And Then She Decides to Die – A Girl Death Story



Story of a Girl – Who Decides to Die

The first cry of the newborn along with the doctor saying ‘It’s a girl’ marked the starting of the life of a little being. Her birth in the low-class family was considered a blessing by the members hoping she brings prosperity in their lives. From the moment she was born she had been the center of attention as the family expected highly from her.

From the very little age she was pressured to study hard to achieve good grades. The parents were strict as to make sure she doesn’t waste time in activities that may affect her efficiency in any way. Frustration started building up.

Due to her family not being well-off she was a target of a complex as the students around her got more luxuries than she could ever imagine allowing her parents were always there to provide her with the necessities of life. She grew up in an environment where she was scolded and often beaten for not scoring as high as her cousins. But she was not a person to give up.

She struggled with her studies when the financial condition of the household worsened. She saw her father working more than he should be to provide for her education and the daily house items. With all this happening in her house, she saw the outside as a way to stop thinking about her problems. She started attending events with her group of friends.

She strayed from her studies. With all this came a point where she fell in the disgusting cycle of a relationship. She became a person who used to be with herself. She stopped sharing details of her life as it made her think that people might take it the wrong way and think lowly of her. The relationship was the only thing that was going well in her life.

But as time passed arguments lead to its end. This left her devastated. Due to this, she couldn’t study well and therefore failed an exam. A girl who was raised in a house where she was the one studying at the expense of her father’s double shifts, this news brought a mayhem.

Taunts from the members and friends and family made her want to escape all the pain and suffering she had been in from the very start of her life. She wanted a way out as there is only a threshold of pain a person can experience without breaking and all this was beyond it.

One day while she was supposedly studying she thought endlessly about her situation and reached to the decision of taking her own life as it may end the pain she thought. Little did she know that suicide wasn’t going to end the pain it just transferred the pain from her to her family. That day she took her life by hanging herself to death.

That was for her a solution to all her problems. While in reality, it wasn’t a solution as solution solves the problem and makes things better she just got rid of hers. Her death was a huge blow to the family who suffered the pain she was carrying within herself.

Pain needs to be lessened by sharing it with others for a heavy bag feels lighter when you have a person to carry it with. Giving up on yourself is the rock bottom a person should never go to. Friends and family should always be there to listen to all the troubles and offering solace to the person in trouble for he/she needs an anchor for strength and stability.

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