A Coin Story

A coin story

A young man caught a rat, sold to the pharmacy, he got a copper coin. He walked through the garden and listened to the gardeners who were thirsty and thought again. He bought a little syrup from the copper coin and gave it to the gardeners. The gardeners drank water and sent him a bunch of flowers. He sold these flowers to the market and got eight bronze coins. One day, it was raging and stormy, and the orchard was full of dead leaves and fallen leaves have blown off by the wind.

The young man said to the gardener: “If these broken leaves give me, I will clean the orchard.”

The gardener is happy: “Yes, you take it!” The young man bought some candies in eight copper coins and handed them to a group of children who helped him pick up all the fallen leaves. The young man went to the royal chef and said there was a pile of wood to sell to them, and the chef paid 16 copper coins for the firewood.

“Some people are just sad when there aren’t talking squirrels.”

“Both sides so blinded by their fear and hate of each other that they couldn’t see they were all fighting for the same thing.”

The young man made a living with 16 copper coins and he set up a tea stand not far from the city because 500 mowers nearby had to drink water. Soon after, he met a businessman who had stopped drinking and told him: “A horse dealer will bring in 400 horses tomorrow.”After hearing the words of the businessman, the young man thought for a moment and said to the mowing worker: “Today I do not collect the money, will you each give me a bunch of grass, will you?”

  • The workers said generously: “OK!” So young people have 500 bales of grass.
  • The next day, horse traders came to buy feed, then out of 1000 copper coins to buy the young man’s 500 bales of grass.
  • A few years later, the young man became a famous local tycoon.
  • The story is very simple and interesting. The success of young people is not accidental because he possesses modern management quality.

“We all ended up somewhere with our various uncertain lives flapping about us in tatters and our pockets full of foreign coins.”

“I tend to over-analyse things. I’m not the type of person to flip a coin and let things happen.”

“Courtesy is the one coin you can never have too much of or be stingy with.”

First, he has a lot of ideas: he understands that if he wants to, he must pay for it. He first gave water to the gardener to drink, the gardener got the benefit, gave him a reward. This is also a win-win wisdom.
Second, he is very insightful: he knows those broken leaves can sell a good price, but how to get a lot of knowledge. Therefore, he proposed to exchange for labor. This is also in line with the social norms of industriousness and wealth.
Third, he is well organized: he knows it is hard to get the job done alone. He organized a group of children to work for him and paid them with candy. From this point of view, he has leadership skills and management skills; he has won a lower cost of greater investment returns.
Fourth, He is informative: he can capture the opportunity to make money from talking to businesspeople, and then buy a large number of stockbrokers at a lower price for a good price. This is very much in line with the economic trade we have today in the information age.
Every one of us dreams of success, and wealth is right around us. Some people complain about poor wealth, others complain about social injustice, and others feel that their parents are incompetent … In fact, what we really lack is the diligence and wealth finding.

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