Ever tried, Ever failed, No matter. Try Again, Fail again, Fail better

Because of fear of losing, so do not try it

Because of fear of losing, so do not try it

Lily sister is our company’s reds, but we have been very strange, on height, she is not tall; on the appearance, nor outstanding; usually, nor how close she walked with the boss, do not know what she used Ways and means, always get the weight, with three years of promotion and pay rise have her share.

Because of fear of losing, so do not try it?  A few days ago, she took me to see a client, and nothing important thing, but the daily relationship maintenance. After seated, the coffee came up, greet each other two words, the customer inadvertently talked about busy with people recently talk about a cooperation project. When the other party finished, Lily sister spotted the opportunity without losing demeanor, have signed the contract yet? There is no possibility to give our company to do.

  The customer hesitated a moment and said that there was already a unit of intent to talk about, so I am sorry that this may not be possible. Lily sister did not give up , continue to say, I just want to know, how can we not become a line.

  After the buffet with the client, Lily sister did not go home, drove back all the way to the company, wrote a detailed plan of the night, took me to the customer early next morning there. The other party still treated us warmly and politely, but still some embarrassment after reading the plan may be a bit difficult …

  Almost overnight sleepless Lily sister face with a consistent smile , it is difficult to detect a trace of fatigue. She took the stubborn tone: it does not matter, we are today to solve these problems. You just need to tell me how you can make it. At least I managed to win it even though I could not cooperate in the end.

  After repeated discussions, modify the program, and finally, Lily sister stunned come from behind, from the hands of many competitors to grab this list over.

  The day she signed the contract, she invited me to eat, be small to celebrate. When I asked her where her courage and tenacity could be so persistent , she said that no matter if you want to get one thing or realize one dream , there are always such difficulties and obstructions. How many people react first is that since The overall situation will be set, then give up, the next chance to say. However, there are so good chances. I just say one thing more than others. “It is also possible to change it,” as long as there is a little bit of hope , I wanted to try.

  ”The original chance of winning is not big, but to be brave, in case of defeat , more shameful.” I blurted out.

  ”Dare to try, this is a young capital, what can be shameful. Have you heard that sentence? The most painful thing in life , not a failure, but I could, but not.” Lily sister said, She just did not want to regret not doing her best .

  So, I understand why it is always her weight.

  Look at my expression of admiration, Lily sister end up with the glass touched me, saying that in fact, her courage is not born there. In her college age, inner have low self-esteem too. School volleyball competition organized, and she clearly practiced in high school , can feel himself tall, afraid of being a joke, did not dare register. Too few girls in the class, it is difficult to cobble together a volleyball team, monitor talked to her twice, she finally reluctantly agreed to be a substitute. She played a few minutes in the last minutes of the game, even with a few points, students applauded wave after wave of sudden sudden enlightenment, she obviously can, why have been dreamed before?

  In fact, such an example, in our life is really too much. You want to raise a pot of plants, but never raised, think about some difficulties, or forget it; you want to PubMed, can think of day and night after the review may or may not succeed , you give up; you You want to run, but worried that he did not have the scientific method to run a few days can not lose fat, so he gave it; leadership to give you a new job, you have never done it, for fear of error, and pushed away …

  All efforts that may make you better are killed by you at the outset. If you have not tried taking the first step, how to master the method for cultivating plants could, how could enjoy the Earned sweating after running …… Does he did not experience fear, fear of sudden changes in his way, fear of things to the last Still not satisfactory results, or just lost, afraid of being ridiculed, would not dare to try?

  Actually, there are too many similar examples telling us that in many cases, those difficulties are really not as hard as imagined. Like Lily’s sister told me, “I say to myself many times, try again, if this does not go away, and then give up. However, each pass so come over. The hardest, just need you to take The first step to try. “

  Remember before reading Yang Lan wrote in her book to Michael Jordan interview, the great athlete known as “trapeze” said: “I have at least 9,000 pitching, I lost less than 300 games, there are 26 times People expect me to make a winning goal and I’m mistaken.My life fails one after the other, which is why I can succeed.I never got scared of failure, I can accept failure, but I can not accept no attempt. Jordan said that in the face of all the pain and dilemma, his magic weapon is that his parents educated his son from his sentence: “Everyone will encounter unlucky things. Your task is to find ways to make bad things a good thing.”

  And this, in fact, is a homework for all of us.

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Ever tried, Ever failed, No matter. Try Again, Fail again, Fail better.

  Every one of us has our own dreams and we all have the goals we want to achieve . All of us have the hope to be like that, but in the process, there will always be various kinds of interference. Instead of flinching, why not take advantage of youth , a bold try? Many things fail not to lose faith not because we can not do it , but because we have lost our confidence before we can hardly achieve it.

  Sometimes the distance between you and success may lie in the fact that you have tried it more than the others.

  (Source: walnut forest, abridged Author: Flow)

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