Conceal – A Secret of be Yourself



You think I don’t wish for praises? I also want to chop some of my hair blow them dry take out my best heels with the jeans that show my body the best with a top that won’t let people take their eyes off me. And as I stand with all my accessories with the red blossom lips, I know how people will stop for a second to stare openly and then steal glances when I am not looking.

Yes most girls call it ‘the dream’ to pull off an outfit like that and be the center of attention and the one who blows up everyone’s mind. A part of me wants it but then what does it really give? An hour of praises? Then people forget how mind-blowing you looked.

Let them look at you for a moment in your PJs or without even a little powder on and they will forget all the times you looked awesome and remember this one look of yours. Why dress up to get those ‘ooos’ and ahhs’? Why even give a second of your time to think about that.

Yes it is a part of you but let me tell what else is. The better part is when you dress like the most modest person concealing your entire self-let alone the body people will remember. They will remember that there is this girl who is so cool with herself being herself she doesn’t need some clothes to get people’s attention or to make them like her.

Get praises for your wisdom for the person you have become the character you carry not the clothes you wear. Make them respect you not because you wear good clothes cause sooner or later that will go away what will remain is the impact your presence made. Make them aware of the fact that you are the same queen you are when out and the same when you are on a day off in your home.

Be yourself. Not just for the sake of fashion or some praises should you change the way you should be applauded.

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