Children Without Umbrella Must Work Hard

Children without umbrellas must work hard

Children without umbrellas must work hard

If you encounter a rainy day, a lot of rain, the most terrible is that you do not have an umbrella, what would you do, is trying to run? Or walk in the rain? This reminds me of a great on the surface of the philosophy of the story : There are two people wandering the streets, the sky suddenly began to rain, which started to run a passerby, Lu Renyi but was unmoved, still adhere to the original Step, passerby is very curious Q: Why do not you run it? He replied: Why run, is there no rain in front of it? Since all are in the rain, why should I waste my efforts to run it? Passerby a speechless.

Easy place, who are you, is a passer-by? Still calm as ever passerby B? Who are both of them wrong? In fact, they are not wrong, but the only difference is their life ‘s attitude is different, in fact, life is not right or wrong, every step is their own choice, will bring corresponding results, while difference is that we To be responsible for the results we make ourselves, and this result is our different life.

Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.

Our greatest national resource is the minds of our children.

Passerby’s life is relatively more positive, his final result may also be all-wet, and passers-by no difference, but the difference is that he tried hard to win, he may also get better results, that is, the clothes just wet A little, you can continue to wear, does not affect his normal communication activities; and passers-B’s attitude toward life appears to be a lot of negative and degenerate , he did not work hard to get well aware of the results, but he chose to accept what you look forward to As a result, you will get, your heart is what you want, so the probability of passers-by B wet one hundred percent things, he has no room for any choice. This is their difference, there are opportunities for passers-by, passersby B destined to tragedy, and do you think you are?

A running man means: no regrets, no complaints, brave face, accept the challenge, strive for, fearless, heart Full of ideas, full of hope for life, know how to create opportunities for themselves, and take the initiative. Stroll Passers-by means: negative passivity, to avoid challenges, without losing the first loss, forbearance compromise, loss of opportunity, one can look forward to life, obedience, enterprising and so on. The reason why we have different lives is that we have different ideas because we have different definitions of opportunities and challenges. We choose bravely or evade negatively. As a result, we cannot judge it absolutely. However, both lives tell us a very clear truth; the first person still has hope, the second person only disappointment. Buddha said: predict the past cause, this life is the recipient; predict the afterlife, life maker is. The life and achievements you have today are the results of your effort the ts yesterday. The life and achievements you want tomorrow. Today’s hard work and progress are the decisive factors for them. This is the karma often reported by Buddhists. In real life, most people like you and me, are no umbrella but ran into heavy rain of children, we are very ordinary, as our parents as ordinary to the world just feel short of our existence, that is not our low-key, but we do not have a high-profile capital.

That’s been one of my mantras – focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than omplex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end, because once you get there, you can move mountains.

I never called my work an ‘art’ It’s part of show business, the business of building entertainment.

Our father is not Li Ka-Shing, nor is Li Gang, nor is TM Tata Lee King, we are just an ordinary life of John Doe, usually, God is always special for us P people “care”, we in life The rain on the road encountered will be larger than others, and many people come to us to tell us that this is the test of God, called: “Heaven is a great man, we must first bitter their minds, labor its bones, We are also very happy to meet every challenge to accept every one of our death, unforgettable test, time and again, success , failure, such as shadow, tears and Sweat interwoven experience, not that we have no choice, but we have chosen a more difficult way, children without umbrellas, we chose to run hard.

We do not have a proud academic background, nor do we have any prominent professional background. Even the companies that we serve are no small workshops for influx of people. We do not have those who move freely in both English and Chinese, Carry a laptop everywhere PPT put someone else’s fart, we have a very ordinary day, but we are moving toward the extraordinary. Someone told me that life should learn contentment , but do not easily satisfied .

Contentment will make us realize what is happiness , what deserves our sincere devaluation ; but not satisfied will tell us, in fact, we can do better, we can go further, maybe we have a larger Chances, just as children running in the rain, our contentment is that we can at least run, which is undoubtedly the happiest thing in the world than many people in wheelchairs, but we do not want to be content with this, we More hope to have their own piece of clear sky, we work hard to run forward, toward the sky of freedom .Running is not only a capacity, but also an attitude that determines your attitude toward life.

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