Beauty Of This Life

beauty of this life

beauty of this life

When you know that there is no one you can actually explain what is happening inside your mind and your heart but you know you have to be okay.

Because if you won’t be okay how can you make someone else feel okay, make them feel that its alright to be broke that they will come back to the normal again.

But the feeling when you know you will be fine eventually but the period which eventually refers to, kills you every second inside out making you feel so broke and so miserable that you think there is no tomorrow, no better except what’s going on and you have to live with it without even sharing coz people won’t take your view into consideration and call you whatever they think even the ones you love and the ones who love you.

Yes there comes a point when its you against the entire world. No one to stand before, after or beside you. You need to be the one man army and have to fight these emotions yourself coz no one will understand you and everyone has pushed you to the point of not even caring that they care or understand you or not. And even if it matters you need to shut it off coz hearing to that side and realizing it still exists just make you want to scream so loud, trying to tell everyone that no matter how tough you are you still have a heart which beats every second flushing the blood under the skin engulfed in emotions, emotions which you can’t deny but you need to shut them off to live and function properly.

That’s the beauty of this life. Wanna try living?

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