Choose strong in the experience

Choose strong in the experience

When you are in the warm wind blowing, flowers, green mountains and rivers, fertile spring landscape, it will be intoxicated; when you face such as gold, the fruitful fall season, we will be delighted. You may have thought that the springideasll of courage after the baptism of the cold after the beauty of the autumn is to accept the crystallization of the summer heat melting. Looking back pondering, in fact, our life is also true. Without experiencing some ideals and struggles thoroughly cold, how can I get full of tingling?

1. Luster of life Needs to be Modified;

Ideal. Is the first level, just like a big tree, but it is only a seed. The luster of life needs to be modified; it gives the brightest indicator of life. With it, we will persevere in our own path and go farther and farther, and have a great idea, a lifelong ideal, a stage ideal and a year’s ideal.

2. Ideal of one Month.

But ideals are small, and even the ideal of one month, one day, one hour and one minute can ignite the most beautiful stars in your heart, thus washing away the vast dust of one journey and moving forward all the way. How to bloom in spring flowers gorgeous, summer stars how flashing silver, life’s road, how to sail, attracted a poem to Bi Xiao? I think the answer is simple – that is, let the heart grow into a tree “seed” landing, rooting and germination.

It is more pleasant and useful to go through the ‘experience of the revolution’ than to write about it

People who are afraid to fail can never experience the joys of success.

3. Struggle is the Second Level.

Struggle is the second level. Another big tree, its growth also needs process. Youth it is a bright and dazzling vocabulary, is under such a splendid time under us. Young heart cannot help but longing for a lot, yes ah, who do not desire to be their own helmsman, lead the life boat into another broad sea? From a student dedicated to reading and writing literacy, resolutely becoming a rush worker, we crossed the boundaries of our adult life, the most gorgeous chapters from here quietly staged.

4. Fly out of the Wings .

Bent on wanting to fly out of the wings of their parents, fight their own heavy Xiao nine days, after all, my youth, to be our own Lord! And just shouting slogan in a big way, desperate to leave the greenhouse, the face of boundless world, we are confused, should be calm about: my youth, how do I call the shots? In life, everyone will encounter unhappy things, setbacks, misunderstood, and criticized and so on.

5. Sunlight and Nourishment.

The feeling at the time was undoubtedly an insurmountable obstacle. But this is not the ups and downs of growth; the growth of trees is the need for sunshine and nutrition. Please give your confidence and courage when necessary. Remember: although the flowers in the greenhouse are long, they are never emanating from the bones.

We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

6. Third layer of the kingdom .

Harvest is the third layer of the realm: Autumn is coming; our tree will really grow up. Its growth reflects a shining road of life. Regardless of whether this “tree” is tall and straight, lush foliage, or even blooming, the result. Do not say whether the final harvest of this tree is the same as it was paid in the past. As long as it is harvested, it is already a result.

7. Flowers and Clapping .

Like life, success, they harvest flowers and applause, failed; they gain a period of experience, how many lessons, and then start all over again. As long as we use perseverance to break the shackles of destiny, with confidence and courage to illuminate life. Planting the ideal, unremitting struggle, I believe eventually there will be “wild goose cited sorrow, mountain title a good month,” the day, I believe there will eventually be a harvest!


8. Journey of Life.

Song of the past, in the journey of life, despite the ups and downs, had regret, but did not lose the beauty of youth . Believe in yourself, hope is always there, and let us remember that sentence: missed the sun, I do not cry, otherwise, I will miss the moon and the stars. So, let’s go!

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