, even in the face of abyss, still whistling forward, never back down For the Warriors, poor, embarrassed, censure, defamation, cynicism … … all oppression are the driving force forward.

Smooth sailing, does not mean that driving is a smooth route.
In the vast desert, the only step forward is the symbol of hope.

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