50 life Changing Illusion

Fifty life illusion - see how many do you have

Life on the road has never been easy, when a few moments off, floating ups and downs, when a few hours crying laugh, joy and joy, self-confidence we believe our own intuition, frustration, always feel the illusion, and these illusions will make People fall into some whirlpool of life, if not seen, may endanger your life. The following 50 people illusion, it is worth to see!

1. Individuals can only be changed by reality

If you become h4 enough, others cannot refuse you; if you can command yourself, difficulties cannot hinder you … You can change your world and change your life by first changing yourself.

2. Why never met is always me

The world is not pregnant, only those who do not know how to sell themselves; pregnant with the truth is not good enough, not enough effort.

3. All things help others, will be easy to succeed

On the way of life, we have to rely on ourselves – by our own understanding, by our own will, by our own pursuit … Life is a one-way ticket, and there is no return. All we can do is work hard and we can rely on Only you.

4. Do anything, give yourself a good stay

Give yourself a retreat without a cliff, is to give yourself a chance to assault the heights of life, but also to give you a piece of outstanding tickets.

5. Versatile, demanding all-round development

Today, in the big bang of knowledge, no one can become a full-fledged talented person, but only become an expert who has some knowledge or certain skill. Therefore, in real life, there are many talented and versatile people who often have no choice but to have one single specialist.

6. Disobedient bad boy, difficult to amplifier

There are never perfect people and things in the world. Children who never make mistakes will either become mediocre when they grow up or make big mistakes sooner or later. Therefore, we should moderately reduce expectations and demands of our children, encourage them to truly face their shortcomings and mistakes, and encourage them to try their best to avoid mistakes, pay attention to the process of experience and harvest, and remove the “good boy” mask.

7. Everything cannot think too simple

Avenue to Jane! The classics are simple, the truth is simple, and the most useful things are simpler things. Complexity can result in waste, while efficiency comes from simplicity. Finding the key part, removing excess, success is not that complicated.

8. Anything, we must break the casserole asked in the end

Something you have to understand may make you very tired, but the results are often not as you imagine. So there is no need for anything to break the casserole asked in the end.

9. Physiological defects, let me feel ashamed

Small bad why? Little rotten oranges can make sweeter, small problems can make men more lovely, a small mole makes the face more charming beauty. Some defects are the gifts God has given you, treat them well, and you will have another unexpected gain.

10. Resentful, non-gentleman

The ancients cloud “people who forbear no anger, better than the brave,” “self-cultivation is better than aggressive siege generals.” Tolerance in life can reduce the gap between people, so that we can better communicate with each other more considerate and caring.

11. Why the failure is always me

Grindstone is a sharp knife friend, grassland is a horse friend, the obstacle is the will of friends, and the difficulty is the victory of friends. Fate is not destined for heaven; fate is determined by the degree of human struggle, by the people themselves.

12. A man cannot lie

Summer treasurer in “Entering the East” said: “No one is willing to deal with the always hypocritical and smooth people, but blindly honest, but also easy to hurt people. Therefore, the businessman is concerned about the big honest, that is, in due course, when appropriate, say the right words. “So, everybody’s chance to tell the truth is actually very small. If frank and loud is an injury, then choose the wit “lie.”

13. Shen Kui in yesterday’s regret, it is hard to extricate themselves

To become a happy and successful person, the most important thing is to remember to close the door behind you and learn to forget past mistakes and mistakes. Do not indulge in annoyance and remorse, and keep looking forward. Time is gone It is a new day tomorrow. Do not make past mistakes and mistakes become the burden of tomorrow.

14. Poverty days doomed, cannot be changed

Poverty is not terrible. What is terrifying being the lack of self-reliance. Poverty is not terrible. Terrible is the return or willingness to die of mediocrity. Poverty leads to lasting poverty. The will to compromise on poverty will result in a behavioral abandonment of the change of poverty, which will eventually lead to poverty for the rest of the world.

15. Bitter to eat, side for people

Modern people summed up the success of several elements: the correct thinking, relentless action, great character, skillful, heavenly chance, precious health. We can see that if we want to succeed, we must not only suffer from bitterness and bitterness, but also cooperate and support relevant conditions. Those who know the hardworking people, those who ate unworthy of eating, and those who treat hardship as the magic weapon to solve all problems People, I am afraid I can only continue in the “bitter” vicious circle wandering.

16. Everyone should be born to do big things

The sea cannot choose trickle, it can become its big: mountains do not refuse the fine soil, can only its high. The work we are doing now may be overly plain and trivial. But this is work, life, and indispensable foundation for the achievement of personnel. For the practitioners, everything is trivial, simply is not equal to easy.

17. Some time, do not rush

Tree for static, but the wind more than. The only constant in this world is change. Everything must be done when you think about it. Never wait and delay. No way in life cannot go heavy, today, though not the best, but it is hard work. Time is changing, the key is to grasp the moment.

18. The problem is coming, learn ostrich will head buried in the sand

Encounter problems and difficulties, some people learn ostrich, head buried in the sand; while others are learning tiger on the face. However, in real life, the majority of people are the former, while the latter are rare morning stars. Life will inevitably fall into the doldrums, this time you have the courage to stand up and do affect the source of all, so as to seize the opportunity to stand out.

19. At the same time to do a lot of things, the energy dispersion

Goethe said: “a person cannot ride two horses, riding this horse, it is necessary to lose that match; smart people will put away all the demands of decentralization.” Human life and energy is limited, we have to learn the same condenser, ruled out all the trivial interference, all the information, energy, enthusiasm focus and lock your goals, this way, you do not want to succeed are difficult.

20. Never take the dream seriously

Humans are magical about their dreams but have you ever found that your dreams drift away from you as you age until you finally disappear. At this moment, you confirm that your dream has been stolen without the courage and ability to regain it.

21. Neglect of personal bad habits change

The ancients said: “Less into natural, habits such as nature.” Bad habits are the hearts of our hearts cannot be opened; Bad habits are the turns we can turn; bad habits are our invisible barriers … Good habits to keep bad Habits to correct, never let bad habits about our future.

22. Afraid to make mistakes and refuse to try

Nobody likes to make mistakes, but some people say that making mistakes is the best way to learn. The same is true for what we call “eating a harvest, growing in wisdom.” If we look at the mistakes we make from another perspective, it may not be a good thing. Because we can learn from mistakes and drive us to progress.

23. Blindly insisted

Appropriate to give up is open-minded, confident, beyond the self, is to give up a heavy burden on their own relaxed. Life is not absolutely desperate when you have no way to go, calm yourself, give up, a new hope will be displayed in your eyes.

24. People life, too much publicity

The ancients said: “The sea cannot give up, so Sheng big.” The reason why the sea can accommodate thousands of rivers and streams, it is because they always put their place to the lowest, so become broad and profound. The same is true of a man, should always put his position on the low side, and with a modest attitude should be, so as to draw upon the public in order to conclude a good karma.

25. Lack of courage to start over

Failure is not terrible, terrible is somehow lost. Good at summing up the lessons of failure, analyze the reasons for failure, access to rare experience, failure can become more valuable than money, is the new starting point, is the successful Inn.

26. Follow the public to go, absolutely not wrong

To be their own masters, have their own ideas, control their own words and deeds, cherish their emotions … because they dominate themselves, so a deeper understanding of themselves. Because of their own, so I like myself, and then show their best side.

27. Life as long as the status quo on the line

“The sky will be greatly reduced to any man, must first bitter his mind, its bones, hungry body … …” This is actually to tell us to stay away from the comfort of the trap, we must continue to make their own “uncomfortable” state, can we have a great deal.

28. Never be joking fool

It is true that one can only learn to skate at a stage like stupid, only after a stumbling block-up, and in any case, he can only make progress (Bernard Shaw) if he bravely learns to learn a fool.

29. Interpersonal communication is too intimate

Intimate, wonderful beauty in the distance. Mochizuki in the water, misty flowers, the concept of beauty curtains, deep exploration treasure. All charming charm, nothing more than the magical distance effect. Keep a distance, sometimes give people a kind of hope and confidence, and feel like a hint of warmth and fragrance.

30. Mountains, however, I will not pass

When the difficult “big mountain” does not take the initiative to move, we should take the initiative to approach them in the face of difficulties. Instead of waiting to make momentum, it is better to take advantage of the opportunity. When we cannot bring the mountain closer to us, the best we can do is take the initiative to approach the mountain.

31. Other people’s words are always right

Some people’s comments, may make you sad, but do not forget the “natural I will be useful” phrase. However, if you are superstitious to others, you will not judge your own worth by others’ goals. Learn to accept yourself, do not underestimate yourself, always believe that one day they will have their own stage.

32. The eyes will not see absolutely wrong

Tagore said: “We have mistaken the world, saying the world has deceived us.” The world is not operating in the way you imagine it. The reason why we see the world wrongly lies not in the illusion of life, but because our intuition deceives ourselves.

33. Too much accusation of others, but not self-reflection

It is easier for people to see the problems on the outside than to see the problems inherent in them, and to make mistakes to others is easier than to review themselves. As a result, cynics from the young angry to the old, long staring eyes look nothing pleasing to the eye. “Survival and danger, do not seek outside, be self-aware … …” To have a more comprehensive understanding of ourselves in order to find the entry point to resolve conflicts.

34. The past is too heavy and carved, it is difficult to break away

The reason why many people find it hard to be happy is that they cannot let their hearts hatred toward others. They do not know that hatred is actually a double-edged sword, wounding and hurting them.

35. Regardless of the right to do “good man”

Kindness is not wrong, but also distinguishes between rights and wrong, regardless of the goodness of principle, is “foolishness”, just like Mr. Dong Guo. Therefore, dare to say “no”, not to be exploited by others, let alone carelessly become scapegoats for others, before you find out whether something is worth doing.

36. Why do I always have to go with me

Thank those who hurt you, because he honed your mind; thank deceive you, because he has enhanced your wisdom; grateful to slander you, your temper because he will make everything …… thank you grow people Because of him, you will continue to progress.

37. Always criticize others, the most annoying

The critics who can just criticize us and blame us for their shortcomings and mistakes are our rare friends. The criticism of goodwill is like a jug of wine. As we revel in the world of such friends and colleagues, the factors of criticism seem to be contained in each Intuitive feeling in the cell.

38. Always feel frustrated for their own setbacks

You should be lucky to meet setbacks as it proves that you will face even greater challenges and challenges and prove that you still have room for improvement.

39. Often find an excuse for failure, but do not find a way to success

Beautiful “excuses” only make themselves lose their will and confidence. As long as we learn to try every means and do our utmost to work hard, there will be no “big problem” in the world, but only the failures and regressions that have not been made enough.

40. Just hurry, lost himself

As the saying goes, “stolen life half idle”, we do not need to hurry, live very tired. When frustrated and anxious burning every nerve of our time, when the helpless melancholy coming, we need to feel a vacation, as alive and just to hurry.

41. Happiness is always elsewhere

The worst part of human nature is that we always dreamed of a marvelous rose garden on the horizon, not the rose that is on our window today.

42. Without the encouragement of others, there is no incentive

Others cannot afford to think of themselves as themselves. On the way of life, we must learn to give a smile to ourselves. Add enough oil; play enough gas, what difficulties do not go?

43. Work is too busy without suspension

In life, we are often tightened by an invisible line, so you are struggling, running wild and doing your best, but the result is tantamount to suicide. Sometimes, when you take a nap and take a nap, you often receive unexpected results. Because of the pause, is to give your journey of life cheer, in order to better get back on the road.

44. By nature, can live self

When you are angry, you cannot make anger and keep the surrounding collaborators from staying away. When you are depressed, you can indulge your sluggishness and waste many fleeting opportunities. On the road to success, the biggest enemy is actually not a lack of opportunities or superficial qualifications, but the lack of control of their emotions.

45. Use their own standards to measure and ask others

In many cases, people are “kind-hearted,” but do “bad things,” because we mistakenly treat our preferences as others’ preferences and ask for them according to their own preferences.

46. Mean, hard to tolerate others

Tolerant people like the spring breeze full of life, it is approachable; In general, with its choice of mean, it is better to choose tolerance.

47. There is no guard against the “saboteurs”

In our work and life, there are always such people who tell stories of what is right and what they are annoying. They are truly rotten apples in their own circle. All we need to do is “draw a line” with them or keep a safe distance from them.

48. Old with their own not go

Many troubles are mediocre, to learn to put their own horse, the world is not unhappy people, only unwilling to make their own happy heart.

49. Worried, always worried about bad things happen

Facts have proved that most people’s anxiety and worry things have never happened before do not be overwhelmed by unnecessary “burden”, learn calmly, and laugh at life.

50. Contentment Change, a little mediocre anyway

We cannot fly, but we can fly our dreams. The difference between an outstanding person and a mediocre person lies in the fact that the goshawk of the spiritual world is flying soar.
Editor: Do you know? Something that you think you are right or something is actually a longstanding illusion. Sometimes, we have to understand meditation, think about how to plan your life, then more than 50 people illusion, you see?

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