How to Be Strong


 The weak are generally irritable tiger, and easy to fury. The strong usually calm water, and relatively calm. A heart is not strong, naturally not calm enough inside. The heart is not calm, everywhere is stormy. Small things, will be unlimited zoom. A heart is not strong, the heart will never lack of security.

How to become a strong heart?  Not strong enough means that it is easily influenced by the outside world, usually manifested as either paying particular attention to the opinions of others or living in the eyes of others. Thus losing the ability to judge independently, becoming unstable and restless.

To become a strong person, you need to have at least the following six qualities:

  • a high degree of self-discipline and self-black
  • you must experience despair
  • your ability to be alone
  • unlimited thinking
  • A faith
  • BE YOURSELF (do yourself)

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Highly self-discipline and self-black

Highly self-discipline

  Why do not you say self-confidence ? Unconfident people, the general heart is more vulnerable . A confident man, full of confidence in himself, work often with positive and progressive forces, and always full of passion. All blind self-confidence, and fasting self-confidence, are self-righteous. There must be true and learned in my heart, even in trial and error, but in the end I can reach the peak of my day.

  Where does human self-confidence come from? And how to cultivate their self-confidence? A high degree of self-confidence, from a high degree of self-discipline. What is self-discipline? Self-discipline is self-management, self-restraint. This is a very important ability. First learn to exercise restraint and control life with a strict calendar , in order to constantly hone self-confidence in this self-discipline. Confidence also represents the ability to control things, even the most basic time cannot control, talk about self-confidence?

  Apart from self-discipline, self-abilities are also important. The world is big, what birds are there. Someday you wait a little bit to score, many people who know or do not know will be behind, blazing discussion of right and wrong. From the beginning of Tucao, to the conclusion drawn out of context even boring black you.

  Since the black is to laugh at themselves, their own black humor. Since the black is a way of communication, but also a state, it is an alternative cultivation . Since black does not wait until someone says you, it needs to be capable from start to finish. You have to look through those boring vulgar people than they will be good at black, until they know boring, they will leave ashamed to go.

Must experience despair

Must experience despair

  Experiencing the meaning of despair, is already gone through this period of years. Maybe you have not despaired, it does not mean that you are not strong , but certainly not those who have experienced despair strong. Not despaired of life is not perfect life. Despair may be emotions , career or loneliness that can not be met.

  ”Must” is a prefix, an important condition. “Must” is not a proactive choice, but a full psychological preparation. When despair comes, accepting it with no fear , even losing the ego in the moment, is extremely painful. Finding hope in despair is a life worth living.

  Powerful people do not conquer anything, but what they can afford. Some things, only experienced, to understand the truth, and understand the true meaning of life. Despair is not terrible, terrible is the loss of courage and passion. Experiencing despair, but do not be engulfed in despair. On the contrary you have to overcome it, as over darkness, to meet the same light.

Ability to be alone

Ability to be alone

  Loneliness and solitude are not one thing, but two things, and often confused. People tend to regard communication as a kind of ability, but neglect solitude is also a kind of ability, and in a certain sense it is a kind of ability that is more important than communication. If you are not good at communication is a personality weakness, then, intolerance alone is simply a soul defect.

  To be able to endure loneliness , do not drift. Lone alone is a carnival, carnival is a group of people alone. The so-called mature , that is, the more you grow up, the more you can learn to adapt to a person. In solitude, find what you truly love and develop your own independent judgment.

  Only by first learning how to love yourself can you love others. If you do not learn to talk to yourself, it’s harder to communicate with others. The more alone, the more able to face and understand the plight of the more able to get along with others. Because of empathy, more empathy for each other think.

Unrestricted thinking


  Your vision is far away from others, your mind is broader than the others. The daily life of the calculation, the future will be calculated sooner or later in life. In addition, still live in a variety of small eyes and small pattern.

  Life is like driving a car. When you are 30 yards faster than others, you feel something that others can not perceive. Life is like a plane again. When you are 30,000 feet taller than others, the vision you see naturally differs from that of others. This means that when you are in the pursuit of higher and greater beauty, you do not have to worry about other people’s shortsighted eyes. All natural clouds, no longer affected.

  After being broad, they will not be bound by narrow dogmatism. After liberty , it will not be restricted by formalism.

Need a faith


  People are too limited, no matter what you believe, always have a belief, or no difference between animals.

  In this age, almost everyone has faith, only their own beliefs are different. It was the power of faith, the faith was money , it was self-belief, it was the faith of love , faith was happy , it was faith cuisine, it was Faith partisan, it was belief systems, religion was atheism, it was faith in God, belief in many gods someone, someone believe in Christ …

  No matter what kind of faith, are worthy of respect, and any faith needs to understand and believe in order to be called faith. Any kind of faith, if it is a muddled letter, cannot be called a religion, which is superstitious, including all religions, including Christianity.

  Wisdom and truth have a distance between heaven and earth. Learn to desire truth over wisdom. The truth can make people wiser to look at things in the world, tolerance is the attitude of the face of complex relationships, unwavering belief in running the road of life, calm and quiet face of human darkness and tragedy of the world.

BE YOURSELF (Do yourself)


  JUST BE YOURSELF. Do not try to please everyone, you can not do it now, you can not do it in the future.

  People cannot cover everything. Everyone should have the people they care about most and they are the most precious asset in your life . If they misunderstand or question what you do, it is worth your time to respond and explain.

  The following is the most care about the three groups, for reference purposes only: 1, the family (relatives do not count, see once a year, do not know your life orientation), 2, life confidante (one of the few true best friend , All know what to know); 3, pastor or mentor (spiritual mentor, and career leader in the forerunner).

  Their comments / opinions / suggestions will be carefully listened to. If you do not understand, we must fully explain and respond. Only those who really care about you have a more complete understanding of you, and most of the others are one-sided. In life there is no special intersection, some just hearsay or just a few noodles of it.

  Do not have to respond to those familiar with strangers, they do not necessarily really care about you, more just curious baby. Time is so precious that I have no time to take care of it, nor is it a matter of obligation of interpretation. Your life does not need to live in other people’s words, there are many more important things to do.

  Inner-hearted people rarely care about the opinions of others, including familiar strangers. Just as active people rarely focus on negative messages, they automatically block or digest themselves, even when they are seen. They are very aware of their own positioning and pursuit.

  Encountered obstacles, will do everything possible to eradicate. Encountered setbacks , do not easily give up the fall. Overcoming difficulties, they have the power. Solve the problem, they have the wisdom. Out of the dark, they have hope. For them, these are the only ways in life.

  The real heart of people, there must be a calm heart, a gentle heart, a wise mind. Must have experienced the storm, experienced a mountain valley, but also witnessed the hundred of life. Let us be strong and courageous in wisdom, strong and courageous in every path of life, to become strong people.

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