Encountered Rough Time

Encountered Rough Time

Who is the world, who do not like flowers spring? Who does not desire Yingge swan dance time? Who does not pray for a smooth life? However, the moon has a full moon, winter, autumn, winter, there are joys and sorrows, a lot of things, a lot of time, do not like do not mean do not run into, always inadvertently, we will encounter ups and downs, and sometimes Cannot even avoid it.

1. Colorful color Bleak, Happy days Painful

Encounter bumpy, we may be emotional, easy to sigh fate, easy to complain, easy to exaggerate the unfortunate. Irritability, anxiety, sadness, despair, suffocation, and even difficult to extricate themselves, as if everything around has changed, beautiful music harsh, colorful color bleak, happy days painful. In fact, the sky is still blue, the water is still clear, the woods are still green, because of a temporary attitude difficult to adapt to the bad mood, feeling changed, the concept distorted. Life on the road cannot be accompanied by sunshine, calm everywhere cannot be if you cannot change the fact and then change our attitude now.

Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds.

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.

(i) Trapped in Valleys, Adversity

Encounter the bumpy; we may have been negative, discouraged, malaise, unhappy. In fact, life is doomed to mountaineering, climbing peak, trapped in valleys, adversity, twists, and turns is the inevitable life, we cannot unlucky life, mountains and rivers do not doubtlessness, Liu Minghua dark and a village, endured to face it, With the bear, walking on the past. There is always one way or another in life, all the ups and downs are only temporary, find the solution to the starting point, smile, and the ups and downs will make us more mature, more perfect, more strong propped up a spiritual sky.

(ii) No rock cannot afford to stimulate the waves

Encounter bumpy, we may have thought of, no rock cannot afford to stimulate the waves, could not withstand the rough cannot become strong. Caterpillar’s not painful transformation, how can we break the cocoon for the beautiful butterfly?

(iii) How can demonstrate all-powerful heroism?

Hawks do not go through the blade of snow blade sharpening, how can demonstrate all-powerful heroism? Carp without the stormy baptism, how can we write the leap in the legend? Failure is a university, bumpy is wealth, suffering is gold, after a bath, a noble Phoenix; after a bitter cold suffering, only Aoxue plum blossom; after repeated quenching, only a scabbard Sword; after the sea, only we have outstanding.

If you judge people, you have no time to love them.

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.

(iv) Blossom from the bitter cold

Encounter the bumpy, we may have thought about plum blossom from the bitter cold, the blade from honed. The more difficult the more motivational environment fighting spirit, the more trained people. Do not be discouraged in adversity, not negative, can make a difference, is the so-called blessing, how can we know non-blessing.

2. Spring and Autumn

Wen Wang arrested for the play “The Book of Changes”, Zhong Ni Chuan as “Spring and Autumn”, Qu Yuan by and Fu, “Li Sao”, Sun Tzu and repair “Art of War”, Sima Qian punishment and “Historical Records” Beethoven deaf and general “Fate Symphony “. An old saying goes: those who have the will to do things, the most drastic, one hundred and two Qin Guan is the end of the Chu; painstaking, the sky, Revival, more than 3000 can swallow Wu.

(i) Continue to struggle or to give up?

Encounter the bumpy, we may choose, is to continue to struggle or to give up? Is to meet the challenge or prohibitive? Is the more courage or courage or depression? Is willing to fall or try to save you? In fact, the same failure and success, pain and happiness coexist, ups and downs contain opportunities, and setbacks contain the harvest, twist and turn hidden philosophy. Frustration is both a successful paving stone, but also the touchstone of will, but also the ability to hone, laughing on the ups and downs, the ups and downs as a driving force, bumpy become a leap, an experience, a harvest, a pleasure, It will make us more energetic, more passionate, more confident.

(ii) To Accept the wind and Rain

Encountered the bumpy, we may know that trees want to grow up, to accept the wind and rain; people want to mature, to accept the ups and downs. Rough as temper, allows us to show off the edge; ups and downs such as Der Spiegel, allows us three provinces Wu body; rough as a sharp edge, allows us to jade into a device; rough as musical notes can make us like songs of life.

(iii) Monotonous Experienc

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