Girl, Why do not you Live the Same Breath

Girl, why do not you live the same breath

Q:1 Especially when you are still a girl?

When you are young, you should have a sober vision and perseverance. See the people around to talk about love, and see who go to KTV, and see who spent a few days in the dorm Internet. So, you cannot stand up, you doubt what it is for hard work, why others are comfortable and comfortable every day, and I want to be lonely and work hard.

1.1 She report a University Teaching Class

An aunt told me that when she was in her twenties, all the people around her were married, only she was alone. Former colleagues looked at more than a year old holding a child in front of her, a man she had only to go home quietly swallow tears. Just this time, she met my uncle, all aspects are still appropriate, she put himself married. Originally, she reported a college training class, but after marriage, where there is still time to read a book, gave birth to children even more impossible.

1.2 Gossip Inside the Firm Study

The other woman who can be with her is different. She is 26 years old, 26 years old, in a small place, in the last century, basically cannot marry her life with an equal sign. However, she has been calm, in the neighborhood of women’s neighborhood short, gossip inside the firm study. Needless to say, at the end of this story, my aunt spoke earnestly and told me that the woman now has gone to Shanghai, her speech and deportment are far from her. And all of this is the beginning of that university training class.

When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That’s relativity.

The first symptom of love in a young man is timidity; in a girl boldness.

1.3 Woman is the Life-long Rising Level.

Mother said that the happiest life of a woman is the life-long rising level. The most tragic women I ever met were those who took care of them in their youth when they were young and failed to marry a good husband. When the youth had passed away, age went up, and in the golden age, they did not work hard. After that, life will go all the way down and lose the largest and only capital.

1.4 Further than the Normal People’s Hearts

However, it will not be able to adapt itself to live and circumstances beyond the ordinary people’s hearts. More than 40 years old, in the vegetable market selling vegetables, fluffy hair and dark yellow skin, buried in the bargain, and even did not even notice the passing of acquaintances around. Once the beauty of youth how? This woman is the worst woman I’ve ever seen alive.

The Goddess of wealth is unsteady, and so is the life breath. The duration of life is uncertain, and the place of habitation is uncertain, but in all this inconsistent world religious merit alone is immovable.

Our greatest glory is not in ever falling but in rising every time we fall.

1.5 Nearly all Beautiful time Tired in Worship

Twenty-year-old girl is undoubtedly the most beautiful and most beautiful year. But most of the girls at this time are not clear about their own lives. We do not know what we want, what we seek, and how we can be happy. Indeed, the most beautiful time spent in love, comfortable and comfortable every day, it would be one of the most beautiful memories, but after it? The twenties at your side nothing, childish boys.

1.6 Choose to Struggle, then, in Occasion

If he chose to struggle, then, in time, your eyes level slowly parted, when love hot faded, he was able to mature repeatedly flirting female colleagues, and you do not call him any conscience. After enjoying your most wonderful year without giving you happiness, after all, life is not moral condemnation and conscience to maintain.

1.7 When You Come Back to Middle Age

If he chooses to have fun with you, when you return to middle age, when you look back on your life and compare with people of different levels around you, do you regret that you dragged your lover over or are you hearing Shakespeare’s “true love People up “when you doubt whether the true love between? Then please do not later in the economy when the economic crisis, pointing to her husband’s forehead cursed him incompetent. You know you have at least half the credit for this status quo.

Q:2 Girls, no matter what time, please have your own goals and efforts?

I have seen many girls, love before all have ambitious goals and pursuits, generous demeanor, all kinds of ability not to let his eyebrows. After I fell in love, I only saw a little girl behind the boys. Her words were her boyfriend in the next three sentences. The whole life ahead of him would revolve around him in advance. You may say women should show weakness, too strong; boys will be at arm’s length.

2.1 Precondition for Showing Weakness

What I would like to refute is that the precondition for showing weakness is that you are stronger than the more dependent on frogs in the hothouse of love. You are not a bird in a cage, and when it comes to flying you find yourself out of the cruel world. And, if a girl has a dream of becoming a target, she wants to say that such a boy is too weak. He wants to use his weakness to maintain his weak self-esteem.

Q:3 Do not you see how many heroes’ sad beauty?

I have always despised those men who die for love. In my point of view which may be extreme, men are the cause of great cause, not completely addicted to their children. It is a woman’s responsibility to die for such a literary thing, and she is not responsible for the rest of the people, including himself. Fu Lei, in his book, spoke earnestly to his son, saying that he should not soothe his own demeanor because of a woman or feeling. Here’s the Patriarchal thought for the time being, his argument is not unreasonable,

Q:4 Why do you want to fight?

Behind every successful man has a decent woman. Maybe you’re not good, but at least you should not be the drag on his efforts to go down the road. You know, the Earth is so gravitational; it is not easy to drag a tail. Moreover, the most important thing is not this, but you still have to endure all kinds of irrational patriarchal society to what time? I want to ask you why boys are fighting and you are not?

4.1 Exposed the Reality to Mankind

Most sadly, it is not the sages who revealed the truth to mankind but were misunderstood by the gangsters and killed by the people he loves like Socrates and Jesus. But countless women used to call themselves for equality in society after men and women call for more contemporary women to imagine and resort to desperation or desperate to lose weight, make-up, make-up, whitening, and then marry a rich second generation to sit in the BMW finally become a dream.

4.2 New Beautiful Young Girl

You know wealthy people did so much, you know put a vase in the home will look tired, you have to know the new beautiful young girl child with onion-like length a length.In fact, these words are, after all, pleasurable to men’s rights.

4.3 Do not Slip Back to that Cozy Little Home

Why do you want to struggle, because you should always be an independent entity? Do not think that’s what you should because the status quo is unreasonable. Do not slip back to that cozy little home because of your inertia and historical inertia. And the family is not only comfortable, it also has trivial housework, day after day vulgar television drama, but how long you talk about all eyesight will be your petty trivial.

Q:5 But look around, now the woman?

When I think of Nightingale, she opposes the resistance of the whole family and resolutely opens up a new career. I cannot wait for tears. The Republic of China Qiu Jin, Xu Guangping, to the police, how many women break the secular prejudices,the pursuit of free love.

5.1 Women have Worked the Same Men

how many women like men to save the country in distress; not to mention since the founding of the country, women have worked the same men, digging ditch, into the factory. Of course, this has also been widely criticized by today as no female traits. This is entirely reasonable, let us ignore it.

5.2 She was Routinely Sent Home

Too many women’s dreams of life is to catch a golden tortoise, no one to unspoken rules, she was automatically sent home. More and more female college students do not imagine their own hearts out of a world, but marry a good man, to achieve a life class leap. How many women rely on the body by face to gain a place?

5.3 Door Following for You at the Present

Woman, do not be self- degenerate, you do not self-respect. Society is deprived, you are not clean themselves, do not need the first fall. The doors of the times have been opened up to the equality of men and women. Woman, do not leave this door behind for you now.

Q:6 United States to come to a double standard?

You know, the unforgettable Huinin of three men, she is by no means just a beautiful appearance. She has outstanding writing. When she was 20, she went to the United States with Liang Sighing to study in the United States. She shared her interest with Liang.

6.1 Skill to by Hand for Your Own Joy

Woman, please do not wait for the man to give you happiness, give you money to care for you. Such waiting to buy lottery tickets, too Xuanwu. Why do not you give yourself happiness Before you have luck to get the happiness given by men, please have the ability to yourself for your own happiness?

6.2 Chinese Society also to Learn

Or, you should not be such a sit back and wait, the same is the community, why men spell is really talented, but women have another completely different path of success? Whether it is rugged or swift are the rules of the game in Chinese society also to learn the United States to come to a double standard?

The whole life is a succession of dreams. My ambition is to be a conscious dreamer that is all.

The biggest changes in a women’s nature are brought by love; in man, by ambition.

Q:7 Do not you want to make a little effort?

When every successful woman is silent in an interview, she has to say: a woman is too good to be good unless she finds a good man; a glamorous female anchor, a beautiful face, Known pain, earnestly said: women, the workplace is not fair at all; beauty life smooth, ugly I cannot stand up; the pursuit of beauty in society as a woman chasing the success of the same peak, or, women, The greatest success is potentially defined as the beauty of the face and the devil’s body, the quickest way to success is to rely on beauty. When all this is your current situation.

7.1 Sacrifice and Hard job we have in Swap

Hundreds of years ago, our students did not have the chance to study freely, the bullying powers and warlords. Many family fathers sold their daughters and the elderly starved to death. But how many generations of sacrifices and hard work we have in exchange for what we have now; if a hundred years later, if the land in China still endures high prices, the food is not safe, the medical care is not guaranteed, it is afraid of being knocked out and the child is afraid of being abducted,then this will be a shame to our generations!

7.2 End of the Earth, or Unattractive Never Happened

Hundreds of years ago, several generations of women broke the shackles of feudal marriage, and you now have the opportunity to love and your boyfriend free love. One hundred years, if your offspring in the workplace have to endure injustice, but also life vulgar in the family End of the world, or ugly never happened, it will be your shame. The progress of society bears responsibility, and should never be just a man. This society is rich in diversity because of the difference, because of respect and continuous improvement.

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