Growth, is constantly struggling and frustrating

Growth, is constantly struggling and frustrating

Growth, is constantly struggling and frustrating

She, driving millions of Masalitti on the Zhongzhou Road, has a million bank loans, struggling to the edge of life and death.

Growth, is constantly struggling and frustrating

She, BYD open work every day, but still worried about hundreds of thousands of mortgages, living in hot water.

She squeezed 9 bus routes every day from the Old City to Jianxi, with a deposit of 100,000, while the comfort of life was confused .

The three met on the road, crowded bus is very envied to open BYD, open BYD’s very envious of open Maserati. And open Maseratis and very envious of crowded bus.

What you see is the glitz of other people’s faces, and you can not see the bitterness behind them.

Everyone is envious of others, but do not know that others are envious of you in the same way.

Growth Quotes

Cats like to eat fish, but cats can not swim.

Fish like to eat earthworms, fish can not go ashore.

God gave you a lot of temptation, but will not let you easily get.

Life is like Xinyuan Mao Xu, seemingly free , but the wind ripples, involuntarily.

Life is very tired, you are not tired now, will be more tired later.

Life is very bitter, you are not bitter now, and you will be more bitter later.

No one in this world can really help you, except yourself.

Others help you, that is, not to help you, is the duty.

It is like an egg, break from the outside is food, but break from within, but it is life .

People are the same, break from the outside is the pressure, break from the inside is growth .

If you wait for others to help you break from the outside, then you are doomed to become someone else’s food.

Only by breaking ourselves, this is a rebirth.

Some people see a butterfly, struggling to come off from the pupa,

Butterfly out of goodwill help cut the pupa.

But did not think the butterfly came out, the wings are not open, eventually died.

In fact, the process of struggling butterfly is the process of growth,

You make it comfortable at the time, but in the future it does not have the power to face more challenges in life.

If you also want to become a butterfly, then you have to endure the painful process struggling in the pupa ,

Effort energetically, so as to Phoenix Nirvana.

Do not eat mixed wait for death, do not be mediocre,

Life is not numb repetition every day,

Take advantage of young, go out and accept the baptism of wind and rain.

Go to the heart of tolerance and open-minded to pursue your dreams .

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