10 Important Life Lessons Peking University Taught Us

Why Should I at Peking University

In that year, I really almost put myself into a piece of rusty iron. Sleeping time to chat to see comics to eat snacks, followed by those boys yelling, the young female teacher angry tearful eye, and then complacent and ocean. It was a sad day, like a colorful black hole, it looked spectacular, ghostly attraction but unconsciously a little bit to pull you into the bottomless abyss. So fall, so degenerate, and even more sad is that you know that you are falling in the degradation is incapable of changing. The power of habit is indeed so big that I have no choice but to give up the final struggle and hard work. Now think about it, it’s just cowardice, it’s just laziness, it’s just a seemingly high-sounding reason for looking down on you, and everything is self-deception.

A fool’s brain digests philosophy into folly, science into superstition, and art into pedantry. Hence University education.

To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle.

But then there was nobody pointing at my nose to scold me, saying that if you did not want to break the jar like this, you would like to finish your whole life like this. Maybe they’ve given up on me, sometimes I think. And then it’s ridiculous to disdain, disdain and self-righteousness are free and easy – who is who. Actually, at that time there really should be someone who, as many people have experienced, pointed at my nose and poked my backbone and said that you do not know what you are doing and are not sure what you want, I do not know what my future will be.

However, no matter whatsoever people will have their own bottom line, just as Deep Jian will have its trough. Everything is like slides, laughed unscrupulously along the way, finally fell heavily in the following, badly beaten.

Perhaps, people only when the pain, will seriously reflect on what went wrong step, always fall some hesitant to learn around the road. And this simple but true, I paid a full year of youth really understand. One year, 365 days, you can make Marie Curie found radium, Einstein can be the year to make E = mc squared, a year can make a baby learn to stumble into the embrace of the mother, a year can make a vigorous Love begins to end. But this year, I only got that sentence. Fortunately, it is not a loss, it is not too late.

High second division, I chose the text. You cannot imagine what kind of bad culture class I have in my secondary school? When I now college students quite self-complacent to tell me that their middle school class Peking University Tsinghai dozens away, I gently smiled. The liberal arts class where I live is a liberal arts course with three undergraduate students. Even more, ironically, all three are repeat students. I was resolutely in everyone or helpless or satirical or unnecessary vision Write up on the liberal arts registration form his name. That is the best look I’ve ever written in my life.
I just woke up suddenly; I felt my life cannot be like that. Many people later asked me what happened, maybe they wanted me to hear a legendary prodigal son backstory, and I was able to think of that explanation only this one, I just think that my life should not be like that Lang local past.

But I still underestimated the impact of the past year on me. The first monthly exam, I took the 12th grade. Perhaps this is a performance that sounds unsatisfactory, but only conscience and reason enough to remind me that it is an undergraduate on-line liberal arts classes. If you cannot put all the people left behind, 12 and 120 What is the difference? So far I still remember that the first test that girl. Is an unknown of the girl child, a little thin, black-rimmed glasses with the thick deputy, Pouf on the desk is always somewhat stooped figure? And the impression came because all people can only see her lying on the table forever. She has been the first one in the class to come to the last one. I have always held a kind of inexplicable exclusion and resistance to that kind of student, and I think you all have a great lesson. Is it just that you are studying for life? If I study hard like you, I will be the first in the city. In fact, I did not dismiss her until the test score came out. Then I ushered in the most important class in my life. I do not know what kind of weight to thank the class teacher, because if it is not her statement, now where I am not necessarily.

At the class meeting, she said: “This grade is very indicative of the problem. All the people who have to take the exams should take a test.” Then she glanced at me and I understood her subtext, which meant to me that she belonged to no reason A good pile of people in the test. Strange, I actually did not blush. I do not know too long the fall has unconsciously polished the original sensitive self-esteem, or subconscious still her words or not, I was blankly met her gaze. Her eyes just quietly swept me, and then continue: “I know that some people think they are very intelligent and talented, look down on those who seriously study hard work, always feel that people are stupid birds Xianfei is a natural deficiency, but I would like to say that you Just cowardice! You are afraid to try, you just cannot like them hard to work hard, because you are afraid of their painstakingly inferior to them, hard also cannot test the first, the result was anti-ridiculed, you would rather Not to try, just because of the risk of failure , and you cannot even afford it because, in your heart, you are not sure at all ………… `” What did she say after that I already thought Arise, I admit that I was completely where I was, because of the few words she said. “You’re just cowardly …………” At the time The feeling is thunder and the same shock the whole person, and repeatedly echoed in my mind there is only one sentence: “You are just weak.” She is correct.

The shock of a sudden awakening is the language cannot describe, but also I do not want to use words to express. You can only imagine the results, but also only need to imagine the results. That night I wrote in the diary, try it. I do not want to force anything, I just want to try, try hard so hard to go to school for a month will not work. At that time, I did not dare to promise anything to myself, and I really could not afford it. I just hold a thought, give it a try. And then ushered in the most dramatic month in the life. The reason why it is dramatic is because it’s like unimaginable monk is no longer wordy, Monkey King is no longer aggressive, Judaev is no longer greedy, I cannot believe that from 6 o’clock in the morning to teach classes to 10 o’clock Evening class study does not move in the position of a steady and steady people can be my own. In fact, not so simple, really not that simple. When I went to do it bit by bit I realized it was too hard to change the habit of forming 365 days in a few days. To create a miraculous miracle in a month It’s too hard.

Habit into a natural ah, as the saying goes, “heart like the plains, easy to lethargy,” wild used to the heart, want to recover at once, easier said than done? Often sitting could not resist sitting, the heart began impetuously, and eyes began to drift away, several times almost to give up. It was just that I was always pressing down on that most dangerous edge and telling myself that I could not bear it any longer. Actually bluntly that one sentence: could not resist the time, and then forbear. I admit that I am a very arrogant person in my heart, I just do not believe I’m going to work hard, I just do not believe I can really do something when I cannot do that, I just do not believe in this world really what impossible things. I Believe that nothing is impossible.

Always struggle for victory.

Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.

Then I ushered in the long-awaited Midterm exam. So far I still remember the feeling after the test. Hold the book on the way home, dazedly looking at the crowded, and trance want to really finish it? Why did not my heart empty landing? That is indeed the most special examination of my life, because it is my future direction and the choice of the road, the risk is too great, how can I get enough peace of mind? In fact, the test results must have guessed. I really make everyone really impressed once again. Yes, I test the first, the city first. You can never imagine how important that result is to me. I was unusually calm when I knew the grade. At that moment, I realized that the impulse to boost and shout was only calm at its peak. When that long-standing name appeared on the first line of the transcript, I silently said to myself: Remember, nothing in this world is impossible. Nothing is impossible.

Later I never changed that attitude and method. In fact, all methods are plainly no way. Only one word: hard. I stick to my method is not the method, but also adhere to my name on the transcript position, until the final exam before the college entrance examination, I always ranked first. However, the real challenge has not started yet. Even though I can firmly occupy the first place, even if I can throw a few dozen each second place, I know that PETRONAS is too far away from me, far even in the dream cannot see the truth. All the teachers are convinced that I will be the best liberal arts student ever to ever get to school, and the best liberal arts students in their concepts mean that you can go up the mountain, and if you are lucky, maybe You can reach the threshold of Fudan even NPC. And I just Peking University. I never talked about my volunteerism to anyone – if I could call it volunteer. I just want to save all my strength.

Second semester of high school, we moved into the just completed teaching building. On the day of relocation, there was a lot of noise in the corridor, and the sound of pulling the bench on the bench was heard in the corridor. I silently skip the window and embark on the big platform outside the sash on the second floor. Opposite is the playground, the first snow is unbelted, the air is wet and cold, and bare branches stick straight to the sky. The snow of the sun shines through the eyelashes coolly in the eyes, eyes quietly watching the far sky, I said a word, only said a word. In the distant sky, I silently say in my heart: “Wait, I want you to witness a miracle.” I know that there is nothing impossible in this world.

I never knew that when pressure was high enough, people’s potential could actually be stimulated to that point. I am an extremely insecure person, but during that time I showed great patience and steady, steadfastly like the old ox. In fact, I have been on the brink of collapse many times, and five history books in high school went back and forth six full times. When you put a book back six times, you know what time it felt. Tears backside, really I almost did not go back to the book should be thrown away. Just, cannot help but when, and then forbear. Adherence is indeed the greatest quality in the world. The only way to rest during that time was to stand in the corridor to see the sky in the distance. Later I found that there was a big red line on the opposite side of the building wall, which was used by schools to motivate students. I am not sure. It is that phrase with me through the last days of high school – the power of will is the power to determine success or failure. I use all my experience and experience to practice and prove this sentence: the power of will is the power to determine success or failure.

The whistling windswept the sky with yellow sand. In that northern spring, one by one we had disheveled hair and rough skin. As the ruling and governing parties in the United States alternate in silence and hustle and bustle, there are doubts over the law that there may be two singular and magical hands. In awe and doziness we greet and look forward to usher in and sent away a model, the second model and the N-mode, each nerve has been tempered by the cruel reality of the indestructible, whether it is used to the willow shore Xiaofeng moon Poetic, or get used to graffiti destroyer. In this hurry-and-go season, all the sensual slenderness is as luxurious as Caesar’s, with countless hopes of hitting bits and pieces before countless disappointments, countless thrills in countless times Get badly beaten. Everyone knows better than yesterday the insurmountable gap between ideal and reality, and at the same time struggles harder than yesterday to try to squeeze through the narrow single-plank bridge, even knowing that it is futile.

Will it be in vain?

In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be true.

The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.

When the heart-shaped question mark in the dead of night again and again severely buckle up the door, everyone is hard to withstand the tide of panic and confusion, so forcing himself buried in, buried in books, buried in papers, buried Into dense airless black cocoon – for only one day the cocoon into a butterfly. Dark blue eyes, eyelid eyes, dry fingers, worried about the blisters of the mouth. That spring I do not know the popular is the blue powder blue or purple. Small mirror was quietly put away, because cannot bear to see his haggard face and dark eyes, for fear of what will be in Wang Yang like a wanton drought has long been open to the aspect of the face – God, I’m a female child ah.

God is silent. Silent smile. Smile to tell me, you, willing. Yes. I am willing I do not regret the original intention of my own choice of the road is also very rough or bumpy I have to go. I want to go. I will go down. So all the cry was swallowed, so all the pride was put away. I like a February ox, silently, silently forward. When hard work was desperately replaced, Shangri-La has turned into a long-term and dreams of the hearts of dreams , and all efforts are just to make the dream no longer “beautiful flowers away”, even if Qing Ming long days, even if the green waves .Into the examination room when I was very calm. “Do my best and cannot be, you can regret it.” In fact, I never thought I would be admitted to what school outside Peking University. This is not so much a kind of self-confidence, it is a premonition. I just think, even if Peking University only recruits a quota, why cannot it be me? Nothing in this world is truly impossible.

After the exam walked home on the road, watching the crowd is still in a hurry, my heart is still empty. Eyes blurry because of tears and fog, the things in the field of vision are more and more clear. This is scientifically explained, but I would rather believe it because all true perceptions come at the cost of tears and pain. Yes, we always have to learn to give up something to get something else. If what you care about is something you deserve for it, then all give up is just the pain before childbirth. Always have a choice, the reason why the butterfly’s life is so short, because its wings are too refined. Sometimes giving up is for what you really get, the key is what exactly you want, and how much you are willing to pay for what you want. God is equal to everyone.

In fact, I miss those days, and will always be grateful to it. It is not just because I completed my transition and change during that time, but also because everything was then deeply rooted in the character that I was in a period of mysticism, the eternal wealth of my life. That really is how much money cannot buy wealth. Life in which there will never be the same time period as exclusively, simply and resolutely, almost stubborn but full of faith and hope, the heart next to no credit and even isolated, to a recognized goal and Struggle. When you look forward to a leisurely afternoon after a few years, remember what you’ve been working on and giving up, your long-suffering and endurance, your dedication and dedication, your sweat and tears, and how it would be to be touched and rewarded A kind of comfort and respect – respect yourself. Yes, in the process, please allow me to repeat, to do important, it is you. I thank my parents for their gratitude to the teachers for their gratitude to my friends for all the people who care about me for helping me, but I am most grateful to myself. Nothing is impossible. This is what I got with a little bit of hard work and experimentation. And I also believe that this will also be what will benefit me for the rest of my life. Here, I give my most faithful sentence to everyone: Nothing is impossible.

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