For those Who do not have Confidence.

For those Who do not have Confidence.

Dedicated to 55 People without Confidence,

There is always an inspiration to chase your dreams!

  1, the starting point for success is self-analysis; the secret of success is to self-reflection.
  2, continue to improve the work process.
  3, I only have one heart, but just full can hold those who I love.
  4, there is an idea, we must take action, do not dream, believe in yourself, will be successful!
  5, you go, I do not send you. You come, no matter how much wind and rain, I have to pick you up.
  6, let the past be the past really, let’s take I can let time bury the frustration of memories.
  7, no matter what choice, as long as their own choice, there is no right or wrong regret.
  8 want and must be different. To have action, not want, is to go to pay for action, be sure!
  9, some way, only one person to go, the hardships on the road, only you know.
  10, we must establish a weekly plan.
  11, continue to integrate human resources.
  12, telling myself that there is nothing to go by, persist insisted passed.
  13, interpersonal relationships decide everything.
  14, take the initiative to actively make new friends. Everything must take the initiative to attack!
  15, friend, I only care about the quality, do not care about the quantity, pay is the heart.
  16, the happiest thing in the world than when people want to cry when you make you laugh.
  17 do not forget the life air time to say because often it is the truth.
  18, When you hold your hands, there is nothing in it. When you open your hands, the world is in your hands.
  19, sometimes we do something wrong, because the use of the mind when the emotional.
  20, record your goals in the tape, repeated every day, to enter your subconscious.
  21, a person does not have to be rich and powerful, as long as every night can sleep safely, is enough.
  22, the so-called maturity is only learn to hide, the so-called vicissitudes are just no tears and injuries.
  23, disappointment only two possibilities: the wrong person, or have expectations should not be.
  24, time is like a big sieve, stand the filter, the last to stay, is the real friend.
  25, should continue to consult the successful, ask them the methods and opinions of success.
  26, to encourage their own personalized signature: always believe that silence is a love a determination, a transcendent.
  27, sometimes, accidentally know something, only to find what they care about is so ridiculous.
  28, continue to build their own knowledge base.
  29, the amount of large is the key to getting rich.
  30, forgive, but will be buried quietly regret; forget, is the most profound and thorough tolerance.
  31. Since there is nothing can be done, so just let it be. Because of my heart nothing, so go with each other.
  32, any one thing, as long as you are willing to always be able to become simple.
  33, if there is no life, only the consequences and results, the past will not come back, come back is no longer perfect.
  34, your friend of your choice, determine your destiny.
  35, you must constantly study your competitors.
  36, to establish their own contacts, wisdom group!
  37, love is to give someone to destroy your strength and you are convinced that he will not hurt you.
  38, like to fight, get cherished, forget to forget, life is actually so simple.
  39, time management is very important.
  40, do not rely too much on people other than yourself, because only you will not abandon yourself.
  41, cannot hold, you can say to myself “I’m so tired,” but never in my heart to admit that “I cannot”
  In life, we are often forced to wear masks, but do not lose yourself.
  43, when you are laying down that person, it really relaxed.
  44, some people show off their beauty, are to let the world see their appearance.
  45, thinking must be positive.
  46, what is youth in the end, you ask yourself this question, but has never been the answer.
  47, every day to constantly review their own practices and results.
  48, successful people have lofty dreams, but have a reasonable goal.
  49 blame you. Have the ability to like others, no ability to others like you.
  50, anything needs a lot of promotion, a large number of promotions.
  51, self-change of the heart like, positive self-subconscious hint.
  52, if you give me and you give others the same, and then I do not want it.
  53, to be successful action.
  54, All human suffering is essentially anger of incompetence on one’s own.
  55, a happy day, why care about those who should not care about.

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